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Grammar book quarter 3+4


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Grammar book quarter 3+4

  1. 1. Table of Contents0 Imperfect0 Preterite- 0 -Car, Gar, Zar- 0 -Spock Verbs- 0 -Cucaracha Verbs- 0 -Snake/Snakeys-0 Modal Verbs0 Adverbs0 Progressive 0 Past 0 Present0 Future 0 Irregular Future0 Superlatives0 Formal Commands0 Prepositions0 -Conditional0 -Demonstratives0 -Ordinal Numbers
  2. 2. Imperfect0 Formulas 0 Hace+Time+Que+Conjugated verb 0 -how much time youve been doing something. 0 Hay+Que+Infinitive 0 -what needs to be done or what must be done. Directed to nobody inparticular. 0 Se Prohibe+Infinitive 0 -tells what is prohibited, Se Permite+Infinitive tells what is allowed. 0 Ir+a+Infinitive 0 tells what someone is going to do, conjugate Ir and leave what they are going to do in the infinitive.
  3. 3. Preterite; -Car, -Gar, -Zar0 -Car -Gar -Zar0 Toqué -Jugué -Comencé0 Tocaste -Jugaste -Comenzaste0 Tocó -Jugó -Comenzó0 Tocamos -Jugamos -Comenzamos0 Tocaron -Jugaron -Comenzaron
  4. 4. Dar Ver Spock Verbs Ser Ir-i Fui-iste Fuiste Fue Hacer-io Histe-imos Fuimos Hiciste-ieron Fueron Hizo Hicimos Hicieron
  5. 5. Cucaracha Verbs0 Verbs0 Andar-aduv -e (Yo)0 Estar-estuv0 Poder-pud -iste (Tu)0 Poner-pus0 Querer-quis0 Saber-sup -o (el, ella, ud., una cosa)0 Tener-tuv0 Venir-vin -imos (Nos)0 Decir-dij -isteis (Vos)0 Traer-traj -i0 Conducir-conduj -ieron (ellos, ellas, uds.,0 Producir-produj unas rosas)0 Traducir-traduj
  6. 6. Snake/Snakeys0 Stem Changers Y Changers0 -Dormir -Leer0 -Dormí -Leí0 -Dormimos -Leimos0 -Dormiste -Leiste0 -Durmió -Leyó0 -Dumieron -Leyeron
  7. 7. Modal Verbs0 Ir+a+Infinitive (going to do something)0 Poder+Infinitive (are able to do something)0 Querer+Infinitive (want to do something)0 Deber+Infinitive (should do something)0 Tener que+Infinitive (to have to do something)0 Soler+Infinitive (to be accustomed to…)
  8. 8. Adverbs When two adverbs modify the0 Adj. same verb , only the second oneConstante – same uses the –mente ending. Is the same as the feminine singularDifícil- same form of the adj.Perfecto – perfectaAlegre - same Irregular: mucho – a lot bein – good well Muy – very ya - already Mal – bad tan- so Bastante – quite/enough demasiado - too
  9. 9. Progresive (Past)0 I was working0 -Estaba trabajando0 They were studying0 -Ellos estaban estudiando.
  10. 10. Progressive (Present)0 English words ending in -ing.0 AR verbs----ando0 ER/IR verbs----iendo0 Ex. - Tabajar- Tabajando0 Ex. - Comer- Comiendo
  11. 11. Future0 Tense used for "i will do something"0 Infinitive+(á, ás, á, emos, eis, án) for AR verbs.0 Infinitive+(é, ás, á, emos, eis, án) for ER/IR verbs.0 EX: I will work tomorrow.0 Yo trabajá manaña.
  12. 12. Irregular Future0 Decir. Dir-0 Hacer. Har-0 Poner. Pondr-0 Salir. Saldr-0 Tener. Tendr-0 Voler. Vendr-0 Podir. Podr-0 Querer. Quer-0 Saber. Sabr-
  13. 13. Superlatives0 Definite Article + noun + Mas/Menos + adj. + de.0 -describes something relative to a larger group.0 Ex: Benito is the tallest boy in the class.0 -Benito es el chico mas alto de la clase.
  14. 14. Formal Commands0 In the Usted/Ustedes form you put it in the "yo" form and change it to the feminine version.0 Ex: Trabajar-Trabajo-Trabaja
  15. 15. Prepositions0 Sobre- on0 Encima- above, on top0 Izquierda- to the left of0 debajo- below, underneath0 derecha- to the right of0 detrás- behind
  16. 16. Conditional0 Tells how something would have happened.0 AR ER IR0 Hablar Comer Vivir0 Hablaría Comería Viviría0 Hablarías Comerías Vivirías0 Hablaría Comería Viviría0 Hablaríamos Comeríamos Viviríamos0 Hablaríais Comeríais Viviríais0 Hablarían Comerían Vivirían
  17. 17. Demonstratives0 This- Este/Esta0 That- Ese/Esa0 That over there- Aquel/Aquella0 These- Estos/Estas0 Those- Esos/Esas0 Those over there- Aquellos/Aquellas
  18. 18. Ordinals0 1st- Primero0 2nd- Segundo0 3rd- Tercero0 4th- Cuarto0 5th- Quinto0 6th- Sexto0 7th- Septimo0 8th- Octavo0 9th- Noveno0 10th- Decimo