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Ocean + Pure Hydrocalm Skincare For Oily Skin


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Ocean + Pure Hydrocalm Skincare For Oily Skin

  1. 1. Ocean + Pure Hydrocalm Skincare For Oily SkinOcean + a skincare line with marine collegen is a unique and new anti-aging skincare line tohelp plump the skin. For oily skin, they make a terrific moisturizer!!! Ocean + is a skin care linefrom Canada which focus on using natural elements and ingredients from the Sea to provideoverall healthy skin and stimulate collegen production. I was sent a sample of the PureHydrocalm with native Soluble Marine Collegen ($66) to put this skin care line to the test!See how and why I love it and how I will be back for more!What It Is: A natural based anti aging skin care line that targets plumping the skin by stimulatingcollegen production through fish oil and ingredients and elements of the Sea. 100%Hypoallergenic and paraben free!What It Claims To Do: Pure Hydrocalm rehydrates and beautifies your skin. High concentrationof Native Soluble Marine Collagen Type 1 Microfibers. Pure Hydrocalm is enriched with NativeSoluble Marine Collagen Type 1. Does not block pores. It contains Omega-3 polyunsaturatedessential fatty acids to help collegen stimulation and plump the skin. It is recommended for oilyskin.What It Does: Hydrates, plumps, firms and protects leaving your skin feeling silky soft! 1/3
  2. 2. How It Works: Plumps, firms hydrates and protects hrough the natural Omega-3polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. This is the core ingredient for almost all of their entire skincare line. They get this from the Marine sea life and the ingredients are highly active.My Results: While I do have dry skin, this is a terrific anti-aging moisturizer for normal to oilyskin! Not only did I feel hydrated, but it left a nice film or protected barrier on my skin and reallysmoothed out the texture on the surface of my skin. Especially, around my eye area, I noticedmy skin was more plump and more firm. It is a really nice moisturizer and I will reuse again! Itplumped my skin and I highly compare it to the other high-end brands such as La Prairie, Elemisand Carita.BUY NOW: Ocean + is sold in select salons and spas. To find one near you, you can give thema call via their 1 888 number here. Or, you can email one of Ocean’s reps MonikaSpruch at’s: For the quality of product- the price point is really amazing- $66 for a 1.7 oz! I comparethis skin care line to La Prairie or Carita and this is more than less than half the price! 2/3
  3. 3. Con’s: Since it is a new skin care line, it is exclusive to select spas, so getting your hands on one of these products maybe a little tricky, but I am sure if you call the company they can direct you as to where to order it from. For more reviews on skin care products, head over the the Skin Care Section here! 3/3Powered by TCPDF (