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Curling Fan Chants


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The Hacks is an official/unofficial group of fans supporting USA Curling (more info at To help support fan engagement with curling, and support the USA's best curlers, we developed this chant sheet. Its a work in progress...

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Curling Fan Chants

  1. 1. These chants/songs were provided by The Hacks - the official "unofficial" fan group for the sport of curling in the United States. Our mission is to support the sport of curling in the United States through a unified and dedicated group of fans. We want to show we are proud to be Americans and curling fans by standing (and yelling) together in support of our team(s). Questions: Join: WeAreTheHacks/ Roll Call During the First end, when the team is on the ice and the first is getting ready to deliver a stone, everyone in the section stands and begins clapping. After the first stone is delivered, the chant leader quiets the group, shouts the name of the first (hey Tyler). The whole group proceeds to chant his name (Ty-ler George….) until there is a response - usually a wave or point. The Hacks move through the lineup - First, second, third, skip (and alternate). Hammer (When our team has the hammer) Hammer! Hammer! We want two! We want two! No Hammer (When Other Team Has Hammer) Steal! Steal! Steal! What End Are We In? Call: What end are we in? Response: 4th (Repeat) After Scoring Call: What just happened? Response: We scored [two] (Repeat) We Are The Hacks We Are The Hacks! We Are The Hacks! We Love Curling! We Are The Hacks! Who Are We? Leader: Who Are We? Group: We Are Hacks! (Repeat) Nothing To Mess With USA ain’t nothing to mess with (6x) Cannot Stop Us Call: You can’t stop us Repeat: You can’t stop us Call: We are the USA Repeat: We are the USASuperpower Superpower, Superpower, USA!