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Accidental Agile Bullies - Agile Ft. Wayne Meetup 08242017


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Scrum and the agile movement in general have created a divisive environment between traditional project management and agile roles. This divisiveness has allowed accidental agile bullies on both sides to take root. Together, let’s reset on what agility and success mean and talk through actions we can all take to repair relationships and reestablish safety across our organizations.

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Accidental Agile Bullies - Agile Ft. Wayne Meetup 08242017

  1. 1. Accidental Agile Bullies A conversation starter by Brian Thayer
  2. 2. 3 Little Letters P PM
  3. 3.  17 years in Technology  Customer Service & Support  IT Infrastructure Project Management  Software Product Management  Agile Practices Lead  MBA, University of Indianapolis  Certifications  Professional Scrum Master I  Certified SAFe 4 Agilist  Certified Agility Health Facilitator  Project Management Professional  Pragmatic Marketing Foundations & Build
  4. 4. unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance
  5. 5. 72%American adults familiar with instances of workplace bullying
  6. 6. 65.6 Maffected by bullying, including targets and witnesses
  7. 7. 69%of bullies are men 60%of targets are women
  8. 8. 61%of bullying targets end up losing their job
  9. 9. What is the Connection to the Agile Community?
  10. 10. Project Managers do not exist in Scrum
  11. 11. Larman, C., Vodde, B. (2017). Large Scale Scrum, More with LeSS (p. 64). “Most LeSS adoptions can immediately eliminate the project manager role” “It’s likely they would regularly interrupt people and introduce conflicting priorities.”
  12. 12. 6% – 24%of projects fail to meet intended outcomes
  13. 13. 71%of organizations report using agile
  14. 14. Is Scrum the face of agility
  15. 15. 89%use Scrum as at least one of the agile approaches in their organization
  16. 16. Agile Manifesto Does NOT Mention Specific Roles
  17. 17. My Theory on Accidental Agile Bullies
  18. 18. We’re ALL guilty! At some point, we all believe our way is the only way
  19. 19. DAD
  20. 20. Don’t Go There!
  21. 21. Mental models form “OR” choices Instead, focus on “AND”
  22. 22. The preoccupation with methods is the cause of Accidental Agile Bullies
  23. 23. Methods Don’t Matter, Results Do!
  24. 24. Griffiths, M.. (2015). PMI-ACP Exam Prep (p.376). Project got shipped Leadership remained intact Team would work the same way again
  25. 25. Rapid technological advancement Increased globalization Shifting legislation Increased demand for transparency
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools
  28. 28. Working Software over comprehensive documentation
  29. 29. Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation
  30. 30. Responding to Change over following a plan
  31. 31. “We learn their context and pain points…what they aspire to achieve”. “We protect people’s...reputation, money, health and relationships”
  32. 32. Break the paradigm!
  33. 33. Business agility isn’t defined by job titles
  34. 34. Yet many continue to bully
  35. 35. Bullies care about threatening, humiliating, or intimidating others!
  36. 36. How do we put an end to Agile Bullies?
  37. 37. Stop the Madness!
  38. 38. Patterson, K., Grenny, J., McMillan, R., Switzler, A. (2012). Crucial Conversations; Tools for Talking when the Stakes are High.
  39. 39. Everyone has a story, ask and listen
  40. 40. Be Intentional Crucial Conversations Learn from Stories Focus on Customer Convert the Bullies
  41. 41. Turn Accidental Agile Bullies into Allies for Change
  42. 42. For More on This Topic & Mental Models Google  “My Agile is better than your Agile” by Hala Saleh  Cargo Cult Agile Read    “The Fifth Discipline” by Peter Senge  “The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook” by Peter Senge