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Social Commerce Landscape SMW eBay

  1. 1. Brian Smith US DirectorUseful Social Media @BSmithUSM
  2. 2. Huh?
  3. 3. What’s social commerce?
  4. 4. Some said NOTHING • “The worst thing someone can say about your brand on social media is NOTHING” – Tom Hoehn, Director of Digital Media, Formerly of Kodak
  5. 5.  DR. PAUL MARSDEN, EDITOR IN CHIEF OF SOCIAL COMMERCE TODAY  The use of social technology in the context of commerce. Selling with social media. SUDHA JAMTHE, SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST, SOCIAL COMMERCE AT EBAY:  Facilitating purchases using social media and social behavior data @BSmithUSM:  The core of social commerce starts with understanding consumer perception  Principal reasons consumers connect with businesses on social sites are for deals and purchases
  6. 6.  Social commerce is on the rise ◦ 1.93 Billion USD in funding for social commerce startups in 1st trimester 2011 Social commerce is more than just sales ◦ April 2010: Levi’s Friends Store ◦ October 2010: Macy’s Magic Fitting Room, ◦ March 2011: Heinz’s Tryvertising campaign Create unique forms of engagement: ◦ Gamification ◦ Rewards, loyalty programs, exclusive offers
  7. 7.  We shared purchases with friends, gave reviews and made recommendations
  8. 8.  Thanks to social media, customers are a click away from sharing their purchasing behavior with their personal communities The SoLoMo customer ◦ Access reviews, instant shopping advice, locate deals while on the go Social shopping sites/communities Kaboodle, ThisNext, Pinterest Kaboodle: 14 million monthly visitors, Over 900,000 registered users, 10 million+ products on the site
  9. 9.  Fastest site to 10 million monthly uniques Drives more referral web traffic than Google+, Youtube, and LinkedIn combined Visual search drives commerce
  10. 10.  Why? ◦ Shopping is a social activity ◦ Thanks to social media, shopping and sharing is easier than ever As of Dec 2011: The 3 top brands by fans were selling on Facebook: ◦ Coca-Cola (34m) ◦ Walt Disney (28m) ◦ Starbucks (25m) More and more brands continue higher levels of engagement with their customers and are becoming more comfortable using social media as a sales channel
  11. 11.  The importance of Social Data for commerce ◦ Customers use social media to discuss their desires, future plans, purchasing decisions, and opinions ◦ Brands can spot trends in consumer data to become more customer-centric:  Drive sales  Decrease returns and support costs  Inspire product innovation
  12. 12.  Social commerce goes far deeper than having a Facebook store ◦ It’s about discovery, sharing and innovation as much as it is sales Privacy issues are still the #1 concern ◦ 89% of people age 20-33 worry about the privacy implications of shopping on Facebook Brands must minimize the perception gap for why consumers connect with them socially prior to implementing a social commerce strategy