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Next2 Investor Slide Deck

  1. 1. Placed-based, topic-driven social network foremerging markets
  2. 2. Founders Advisor TechnologyBrian Puckett co-founder Muchiri Nyaggah Amazon cloudWashington, DC Semacraft Consulting, Cake PHP, MySQL, html, CSSEmeka Okoye, co-founder SMSLagos, Nigeria Web SymbianKenya 3 Partners Alpha 360+ registered Largest, independent mobile ad MoreKennedy Kachwanya Kenya txt Help 5557Kenya Country Manager network USA txt Next2 help 95495Nguru MugendiProduct Support CustomersSymon Ndirangu NGOMarketing FarmAfrica (Acumen) Juhudi Kilimo (Acumen) Media Shuzaaz Largest print pub in Kenya WestFm Leading radio in Western Kenya Government NTSC National Technology & Science Council, Kenya
  3. 3. Snapshot Customers 350+ registered mobiles Monthly $0 Revenue $2,000 Burn Potential Income Customers: first quarter 2012. 3 NGOs 1 Print 2 Radio Inmobile ad network Grants/Competitions Nokia: Symbian app due Nov 1 2011 $50,000 first prize Symbian for Nokia series 40 phone. GSM World/Gates Foundation due 2012, $100,000 for mobile farm apps for Africa. USA Kenya Nigeria (fall 2011)
  4. 4. History African Communication Sound Mobile Voice/SMS Mobile Data 1900 2002 2015 Mobile is first truly pan-Africa infrastructure that reaches into every corner of continent since invention of the drum.
  5. 5. The Next2 Technology 1. Cloud based, hosted on Amazon EC2 platform for rapid scaling based on subscriber demand 2. Fully automated, turn-key solution that requires no special software or expertise to use 3. High degree of subscriber control over their privacy and content elicits trust and participation 4. Geo-fence application lets subscribers discover, share and mobilize local solutions to local problems 5. Local in-country access points builds network platform for trans-border communication and collaboration via SMS 6. Multiple entry points, SMS/Mobile/Apps, to service and features 7. Next2 AIR “get” command turns any Next name into an “on demand” information utility for customers, employees or just about anyone that wants your data at their “fingertips.”
  6. 6. Benefits to Publishers “AIR” Automated Information1. “On demand” content fulfillment Retrieval by SMS2. SMS “get name” for immediate, up-to-date content fulfillment3. Analytics - whom requested what; when.4. Follow up by direct SMS to mobile5. Automated, turn-key, web based, easy-to-use.6. Integrated with all other Next2 software and services.7. No set-up, metered, low cost, high value service.8. Create once, available everywhere to all markets served by Next2.9. Perfect for individual and corporate use.
  7. 7. Benefits for Publisher’s Customers Customer SMS Homepage Web2SMS messaging1. Fast, easy, opt-in by SMS2. Low cost, on demand, 24/7/365 content fulfillment.3. Immediate, relevant, accurate, up-to-date content direct from source anywhere, anytime.4. Free, immediate registration to all Next2 features and services (geoclassifieds and SMS answering).5. Secure, safe identity (mobile is never revealed)6. Fast, reliable, easy, opt-out by SMS
  8. 8. The SMS shortcode and keyword industryCurrent Industry Disadvantages "SMS is the number one1. Expensive and time-consuming priority at Coca-Cola in mobile.“2. Technically complex3. Simplistic – surveys and contests By Gavin Mehrotra, Director of International Media for the Coca-4. Intrusive - customer’s reluctant to give out their Cola Company speaking at the mobile Mobile Marketing Association’s Asia conference, May, 2011Advantages The worlds undisputed number one advertising brand, Coca Cola1. Effective, popular, ubiquitous. says categorically, SMS is priority number 1. Wow.2. Most SMS read within 15 seconds3. Proven, time-tested, effective, mobile marketing
  9. 9. Benefits to Next2 SMS 1. Use of our shortcode/keyword solution as your own! 2. An automated and low cost solution for your brand. 3. Easy, instant set-up and availability. 4. No technical expertise or equipment required 5. Dynamic features 1. Next2 AIR “get” command turns your brand into a SMS “on demand” content provider 2. Online reports (who, what, when) for analysis / timely follow-up 3. Next2 message connects people to people and people to brands. 6. A customer centered solution 1. Private, opt-in 2. Pull content based on need with immediate fulfillment by mobile. 3. All customers are users and can access all Next2 features
  10. 10. Customers Alpha Customers Pipeline NGO Government (Acurment) NTSC National Technology & Science Council, Kenya Kickstart iprovides low cost irrigation pumps to small landholder farmers. With hundreds of The NTSC is leading agency thousands mobile customers Kickstart is dedicated working on Kenya Vision 2030 to improving farm income ICT implementation Juhudi Kilimo (Acumen) Nigeria JK is micro-finance social enterprise with 2,000 loans in Kenya. JK is interested in both Next2 get command and Next2 geo-message match Is evaluating Next2 for help in technology monertorizing their popular football site in Kenya FarmAfrica (UK) Advertisers For over 25 years providing services to pastoral farmers across Africa Media Largest independent mobile advertising networks is Shujaaz interested in monetorizing Next2 Web UI and Symbian Largest print publisher in Kenya. The award winning applications for their clients Shujaaz comic/radio program helps youth make good decisions West FM With 3 million listeners, West FM is leading source for radio and mobile content in Western Kenya.
  11. 11. 2012 !nvestment Marketing Development $30,000 Kenya Software NTSC National Technology & Nigeria Science Council, Kenya 8% equity Shujaaz The NTSC is leading agency working on Kenya Vision 2030 Preferred, ICT implementation Note/interest Infrastucture Is evaluating Next2 for help in monertorizing their popular football site in Kenya Advertisers Largest independent mobile advertising networks is interested in monetorizing Next2 Web UI and Symbian applications for their clients
  12. 12. ◦ More:◦ Signup:◦ In Africa  Email Emeka Okoye:  Twitter: @EmekaOkoye◦ In the United States  Email Brian Puckett:  Twitter: @hungrygarden To register by SMS and try Next2’s AIR get command In Kenya text: “get Next2” to 5557 In USA text: “Next2 get Next2” to 95495◦ T