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Movie Trailers


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This power point was for my 3rd quarter project about movie trailers

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Movie Trailers

  1. 1. Movie TrailersBy: Brian Roberts
  2. 2. Reasons for movie trailers • To show you the preview of a movie before it comes out and to tell you the information of that movie • As well the date or the movie when it comes out • What this movie is rated for the appropriate audience • And the name of the association who approved the • Preview to be viewed by all audiences.
  3. 3. Types of movie trailersThere are two different types of movie trailers. The first oneIs the short teaser one like a commercial. That last no longerThan a minute.The other type is the traditional longer one with extendedScenes. This is the trailer you show after the first oneAttracted the viewers and this second one will give them aBetter look of the movie
  4. 4. My 5 favorite best trailers1. Nightmare on elm street – the idea of the movie was intelligent and smart2. Rush hour 2 – it made the sequel to the first movie worth watching3. Get rich or die tryin – this trailer made a lot of hype4. How High - the trailer seemed was funny and I like comedy movies a lot5. The dark night – it was intense and it made me excited
  5. 5. Newest IncarnationsEver since the new millennium the internet played a big part in the movie industry.Movie trailers become more of a big hit if you can market it the best way on theInternet. Some of the popular websites to post a movie trailer and get a great bigResponse is sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and many other social website.And also posting ads of your movie trailer on sites like yahoo, Google, hot mail, AOL,And also news websites like Cnn, Fox, MSNBC, and also local news TV website.
  6. 6. The first movie trailerThe first movie trailer shown was in November 1913. it was a short promotionalFilm for the musical “The pleasure seeker” opening at the winter garden theaterOn Broadway. People described this as “an entirely new and unique stunt“.
  7. 7. Special footage trailersSome trailers use "special shoot" footage, which is material that has been createdspecifically for advertising purposes and does not appear in the actual film. The mostnotable film to use this technique was Terminator 2: Judgment Day, whose trailerfeatured elaborate special effects scenes that were never intended to be in the filmitself. Terminator 2: Judgment Day trailer link -
  8. 8. Three act structureMost trailers have a three-act structure similar to a full feature-length film. They startwith a beginning (act 1) that lays out the premise of the story. The middle (act 2)drives the story further and usually ends with a dramatic climax. Act 3 usuallyfeatures a strong piece of "signature music" (either a recognizable song or apowerful, sweeping orchestral piece). This last act often consists of a visual montageof powerful and emotional moments of the film and may also contain a cast run ifthere are noteworthy stars that could help sell the movie.
  9. 9. AwardsThere are two main events that that award movie trailers every year.One of those Is key art awards, in 2011 the key art awards celebratedtheir 40th year anniversary Making this year in 2012 41 years old. TheKey Art Awards remains focused on evolving with the industry in orderto acknowledge the most current, breakthrough work. New ideas,technologies and techniques are expanding the ways in whichfilmmakers, television producers and game developers can reach out toaudiences in an increasingly competitive landscape. The Key Art Awardsis proud to honor the creative teams that produce the best work inentertainment advertising.And the other one is the golden trailer award, Each year through anopen competition judged by film industry notables, the Golden TrailerAwards recognize the creative people who make movie trailers, and thebest examples of their unique art, in a gala award show.
  10. 10. Today’s trailersToday trailers are the most useful way to get a lot of participation into your movieWith new technology making movies 3d and effects being so great with the help ofThat you can have a trailer that will get a lot of viewers.
  11. 11. For example Transformers 3 trailer:This trailer uses a lotOf high tech editingAnd animation toMake the non realCharacters like theTransformers lookReal and actuallythere.
  12. 12. Earlier trailers Earlier trailers in the 30s to the 90s were good as well. They didn’t use our advance Technology like todays but they used a lot of ways and tricks to make it look real. For examples: Lethal weapon trailerLethal weapon usedTechnology as wellWas not compared toToday and it was goodQaulity. And thereStunts was more realBecause they didn’tGreen screens andSoftware that canDigitaly make things look the way the wanted to.
  13. 13. conclusionMovie trailers came a long way from people using aluminum boards to shine light fromThe sun to make a scene have more light to editing the whole scene and make it beA different color you want. And using blown up images as a back drop to using greenScreens and make your own location from a studio. You can get a good amount a peopleTo see your trailer but it all determines on your trailer.
  14. 14. THE END
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