Location-Based Augmented Reality Games


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Powerpoint presentation from this years Augmented Reality Event. An overview of AR Location Based Gaming, Paranormal Activity iPhone Game, and thoughts on where the technology is driving us...

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  • From smartphones to wearables; from markers to natural features…  Our evolution is to converge with technology and augment the world along the way.  This talk on Geo-Social Augmented Reality Gaming will explore current practices, concepts for tomorrow, and makes the case that location-based, multiplayer games utilizing computer-vision will play a significant role in shaping our evolution as a society. From touch-screens to cyber-vision; from massive-multiplayer to swarm-consciousness; from search-queries to super-human intelligence… its all part of the fun! Want to play?
  • That first title a big generic, so….In honor of legendary visionaries like Bruce Sterling, VernorVinge, Wil Wright, Jaron, Lanier, Rudy Rucker attending this year… As we develop games like PA:S, its clear we are developing a platform that has tremendous potential beyond just games… we are developing our mobile future.these same elements are key components to transhumanism and the notion of improving ourselves through tech
  • These 3 key areas are the formula for our products. This is a new breed of game, only possible in last couple of years (iphone generation) –utilizing GPS, Cameras, Rich Processing Speeds, Sensors, etc AR begs to be experienced in the real world – about vision, about seeing things, about mixing the virtual into our world…LBS Apps bring enormous power and intelligence to the user. Understanding of environment, and localizing your interactions… AR is about vision, seeing the world with new eyes, mixed reality, begs to be taken outdoors.. move beyond holding markets up to our desktops Games Driving evolution of hardware and software in areas of location and AR like no other industry when it comes to mass adoption).Game mechanics moving into all aspects of everyday life
  • - PA Property a natural fit for AR and for Ogmentos first GSARG- Mixing ghostly apparitions on the real world a nice fit for mixed reality experience. Typically games based on movies are more marketing ploys, not very deep.. but we wanted to us build out a new type of platform (GSARG), so this is a very rich, deep gaming experience.. - We knew with our first foray into developing a GSARG we would encounter some challenges ..- We connect game elements, ar elements, geo-social elements all together in a seamless platform for the first time…- Even findings like dealing with sunlight, glare, etc., in outdoor situations.. (we tailored some of the game for nighttime play)…
  • Using Google Maps, with real world missions… churches, schools, hospitals in your area.. All become elements of game play.. Missions… Can apply to retail outlets, etc. like a “check in” but more fun with rewards that play into theme of game (spells, etc). Grounds the fantasy experience into real world moreGhostly apparitions appear in your surroundingsReal World mapping, missions and locationsSF GDC had people going to Alcatraz for special missions...
  • Hyper-Local AR No Markers required Plays well into theme of game A way to test and evolve our techDetect, track and interact with your sketches Evolve to everyday signs, logos, images…
  • Play as a Demonologist or one of the PossessedTake on Missions, Cast Spells, Challenge OthersLeaderboards with world / local rankings and statsFreemium model, with micro-transactions…Motivational factors, and habitual game play pattern…
  • LBS Apps with a bit of Game (badges, leaderboards) - foursquare, gowalla, scngr (scvngr investing in AR) – apps more about the “check in”… LBS GAMES - mytown,Shadow Cities (finland), Gbanga, gpsmisson,turfwars, (parallel kingdom) LBS Game using camera, but not computer vision yet - unearthed, dokobots, ar monsters LBARG - paranormal activity: sanctuary(not included – GEO AR browswers ala Layar, Wikitude.. Also AR games with no LBS ala Star Wars Falcon Gunner,)
  • VernorVinge speaks of Intelligence Amplification: We enhance individual human intelligence through human-to-computer interfaces The games we are working on are taking steps towards this.. The demand and appetite for ”apps” and especially games (most popular type of apps) is driving us towards this notion of humanity merging with technology. Who here is addicted to their phone? Looks at it all the time, or feels disconnected? - The need for powerful devices to deliver richer experiences, is driving the rapid evolution of hardware and software towards this world. Games are merging into every aspect of life, driving how we interact with the world, and bringing a new type of motivational power to the way we approach things…
  • Mobile hardware moving towards assimilation with human body.. A natural extension of us. Touch screens, motion detection, wearables, always on… Devices willsense us, monitor us, guide us.. In many ways make us better. Biofeedback integrated into our daily life, and delivered with AR… always performing in the optimal zone Our evolution is to converge with technology and augment the world along the way.
  • Next up - 3D sensing camera technology coming to mobile devices… occlusion reasoning…
  • AR is still a new field (its 9:30 am as Bruce Sterling states).. and here we are moving quickly past Markers and ugly QR codes to NFT, facial, sketch, etc.Once depth sensing cameras are a part of our mobile devices, wearables.. watch out. A whole new way to understand and analyze our surroundings become available. We are walking xboxes, with kinect cameras.. motion detection, object identification, surface detection.. all ahead of us. And the world that opens up…Like the coke avatar commercial, we will see world of warcraft type avatars mixed into our natural surroundings.. occlusion reasoning (virtual objects hidden behind real objects, as if there)
  • -Today, holding up smartphones to our face- Tomorrow, wearables.. Always connected, always on… seamless integration.. A part of us, almost invisible.. - Always connected… always on…- The world can and will be anything we want.- Everyday actions will become rich game-like experiences- The real game to win will become life itself.
  • Location-Based Augmented Reality Games

