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Bsmith pres samples 02.13.13


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Bsmith pres samples 02.13.13

  1. 1. Instagram ImageryPlace + persona So many people across the globe use music to broadcast their personalities and lifestyles to the world We use our imagery to capture this broad range of personas
  2. 2. Smartphones drive data usage with iPhone and Android leading Media Activities Used by Operating System All Mobile Users Smartphone BlackBerry Apple iPhone Android Mobile Internet App Downloads Location-based Services Mobile Video Mobile Commerce Source: Nielsen Mobile Media Survey, US, Q2 2009
  3. 3. Apps: Facebook, Maps,YouTube, and Pandora lead on both Android and iPhone, Gmail leads on Android Time per Person on Most Popular Apps Time per Person on Most Popular Apps on Apple iOS (Minutes) on Android OS (Minutes) eBay Android Market Gmail Gmail Facebook FacebookGoogle Maps Google Maps YouTube YouTube Pandora Pandora Twitter Twitter 0 225 450 675 900 0 150 300 450 600
  4. 4. The evolution of digital communication—entering the era of ‘WIW’ 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 Content Commerce Consumer Community Connectivity Web Web Web Dial-Up Broadband WiFi Mobile 1.0 2.0 NextContact Hits Critical Mass Hits Critical Mass 70% of US online iPhone AndroidContent Web Browsers Gateway to Information Shopping Aggregated Information Social Networks Rise of Empowered Consumer Open Social Search UGC Blog Semantic Search Finding Information Rise of Empowered Consumer Rise of Empowered Consumer Email P2P AJAX Location-based Digital Communication Sharing Social Networking Brochureware websites dominate Growth of Explosion in user- Lifestreaming: 3rd screen Fragmentation Accelerates ecommerce generated content becomes 1st screen Tell Me | Show Me Experience | Engage Me Involve Me | Real Me PUBLICIS MODEM
  5. 5. UNDERWORLD;BARKINGElectronics wrapped effortlessly around songs;streams of consciousness lyrics that formindelible images; a perfectly balanced mixof melody and rhythm.
  6. 6. Retooling the MTV brand for the Millenial* generation• MTV faces turf incursions from all sides including the Internet, cell phones, and video games• Millenials place a very high premium on self-expression, by curating their identities on Facebook profiles• Keeping it real—one of the biggest put-downs in the Millenial world is to label someone as ‘fake’• Snarkiness of Generation X carries lower appeal among those with less hierarchical upbringings• Generational archetypes: the creator, expressing who one is; the seeker, searching for their place in the world; the lover, navigating relationships; the soloist, craving a sense of belonging; the magician, seeking personal power; and the master, striving for control in their life*The portion of the network’s target viewing audience born after 1980.BEAVIS & BUT T-HEAD
  7. 7. Total RegistrationsBMW and MINI France Sheer Driving Pleasure 50,000 30,000 37,500 20,000 25,000 10,000 12,500 2000 2000 0 0 Present Present
  8. 8. Digital Innovation — The iPad Opportunity We can leapfrog the competition by getting behind this dynamic new platform as it comes to market G2 believes there is a significant opportunity in a tablet experience based on Apple’s new iPad platform G2 is currently exploring the development of an iPad project for one of our financial services clients
  9. 9. Conversations and Reciprocal Engagements
  10. 10. Practical HypertensionManagement:Translating Guidelinesinto Clinical PracticeMichael A. Weber, MDChairpersonAssociate Dean for Clinical Investigation and Professor of MedicineSUNY Downstate College of MedicineHilton New Orleans RiversideGrand Salon A, First FloorTwo Poydras StreetNew Orleans, LouisianaEvent is presented in conjunction with theAmerican Academy of Physician Assistants’31st Annual Physician Assistant Conference.
  11. 11. The Importance of Search andCurrent Marketplace Search reaches those who are actively seeking information Yahoo! Health Research of Consumer Behavior and Intent: — 65% of the online population used search to research healthcare information — 34% of searchers would never take a medication without first looking it up online — 70% of searchers would question their doctor if they get a Rx other than brands they read about through search
  12. 12. Other Resources Digital • Interactive • Audacious MEDICAL EDUCATION INTERACTIVE MEDICAL AD AGENCY WEST COAST ARM Global, full-service Marketing strategy, consulting, New model for medical education company and planning West Coast agency Division of RCW Website design, West Coast account service, content development East Coast creative Established in 2001 Online media planning Established in 2001, 45+ dedicated staff staff of 18 eDetailing Online market research
  13. 13. Achieving Peak Performance by Understanding Patients at RiskGo with it! Focus on increasing physician knowledge of NSAID-induced GI ulcer prevalence and risk factors Deliver the Arthrotec message to top targets: – NSAID patients identified by physicians as high GI complication risks – Diclofenac patients at high risk for GI complications AN CE P E RFORM PEAK