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Task three


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Task three

  1. 1. Block D, Table 5 Katherine Chung, Brian Yoo, Amy Cho, Charles Kang
  2. 2. John Wilkes Booth is born on May 10, 1838 George McClellan graduates from West Point July 1, 1846 John C. Calhoun presented his view openly to the Senate that the southern states had the right to leave the Union if that were necessary for their own protection March 4, 1850, Millard Fillmore become president after President Taylor’s death. July of 1850 Dred Scott sued for his freedom in 1847
  3. 3. Stephen A. Douglas draft the Compromise of 1850 September 1850 Henry Clay proposed a plan for a compromise over slavery known as the Compromise of 1850. September 1850 Harriet Tubman goes to meet husband after years of helping runaways. Fall of 1851 John Brown is hanged. December 2, 1859 Harriet Beecher Stowe published Uncle Tom’s Cabin May
  4. 4. Battle of Fort Sumter Starts: April 1861 First Battle of Bull Run Starts: July 1861 Battle of Pea Ridge Starts: March 6–8, 1862 Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack Starts: March 8-9, 1862 Jefferson Davis ordered General P.G.T. Beauregard to demand that Fort Sumter surrender April 10,1861
  5. 5. The Peninsular Campaign Starts: March 1862 Battle of Shiloh Starts: April 6, 1862 Capture of New Orleans Starts: April 25, 1862 Second Battle of Bull Run Starts: August 1862
  6. 6. Battle of Antietam Starts: September 17, 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg Starts: December 1862 Battle of Chanceloorsville Starts: April 30 1863 The Siege of Vicksburg Starts: May 1863 Joseph Hooker resigned June 28, 1863
  7. 7. Battle of Gettysburg Starts: July 1863 Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson Died May 1863 shot by his own side accidentally. The Battle of Chickamauga Starts: September 19, 1863 The Siege of Petersburg Starts: June, 1864
  8. 8. Battle of Spotsylvania Starts: May 1864 Battle of the Wilderness Starts: May 5, 1864 Battle of Cold Harbor Starts: June 1864 The Capture of Atlanta Starts: September 1864
  9. 9. Battle at Nashville Starts: December 15, 1864 William T. Sherman entered Savannah and took control of it without a fight. This event showed how much the Southerners feared Sherman. December 21, 1864 Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union at March 1865 Abraham Lincoln Shot in April 14, 1865
  10. 10. Ulysses S. Grant retired from the White House March 4,1877 Clara Barton forms red cross May 1881 Dorthea Dix dies July 1887 William A. Lloyd last issue of the Liberator is published December 29, 1865