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Empathy Refresher_2015-10-19


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Empathy Refresher_2015-10-19

  1. 1. October 5, 2015 The Power of Empathy in Customer Experience Training and Knowledge Management Centerline, MI October 5, 2015
  2. 2. Objectives 2October 12th, 2015CX initiatives  Review: The FCA Way  Understand and explain the difference between sympathy and empathy  List key actions that drive empathy on calls  Practice using empathy in conversations
  3. 3. Review: The FCA Way 3October 12th, 2015CX initiatives A-E-R  Acknowledge what the customers say  Empathize with their emotional state  Reassure the customers that you can and will take care of them ISMs  First things first  Make it easy  Keep commitments—ALWAYS  Affirmative always. Yes before no  Reaffirm the customer’s purchase decision
  4. 4. Video: Empathy and Sympathy 4October 12th,, 2015CX initiatives
  5. 5. Video Discussion 5October 12th, 2015CX initiatives  How does the difference between sympathy and empathy resonate with you?  How does sympathy sound on a call? Empathy?  How do you feel when someone offers sympathy? Empathy? Why?  How do “at least” statements make you feel?
  6. 6. A Blueprint for Empathy 6October 12th, 2015CX initiatives  Start with these basic assumptions: 1. When a customer buys one of our products, we are automatically responsible for their experience, now and later ● Providing a satisfactory experience is critical to creating FCA fans who stay with us and influence future sales from others 2. Seek to understand first, then problem solve ● Customers expect that you will resolve their concerns ● Show that you understand their experiences to provide a stronger customer experience 3. When a customer shares information, there is an expectation that we will acknowledge it ● Offer an appropriate response to the information shared, whether it is good news or bad news ● If it’s a big deal to the customer, it becomes a big deal to us.
  7. 7. Empathy Practice 7October 12th, 2015CX initiatives  You will be provided with a card that has a statement on it  Say the statement to your partner in the tone of your choice  Your partner will respond with an empathy statement ● Remember, do not focus on the problem, focus on the customer’s experience
  8. 8. Debrief 8October 12th, 2015CX initiatives  Was it easy to respond to the information shared?  Was it difficult to avoid jumping to problem-solving?  How did you feel when your partner responded to your statement?
  9. 9. The Challenge: Empathy in Action 9October 12th, 2015CX initiatives  As you leave today, challenge yourself to: ● Consider the customers’ situations as they see them ● Acknowledge customers’ feelings with an empathetic statement every time ● Make a personal connection on every call with every customer