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LaunchSpace Inc., Volunteer Orientation Slideshow

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LaunchSpace Inc., Volunteer Orientation Slideshow

  1. 1. Thank you for volunteering with us!
  2. 2. By the end of this you should understand… The mission and vision of LaunchSpace The organizational structure and volunteer opportunities The benefits and perks of volunteering
  3. 3. By the end of this you should also… Have an idea of your goals for volunteering Understand the application process Be excited to volunteer!
  4. 4. Ready to get to know LaunchSpace And join the team?
  5. 5. Your Community Makerspace Wood Shop Metal Shop IT Studio Art & Design Studio Welcome! *Reception *Lounge *Business Center Coworking & Café Lounge Pottery Studio @ Orange Innovation Center
  6. 6. Your Community Makerspace Projected Opening 2022 • Artist & Incubation Studios • Community Kitchen & Gardens • Daycare • Wellness Center • Workforce Development & Workshops • Coworking • Event Space • And much more… @ Pleasant Street School
  7. 7. Why Volunteer? • Help accomplish real work and make a difference • Strengthen community relationships and values • Connect with new people • Spark collaborative and creative problem solving • Provide a broader range of perspectives, skills, and resources • Be part of a necessary and critical resource for healthy communities
  8. 8. Why Volunteer for LaunchSpace? LaunchSpace is a community space. Volunteers are fundamental to keeping the makerspace fun, vibrant, clean and safe. Volunteerism is part of the mission and success of our organization. We involve volunteers so that we can tap into the skills, experiences, and talents in the community.
  9. 9. What is LaunchSpace? LaunchSpace, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit makerspace committed to innovative economic and community development in post-industrial, semi-rural communities in the North Quabbin and surrounding area by providing space and equipment for:  Creation; A space for local craftspeople produce their work, collaborate with other makers, and take classes that teach members and non-members maker-based skills  Education; A place for partnering organizations to bring educational resources and to provide a satellite campus for community colleges to offer employer specific job training certificates and workforce development to upskill and reskill employees, “micro”credit courses, and access to higher education and online learning  Incubation; Provide support and resources to entrepreneurs launching businesses with a focus on the creative economy
  10. 10. Our Mission “Benefitting people and enterprises through collaboration” The mission of LaunchSpace, Inc. (LSI) is to support innovative economic development in post-industrial, semi-rural communities by providing opportunities to explore and develop hands-on skills in support of enhanced personal satisfaction, increased employment value, and business incubation to benefit individuals, schools, businesses and the broader community.
  11. 11. Our Organizational Structure & Volunteer Opportunities Volunteers Full-time Staff Part-time Staff Consultant s Projected Labor Breakdown
  12. 12. Meet the Board of Directors Brianna Drohen CEO/Founder Alec MacLeod Founder Mark Wright Treasurer Melissa Rancourt Secretary Courtney Fiflied Director Anthony Novak Director
  13. 13. Benefits for Volunteers Channel your passion in a stimulating environment. Learn the nuts and bolts of nonprofit operations in an up-and-coming organization. Develop new skills and gain valuable experience that can enhance your professional trajectory. Do amazing work on a flexible, part-time basis. Have fun while you make a difference. Perks:  An online profile  Free locker, based on availability  Free membership, depending on volunteer hours
  14. 14. Social Media Manager: (4+ hrs/wk) Create, maintain, and implement social media content calendar. Volunteer Opportunities WordPress Manager: (2+ hrs/wk) Manage and promote website on an on-going basis. Admin Assistant: (2-4 hrs/wk) Help organize files and update records Accountant/Bookkeeper: (2+ hrs/wk) A CPA expert in accounting to help with bookkeeping and financial review. Tool Master: (2+ hrs/wk) Provide preventative maintenance, and repair tools. Volunteer Coordinator: (15+ hrs/wk) Manage the daily operations of the Volunteer program. Pro-bono Volunteer Opportunities  Literature: Design a publication or press release  Education: Develop material for a curriculum.  Education: Teach a class or workshop.  Research: Topics for a newsletter article, a new web site section, a grant application, a program or project.  Production: Create, edit, produce a short video about LaunchSpace or makers.  Or provide legal, business, financial or any other expertise (answering questions, creating a strategy, commenting on a strategy, reviewing or evaluating data, etc.). Floor Helper: (4+ hrs/wk) Be on-site to help members, clean workshops, and work on projects. Shop Steward: (8+ hrs/wk) Oversee workshops, provide new member orientations, run tool training. Workshop Coordinator: (8+ hrs/wk) Help workshop instructors plan their workshops and be a support-person. Grant Writer: (Varies) Write grants to help the space keep furthering its mission.
  15. 15. Ready to Volunteer? Here’s how…  Fill out volunteer application • Found at or by emailing  Interview with staff  Complete volunteer onboarding packet and required documents  Read and sign volunteer manual  Complete training specific to role  Start having fun with the team! o Application o Screening o Orientation & Training o Recognition Volunteer Process
  16. 16. See you in LaunchSpace or Zoom! Have Questions? Here’s how to get in touch… LaunchSpace Inc. 131 West Main Street Suite 342 Orange, MA 01364 Phone: (917) 331-4992 Website: Email:

Editor's Notes

  • Start with an introduction of the purpose of LaunchSpace, explaining our mission, and telling the audience about our vision of the project.
  • Discuss the benefits to the Town of Orange specifically, with an emphasis on keeping an otherwise abandoned building active with people interested in creating and growing new projects.
  • Time for questions and comments.