Turn: Global Digital Audience Report Jan-Mar 2013


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Turn: Global Digital Audience Report Jan-Mar 2013

  1. 1. COUPONGlobal DigitalAudience ReportJanuary to March 2013
  2. 2. Global Digital Audience Report 2Today’s savvy marketers are looking to advertising technology to meet the challengesof a fragmented media landscape. How can they reach consumers across channelsand devices? Enterprise software companies such as Turn are helping to simplify themarketer’s workflow, making it easier to engage people as they interact with brands—through online display, mobile, social, and video advertising.As brands and agencies work with technology providers to drive cross-channel marketinginitiatives, global digital advertising spend continues to grow, and is projected to reach$113 billion this year. And much of that spend will go to automated and data-drivenadvertising, delivering maximum scale and ROI to marketers. A recent IDC report estimatesthat by 2016, worldwide real-time-bidding (RTB) spend will increase to $13.9 billion andthe “big data” market will grow to $23.8 billion.The Turn cloud marketing platform has the scale and deep data insights to fulfill thedemands of this skyrocketing market. Every day, the Turn platform makes 50+ billionadvertising decisions, analyzes over 1.5 trillion anonymous customer attributes,and provides instant access to billions of digital ad impressions—resulting in anunprecedented ability to provide game-changing insights.This report highlights some insights we’ve gained from the most recent quarter, Januaryto March 2013—insights that we believe are driving smarter marketing decisions forbrands around the world. Our biggest discovery? We’re calling it the Digital Elite—theworld’s most valuable audience—a population segment that today’s marketers seek fortheir online habits and spending power.Key insights covered in this report include:• The Digital Elite see 24 times more ads than the average consumer, putting them insuch demand that marketers are willing to pay an eCPM* that’s 85 percent higher thanaverage in order to reach them.• Mobile ad impressions remain inexpensive due to concerns about a reliable ecosystemand standards for anonymous data tracking.•Social advertising is cost-effective and immensely popular, with Turn delivering billionsof impressions per month.• Display advertising and online video advertising continue to dominate, with advertiserspaying a premium to reach consumers through familiar, big-canvas formats.“ We’ve analyzed deep insights to identify the global elite of thedigital population—those most desired by marketers for theirspending power and habits and the fact that they interact withdigital advertising more than any other group.”The Turn Digital Audience Report | January to March 20133Meet the World’s Most Valuable Digital Audience
  3. 3. Global Digital Audience Report 3An audience powerhouse, the U.S. is home to 85 percent of theDigital Elite. Another 10 percent live in the EU, a region that’sgrowing rapidly. We also expect to see Asia-Pacific and SouthAmerican markets gain, as global brands look to RTB- anddata-driven marketing in new regions.The Digital Elite are typically aged 21–34, live in cities, and loveforeign travel. Earning more than $76,000 a year, they’re fondof gadgets and upscale brands such as Banana Republic andSephora. They have diverse media tastes, enjoying public radio,Family Guy, Elle, and GQ. You’ll find them at concerts and bars.The Digital Elite command an average eCPM* of $1.15, reflectingan 85 percent premium over the $0.62 paid for other audiences.The Global Digital EliteThe World’s Most Valuable Audience Lifestyle Location EngagementUS = 85%of theDigital EliteAdvertisers engage them more frequentlythrough online video and Facebook.TOP2% See24x as many ads as theaverage consumer.Top brands spend more on themthan on everyone else.Video21%premiumMobile56%premiumSocial100%premiumDisplay106%premium85%higher eCPMMost ValuableAudienceYoung white-collar professionals$
  4. 4. Global Digital Audience Report 4Most ValuableAudienceLeast ValuableAudienceCOUPONYoung white-collar professionalsLive inbig citiesGadgethoundsIncomeover $76KInterestedin fashionInterested inforeign travelGo to concertsand hang out atbars and clubsLove toshopLook forbargainsEnjoy public radiobut also FamilyGuy, Elle, and GQMore likely to be age 65+ or themother of a young childLive outsideof big citiesOlder than 65and retiredIncome lessthan $51KPrice-consciousSportsfansFocused onsaving$ $COUPON65+Who Are They?Most and Least Valuable Audiences Who do digital advertisers target the least? It’s a varied group that includesa disproportionate number of people who are retired or who are mothersof young children. Typically, they make less than $51,000 a year, are price-sensitive, save their money, and are more likely to be avid sports fans.Who are the Digital Elite? They are typically aged 21–34, live in cities,and love foreign travel. Earning more than $76,000 a year, they’re fond ofgadgets and upscale brands such as Banana Republic and Sephora. Theyhave diverse media tastes, enjoying public radio but also Family Guy, Elle,and GQ. You’ll find them at concerts, bars, and clubs.
