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Work in the healthcare industry, brian torchin can help


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Brian Torchin's history in healthcare, and helping employ other members of the industry.

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Work in the healthcare industry, brian torchin can help

  1. 1. Work in the Healthcare Industry, Brian Torchin Can Help With new legislation and new technology making Healthcare a reality for more and more people in the United States some Human Resource firms are working very hard to place people in Healthcare jobs at a faster rate. One such firm, HCRC, counts Brian Torchin as one of its managing partners. Brian has worked hard and selflessly to help over 200 clients in multiple countries find the right people for the job, commenting on the industry as well. Hospitals are trying harder to integrate their processes and cut the cost of care down to ensure patients have quality care at a more affordable price. Mr. Torchin states on the company’s Blog that anyone looking for steady work in the Healthcare industry and isn’t afraid to move around to new challenges from time to time should look into a Healthcare Staffing Agency. He states that while you may not work at one particular hospital you’ll be a bit more flexible and move to where there’s a need for your services and a new skill to learn. Brian states that if you need or want to work at a particular hospital or office you should apply directly to them. HCRC Staffing is based in Philadelphia but works with Healthcare professionals in all 50 states and numerous countries to find qualified individuals for the client as they mention on Twitter. The offices are staffed during day and night hours to accommodate numerous requests. HCRC doesn’t only work with hospitals, they will work with smaller Healthcare offices such as chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists and any smaller, private practice that needs help according to Brian himself. Brian brings a wealth of experience and hard work to his firm and they stand ready to either help you find a position in the Healthcare industry or find the right person the help your hospital or practice achieve its goals. His online interviews are a testament to how committed Brian is to health.