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Managing and cleaning up your companies existing local presence can be a daunting task these days. Between the ever-changing Google+ Local and Social, as well as the office address change three years ago that no one bothered to update old listings with, having a plan of attack is critical. Brian Skarin, Search and Content Development Specialist at Thunder SEO, will help you develop a step-by-step process for auditing your existing citations and executing a successful cleanup campaign (mostly) headache-free.

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SEOmoz Mozinar: Local Search Cleanup

  1. 1. DOWNLOAD this presentation Foolproof PlanFor Scrubbing Your LocalFootprint Squeaky CleanPresented by Brian Skarin | February 28, 2013Join the Twitter Conversation at #Mozinar Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  2. 2. HOW I EARN – My Street Cred Brian Skarin BrianS@thunderseo.comSenior Search & ContentDevelopment Specialist @BrianSkarin Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  3. 3. What Exactly IS Local Citation Cleanup? Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  4. 4. Comprehensive, Meticulous Research “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  5. 5. But…I VerifiedMy POSTCARD!How CouldThis HaveHappened?! Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  6. 6. Factors Contributing To Incorrect Data BASIC Change of Address Change of Business Name Old Website Change of Phone Number or Inheritance of a DIRTY Number Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  7. 7. Factors Contributing To Incorrect Data ADVANCED, ETCLow Level Scraper DirectoriesListings Created By A Gung Ho CEOIndividual People Claiming Listings Using the Business Address andPhone Number (Real Estate Agency, Shared Office Spaces, etc)Old Website With Outdated Address & Description Tags Google is Pulling Info FromAccidental Misspellings or Typo’s in a Press ReleaseGoogle Merges Data Because You Share a Similar Name orBusiness to Another Listing Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  8. 8. Factors Contributing To Incorrect Data Does Google “Know” Your Address Yet? Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  9. 9. Factors Contributing To Incorrect Data User Reviews That List Your Address Incorrectly May Cause Incorrect Locations to be Created Location B was created by an incorrect review on CitySearch Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  10. 10. Factors Contributing To Incorrect Data Google+ Local Is Correct, But Your Listing is Displaying IncorrectlyVerifiedCorrectly Why Google, WHY? Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  11. 11. “Citations will always be a major factor and can help or seriouslyhurt listing if the data is incorrect across the ecosystem.If your citations have bad information, you have set yourself upfor duplicate listings and will ultimately divide your rankingpower substantially.” - Mike Ramsey What’s The Big Deal? Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  12. 12. Citations 101:Lords of LocalThe great and powerful Google and those other two Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  13. 13. Three Main Sources of Data for the Web The Big Guys, The Bosses, The Don’s, The Head of the Family Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  14. 14. Three Main Sources of Data for the Search EnginesThe Capo’s, Middle Men, Mid-Level Management Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  15. 15. Where Does This Data Go? For a FULL list of Major Data Providers check out Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  16. 16. HOLY CRAP…That’s A Lot of Crap Where do we even begin? Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  17. 17. Sleuthing theOld Fashioned Way Advanced Search Operators Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  18. 18. Trial & Error Basic CommandsDouble quotes (“keyword”) – to find pages that include the exact phrase “Business name” “Address” “Business name” “local phone number” “Business name” “zip code” “Business name” “State” “Business name” “City+State” “Business name” + “local address”+ “phone number” Phone Number Variations: With & Without ( ) , - , . (619) 618-2396, 619-618-2396, 6196182396, 619.618.2396 Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  19. 19. Trial & Error Cut a Wide Swath Using Both New & Old Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  20. 20. Trial & Error Advanced Commands OR – to find pages that include either of two search termsintext: – to find pages that include given terms within the text of the page site: – to search within one specific website Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  21. 21. Trial & Error Experimenting With Variation is KeyCombining Advanced Commands Helps Dig Deeper Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  22. 22. Less Error, More Trial The SEOmoz MozBarExpand Results to 100 Per Page > Export CSV > Search Quickly & Efficiently Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  23. 23. FREE Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  24. 24. Free Tools GetListed+ Great Place to Begin+ Covers the Most Important Citations+ Offers Advice for Optimizing Listings Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  25. 25. Free Tools WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder + Extremely Comprehensive + Allows Multiple Methods For Searching + Limited Search Results Make Upgrading To A Paid Account Inevitable Search Both “Keyphrases” & Phone Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  26. 26. Free Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  27. 27. Free Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  28. 28. Free Tools Google Map Maker + Allows Users To View Historical Listing Data + A View Into The Backend Data For Your Google Places (+Local) Page + Heavily Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  29. 29. Free Tools Google Map Maker + Displays All Edits Made To Local Listing By All Users + Directly Report Inaccuracies or Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  30. 30. PREMIUM Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  31. 31. Premium Tools BrightLocal + Helps Track & Maintain Current Citations + Displays Ranking Authority Of Citations (i.e. Yelp = 8, Merchant Circle = 12) Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  32. 32. Premium Tools BrightLocal + Comprehensive List Displaying All Current Live Citations With Links To Individual Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  33. 33. Premium Tools Yext Local ScoreCard + Partnerships With Major Directory Sites + Free Local Scorecard Featuring Your Business Stats For Their Partnership Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  34. 34. SAVING TIMEBY KEEPINGIT ALLSTRAIGHT Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  35. 35. Using Spreadsheets To Stay Organized Google Docs Easily Viewed and Shared/Edited by All Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  36. 36. CLAIMING,EDITING,DELETING Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  37. 37. Claiming, Editing, Deleting Sometimes, It’s Easy Simply Find the Edit & Claim Options On the Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  38. 38. Claiming, Editing, Deleting Dealing With Duplicates… Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  39. 39. Claiming, Editing, Deleting Get On the Phone! Sometimes, It’s Not Speaking To A Representative Can Get Your Changes Made Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  40. 40. Keeping Up With The Kardash, er Citations Never Give Up Never Surrender Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  41. 41. Troubleshooting Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  42. 42. Building ReviewsBuild Positive Reviews, But be Wary of Filtering Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  43. 43. Manual Edits In Google Maps Physically Move Your Location If It’s Listed Incorrectly Search Out & Destroy Pesky Duplicate Listings Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar
  44. 44. Q&A DOWNLOAD this @BrianSkarin Brian Skarin Senior Search & Content Development Specialist Follow @BrianSkarin #Mozinar