  5. 5. Global Digital Audience Report 5What Ads Do They See?Reaching Relevant Audiences Across Online ChannelsAd Format Trends• Facebook and Facebook Exchange represent the vast majorityof social advertising.• Display trends and mobile banner size reflect the growingpopularity of the standard unit sizes.• In-stream 15- and 30-second formats are overwhelminglypopular for marketers looking to reach digital audiences.• 15-second pre-roll has long dominated the video category dueto its ease of implementation.Insights into Reach by ChannelThe Turn platform provides a wealth of data that can informsmarter marketing strategies. A few examples:• People who interact with display ads for a tax preparation serviceare more likely to have a PhD or a master’s degree, while thosewho interact with that service’s ads on Facebook are less likely tohave an advanced degree.• Consumers who make less than $40,000 are more likely tointeract with a consumer electronics brand’s display ads, whilethose who make more than $100,000 are more likely to interactwith the brand’s ads on Facebook.• Consumers who interact with display ads for a mobile phonebrand are more likely to work in education or training, the military,or government. Consumers who interact with the same brand’sFacebook campaign are more likely to be employed in research,science, biotech, legal services, or arts and entertainment.DisplayMobileVideo0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%PercentofTotalImpressionsAd format120x600 160x600 180x150 234x60 300x250 300x600 335x280 468x60 728x90 750x20039.8%39.8%17.6%39.8%38.9%39.8%1.1%39.8% 0.02%39.8% 0%39.8%0.06%39.8%0%39.8% 1.6%39.8%0.7%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%PercentofTotalImpressionsAd format168x28 300x50 300x250 468x60320x50 728x906% 4%88.5%.5%.5% .5%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%PercentofTotalImpressionsAd format30-second mid-roll 30-second pre-roll companion30-second pre-roll15-second pre-roll6%45%15-second pre-roll companion9%39%1%
  6. 6. Global Digital Audience Report 6What Does It Cost to Reach Them?Global eCPM*Averages Across Display, Mobile, Social, and Video $0$1$2$3$4$5$6$7$8$9$10eCPMJanuary 2013 February 2013 March 2013eCPM by Month—US, EU, and APACDisplay Mobile VideoSocialInsightsAdvertisers are paying a premiumfor video and other rich mediaformats because they are moreengaging. Global average videoeCPM grew from $9.41 in Januaryto $9.99 in March—an increaseof 6.16 percent.Display advertising is the work-horse of online advertising. DisplayeCPM rose from $0.92 to $1.06 in Q12013—an increase of 15.2 percent.Mobile ads are still inexpensivebecause an ecosystem for anony-mous tracking isn’t in place. Moreinventory has moved into mobile,keeping prices down. Mobile eCPMdropped from $1.31 in Januaryto $0.72 in March—a decrease of45 percent.There is a wealth of new socialinventory, and social advertisingremains low-cost and efficient forbrands. Social (Facebook/FBX)eCPM dropped 20 percent, from aglobal average of $0.30 in Januaryto $0.24 in March.6.16%15.2%45%20%15.2%
  7. 7. Global Digital Audience Report 7$0.10$0.30$0.50$0.70$0.90$1.10$1.30$1.50$1.70$1.90$2.10$2.30$2.50$2.70$2.90PercentofTotalImpressions10%15%5%0%$0.10$0.20$0.30$0.40$0.50$0.60$0.70$0.80$0.90$1.00$1.10$1.20$1.30$1.40$1.50$1.60$1.70$1.80$1.90$2.00PercentofTotalImpressions20%30%10%0%$0.10$0.20$0.30$0.40$0.50$0.60$0.70$0.80$0.90$1.00$1.10$1.20$1.30$1.40$1.50$1.60PercentofTotalImpressions10%15%5%0%Price Bucket (bin)Price Bucket (bin) Price Bucket (bin)$0.50$0.50$1.00$1.50$2.00$2.50$3.00$3.50$4.00$4.50$5.00$5.50$6.00$6.50$7.00$7.50$8.00$8.50$9.00$9.50$10.00$10.50$11.00$11.50$12.00$12.50$13.00$13.50$14.00$14.50$15.00PercentofTotalImpressions 10%15%5%0%Price Bucket (bin)What Does It Cost to Reach Them?GlobaleCPM*TrendsforDisplay,Mobile,Social,andVideoChannelsVideo: 71.16 percent of impressions are in the $8–$12 range.Social: 61.33 percent of impressions are in the $0.10–$0.50 range.Display: 53.21 percent of impressions are in the $0.10–$0.80 range. Mobile: 52.03 percent of impressions are in the $0.10–$1.00 range.
  8. 8. Turn delivers real-time insights that transform the way leading advertising agenciesand marketers make decisions. Our cloud applications and Internet-scale architecturework together to provide a complete yet anonymous picture of customers, executecross-channel campaigns, and connect with a worldwide ecosystem of more than100 partners.Every day, the Turn cloud marketing platform makes over 50 billion advertising decisions,analyzes over 1.5 trillion customer attributes, and provides instant access to more than1 trillion display, mobile, social, and video advertising impressions every month.Data for this Global Digital Audience Report is based on activity on the Turn platformfrom January to March 2013. Audience characteristics are based on data from Turninventory partners (www.turn.com/inventory-partners). Special thanks to Max Knight,Turn Director of Professional Services, for the analytics that yielded the insights inthis report. Turn is headquartered in Silicon Valley and provides its platform, products, and servicesworldwide.Visit www.turn.com. Follow us @turnplatform.For more information:AmericasQuynh Clinequynh.cline@turn.com1.650.362.6891EuropeHelen Miallhelen.miall@turn.com+44.20.7255.5665Asia-PacificRita Vannithonerita.vannithone@turn.com+852.6087.4576For press inquiries, please contact:Jonathan Gardnerjonathan.gardner@turn.com1.646.339.8626© 2013 Turn Inc. All rights reserved. Turn and the Turn logo are registered trademarks of Turn Inc. Other trademarks are trademarks of their respective companies. All services are subject to change or discontinuance without notice. April 2013About Turn*Total Earnings Impressionsx1000 = eCPM