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RNAi and microRNA-mediated gene regulation


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An animated explanation of RNA interference (RNAi) and microRNA-mediated gene regulation.

Published in: Science
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RNAi and microRNA-mediated gene regulation

  1. 1. GENE RNA PROTEINm sRNA RNA interference transcription translation miRNA carried by Argonaute (Ago) siRNA DNA micro-RNA small interfering RNA messenger small RNA amino acids outside (exogenous) sources RNA translational inhibition mRNA degradation RNAi not all genes make protein target binding
  2. 2. miRNA/siRNA biogenesis Dicer Microprocessor Nucleus Cytoplasm Argonaute pre-RISC (RNA-induced silencing complex) mature RISC (core) pri-miRNApre-miRNA RNA duplex exogenous dsRNA (siRNA precursors)
  3. 3. Ago effector pathway target binding perfect complementarity (siRNA) & slicing Ago partial complementarity (miRNA) target repression mRNA degradation mRNA degradation translational inhibition sequestration decapping complex deadenylation complex target cleavage exonuclease chewing cofactor recruitment Ago GW182