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Branding for Non-Profits


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When it comes to branding many non-profit organizations underestimate the many benefits and power behind it.

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Branding for Non-Profits

  1. 1. BRANDING FOR NON-PROFITSWhen it comes to branding many non-profit organizations underestimate themany benefits and power behind it. Usually non-profits are trying to make adifference, from saving polar bears to helping children in third world countries.There are many non-profit organizations at work today and have not realized theyare competing for attention. This is especially true in today’s economy.Even with the increase in unemployment rates and lower wages many people arestill giving money to their favorite causes. People want to donate to charities thatmake a difference and non-profit organizations they believe in. However, with adecrease in funds available they are being pickier at whom to give their money to.This is only one reason why branding is important for non-profits.Be sure to ask some questions in an effort to help you define your non-profit’sbrand identity. Here are some to start you thinking:  Who is your audience?  What messages does your target audience want to hear? What do they need to hear?  What is the goal for your organization’s brand?Hopefully these questions will get you thinking about what your brand shouldconsist of. This is just a start to help you see what your organization might looklike through the eyes of your audience. The message your brand relates needs tomatch the overall goals of your non-profit organization.There are three elements to building a successful brand for any business. Thisincludes separating your company against your competitors. Chances are thereare other non-profits doing the exact same thing you are. You want to avoidconfusion by showing you are different. Another aspect to take into account isproving you are trustworthy and credible. This means people need to trust yourorganization. They want assurances that you will deliver on your promises. Andlastly, you need to show you care. Be authentic in your promotions and brand.
  2. 2. People won’t donate to an organization talking about the benefits of being avegan if the person in charge only eats cheeseburgers. You need to be sincere.Remember all successful non-profit organizations are recognized brands. Thinkabout the Salvation Army, Good Will and The Red Cross. These organizationsunderstand the importance of their brand. Today they are well recognized bytheir targeted audience by their colors, slogans and logos.Even small businesses can create big business branding on a shoestring budget.Whether you are looking to promote your local business or dominate your industryonline, you can benefit from this helpful series of video tutorials.