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1st draft of ignite slideshow

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Rumsey Brian ignite_slideshowpdf

  1. 1. Analog vs. Digital The Final Battle http:// 4088/4840743279_d7fca 91743_o_d.jpg
  2. 2. This battle has raged on since the dawn of the computer age
  3. 3. So what’s the difference anyway?
  4. 4. ANALOG 3273/2820838763_fd15d9161d_o_d.jpg 3217/2821703218_7abe37b475_o_d.jpg
  5. 5. Tape Saturation Why does it sound so good?
  6. 6. “...restricted high-frequency performance and a fuller bottom end...” (Robjohns, Hugh 2010) -Sound On Sound “...reduced dynamics of signal transients...”
  7. 7. “...restricted high-frequency performance and a fuller bottom end...” =WARMER!! (Robjohns, Hugh 2010) -Sound On Sound “...reduced dynamics of signal transients...”
  8. 8. Tape can be a hassle! -Degrades over time -Hard to edit
  9. 9. Digital
  10. 10. “Samples analog waveforms into a limited set of numbers and records them” (
  11. 11. ultimate flexibility
  12. 12. Computer recording has no “sound”
  13. 13. What goes in Comes out EXACTLY sterile and harsh Cold and lifeless
  14. 14. Which one is better?
  15. 15. A combination of both!
  16. 16. Tape + DAW EVIL GENIUS =
  17. 17. CLASPClosed Loop Analog Signal Processor
  18. 18. Tape machine control via DAW Zero Latency Quick punch on Tape Analog sound Digital Functionality CLASP Features
  19. 19. Use an endless tape system Your ears will thank you
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