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A companion to our webinar on 9/26/2012 - TCI's Brian Thomas explores nine tools that teachers can use inside their classroom...including Fotopedia, Show of Hands,

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  • Press F5 or enter presentation mode to view the poll\r\nIn an emergency during your presentation, if the poll isn't showing, navigate to this link in your web browser:\r\n you like, you can use this slide as a template for your own voting slides. You might use a slide like this if you feel your audience would benefit from the picture showing a text message on a phone.
  • APPetite for instruction ppt

    1. 1. APPetite for Instruction FALL 2012Traci Cook, PD Manager Brian Thomas, Social Media/Acct. @Brian_ThomasTCI
    2. 2. Preview
    3. 3. Types of Apps Made for CPUsMade for Mobile &
    4. 4. Preview PollUse the chat box to answer the following question:“How often do you use apps with your students (web or devicebased)?”A. NeverB. Rarely –have done it once or twiceC. SporadicallyD. Routinely
    5. 5. Apps forInstructionalProductivity
    6. 6. Apps for Instructional Productivity What: Magnifying Glass http://virtual-magnifying- Type: For CPUs Cost: Free Use: Use this easy tool to have students/you magnify important parts of images.The other great resource you will see in this is has several iOS apps, in addition to the web-based app you see in thisexample. Fotopedia is a tremendous resource for dynamic images to use at every level.
    7. 7. Apps forEngagement
    8. 8. Apps for Engagement What: Show of Hands Type: For iOS & Android Cost: Free Use: Use this easy in your current events, civics, econ, gov, and more…as a discussion starter.
    9. 9. Apps for Engagement• Based on the results, which region(s) did each Roosevelt perform best in?• When looking at the filters, what is a takeaway you have from looking at male/female splits? Democrat/Republican/Independent splits?
    10. 10. Apps for Engagement• When scrolling through state responses, each Roosevelt had states where they received strong majorities. What role might geographic location and history play in these state by state results?
    11. 11. Apps for Research andFlipped Instruction
    12. 12. Apps for Research/Flipped Inst. What: Old Maps Online Type: Web-Based Cost: Free Use: Tons of great primary source maps throughout history!
    13. 13. Apps for Research/Flipped Inst. What: Go Social Studies Type: Web-Based, YouTube aggregate for videos. Cost: Free Use: Quality YouTube videos on all the social sciences (tabbed) or searchable.
    14. 14. Apps for Research/Flipped Inst. What: Global Closet Type: Web-Based, interactive tool. Cost: Free Use: Great preview activity before discussing globalization, trade, an d production with elementary/middle schoolers.
    15. 15. Apps for Research/Flipped Inst. Global Closet Continued…
    16. 16. Apps for Creativity
    17. 17. Apps for Creativity What: Xtranormal Type: Web-Based, interactive tool. Cost: Free & Paid Use: Create easy animations that will say anything that is typed.
    18. 18. Apps for Creativity What: Kerpoof Type: Web-Based (Flash) Cost: Free & Paid Use: Perfect for elementary students to create posters and story books.
    19. 19. Apps for CreativityWhat: Mixbook, http://mixbook.comType: Web-Based (Flash)Cost: Free & PaidUse: Perfect for middle and high school students to create digital picture books.
    20. 20. Traci Cook, PD Manager Brian Thomas, Social Media/Acct. @Brian_ThomasTCI!/TeachTCI