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Expansion Bid

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Expansion Bid

  1. 1. Corey Cramer, Joseph Adams, Emily Markarian, Brianna Nixon, and Allie Prosinski Major League Baseball: Charlotte Black Bears
  2. 2. Who We Are ● Charlotte based MLB team ● First MLB team in Charlotte ● Making Charlotte a 3 major sport city ● Centralized East Coast Team
  3. 3. Major League Baseball Map
  4. 4. Why Charlotte? ● Charlotte is the second largest financial center in the United States ● 809,958 citizens in the metropolitan area ● #14 in Forbes best places for careers ● 260 energy companies employing 28,000 with 6,000 new jobs added since 2007. ● Booming economy
  5. 5. Why Charlotte? Climate Beneficial for baseball and the possibility for year round events with our multi-use stadium.
  6. 6. ● Colors chosen to have uniformity for the city teams ● Black bear: only species of bear in North Carolina ● Conservation efforts saved the population (60% greater) ● Mascot spreads awareness paired with our environmentally responsible organization
  7. 7. Mission Statement The Charlotte Black Bears organization seeks to provide eager fans with a positive experience at each game, serve the community of Charlotte, NC through quality baseball performance, and create traditions that will forever be a part of the Black Bears community.
  8. 8. Vision Statement The Black Bears envision more than just today. We look into the future. We envision an organization that continues to grow and expand. We envision success now and the continuous growth of success in the future. We will also protect America’s favorite pastime, make games affordable, and provide a quality experience for all who attend. We plan to give back to the community who gives so much support to us. We envision tomorrow. We envision success.
  9. 9. Values EXTERNAL ● Strive to keep quality of performance at competitive level ● Run in divisional championship and playoffs ● Winning record season to season ● Provide great experience to fans INTERNAL ● Fans and employees first ● Communication on all levels ● Everyone on the same page ● Part of a family
  10. 10. Organizational Goals ● Acquire top athletes from farm leagues ● Become a .500 team within 3 years ● Have at least 80% of our seats filled by the end of the 3rd season ● Make games a fun experience for fans ○ Satisfaction survey on way out of stadium ● Increase revenue
  11. 11. Organizational Structure Vice President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Manager: Daryl Boston Head Coach Pitching Coach Bench Coach Director of Baseball Operations First-base Coach Bullpen Coach First-base Coach Assistant General Manager Special Assistant to General Manager Director of Scouting Head Coach: Jason Giambi
  12. 12. Manager & Field Manager Manager: Daryl Boston Head Coach: Jason Giambi
  13. 13. Duke Energy StadiumHKS Architects
  14. 14. Promotional Tactics ● Dollar dog night and half priced beers ○ 63% of people couldn’t live without at ball game ● Kids/Little Leaguer nights ● Community drawing: autographs, meet and greet, seat upgrades, dugout passes ● Discounts on tickets: seniors, military, children, birthday, little leaguer
  15. 15. Gameday Experience ● Kid’s area: blow ups, baseball contests, half off concessions ● Beer Garden: craft beers, gated, good environment ● Charlotte's Best Walk: food from the area ○ Cheerwine, Texas Pete Barbecue, Ruth’s Salads ● Raffles, giveaways, contests, etc.
  16. 16. Conclusion & Thank You BRING THE BLACK BEARS TO CHARLOTTE ● Only positives come out of the Black Bears in Charlotte ● Everyone wants to go support a MLB team ● Along with the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets, the Charlotte Black Bears will be the pride and joy of the city ● Go Black Bears!


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