    1. 1. Geo-Social Augmented Reality Games<br />Brian Selzer<br />
    2. 2. Geo-Social Augmented Reality Games<br />Our Path to a Superhuman Cyborg Society<br />Brian Selzer<br />
    3. 3. Ogmento’s GSARG Formula<br />GEO-SOCIAL (MOBILE)<br /><ul><li>Real World Interaction
    4. 4. Location and Contextual-Based
    5. 5. Socially Connected and Aware</li></ul>AUGMENTED REALITY<br /><ul><li>Computer Vision
    6. 6. See and Understand in Real Time
    7. 7. Mixed Reality Experiences</li></ul>GAMES<br /><ul><li>Fun, Entertaining
    8. 8. Habitual, Motivational
    9. 9. Challenging, Engaging</li></li></ul><li>GSARG:A Case Study<br />
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Computer Vision (Hyper-Local AR)<br />
    12. 12. Leaderboards with world,<br />local rankings and stats<br />Play as a Demonologist<br />or one of the Possessed<br />Take on missions, <br />Cast spells,<br /> Challenge others<br />
    13. 13. Current Landscape<br />
    14. 14. GSARG Evolution <br />><br />GEO-SOCIAL > SWARM CONSCIOUSNESS<br />LBS Services evolve into virtually enhanced shared surroundings;<br />ESP-like awareness; telepathic abilities…<br />AUGMENTED REALITY > CYBER-VISION<br />Handhelds evolve into wearables and embedded tech;<br />Always on, Always connected… <br />GAMES > SUPER-HUMANS<br />Massive Multiplayer's evolve into persistent worlds;<br />Life gets gamified to enhance and amplify everyday activities<br />
    15. 15. Geo-Social Evolution<br />(from apps to ubiquity)<br />Always on, always connected…<br />Track, monitor friends, family, fellow gamers<br />Receive rewards for acting Superhuman<br />Motivation to Action for Rewards<br />Understand everything about your surrounding<br />Understand how they make you feel (biofeedback)<br />
    16. 16. Mobile AR Hardware Evolution<br />(from smart-phones to cyber-vision)<br />2020<br />2015<br />2025<br />2010<br />2035<br />
    17. 17. Mobile AR Games Evolution<br />(from marker tracking to immersive world integration)<br />2009-2010: Markers, QR Codes...<br />2011: NFT, Facial, Sketch, Motion…<br />2013-2015: PTAM / SLAM<br />3D Depth Sensing Cameras; <br />occlusion reasoning…<br />2020+: Seamless, smart, mixed reality integration<br />
    18. 18. Where GSARG is leading us..<br />><br />Today<br />Tomorrow<br />Our Superhuman Cyborg Society<br />is closer than you think…<br />
    19. 19. Thank You!<br />Please Contact:<br />Brian Selzer<br />Email: brian@ogmento.com <br />Twitter: brianse7en / ogmento<br />Websites: brianselzer.com / ogmento.com<br />