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This is the investor presentation for an exciting new project from The Brian Miller Design Group. TheNew.Me allows users to track their progress as they make a change in their life and get rewarded from top brands for reaching key milestones.

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  1. 1. Concept Presentation
  2. 2. The ProblemOver 15 million Americans are dependent on alcoholIt is estimated that there are more than 43 million adultswho currently smoke in the United StatesAbout 45 million Americans diet each year and spend$1 billion to 2 billion per year on weight-loss programs
  3. 3. The ProblemBased on this data, it can be said that most Americans aretrying to change something about themselves — fromslimming down to quitting smoking; drinking responsiblyto a safer work environmentThere is no online resource to help support and rewardconsumers for making and sticking to a healthy changeCurrent social media platforms don’t provide the anonymityand privacy necessary to service this demographic
  4. 4. The IdeaWhen people make a change in their life, they need toreplace something old with something newBrands want to be at that decision point
  5. 5. The MarketBrands will spend $7.72 billion on social network advertisingin 2012, including paid advertising on social sites and insocial games and applications.Forecast for social network ad revenues in 2013 is $10.24billion and for 2014 the forecast is $11.87billion.
  6. 6. The SolutionA first-of-its-kind personal tool and onlinecommunity designed specifically for peoplelooking for a new startTheNew.Me provides individuals whoare looking to better themselves a toolthat allows them to: - Track their progress - Receive motivation in the form of relevant deals from top brandsTheNew.Me puts brands in the hands ofusers during key decision points in theirlives, with a message of encouragementand support
  7. 7. FeaturesJoining is easy: users simply enter astart date and they’re in. The rest of theinformation can be filled out later orusers can connect via Facebook.There is no “friending” or “following” inTheNew.Me. All users are automaticallyconnected to the entire community
  8. 8. Features: CounterA simple counter keeps track of theuser’s days since their start dateSocial buttons allow users, if theychoose, to post their progress toother social media platformsUsers can reset their start date atany time — no one is perfectThe circular interface is meant toreflect the coins that are receivedand cherished by AA members asthey progress in the program
  9. 9. Features: BadgesKey milestones, like 1 day, 1 week, 2weeks, etc., are rewarded with a “badge”and a dealDeals are targeted to the users selectedchallenge — drinking, smoking, eating
  10. 10. Example Badges & SponsorshipsBadge Sponsored Coupon It takes a snowflake 45 minutes to fall to earth Dentyne Ice to help non-smokers A tank of gas lasts for an average of 4 days Dunkin Donuts coffee to help fuel non-drinkers It takes 7 days for a bulb to bloom Congratulate yourself with a bouquet from 1-800 flowers It takes 2 months to age a sharp Vermont cheddar cheese Smokers can say “cheese” with confidence with Crest Whitestrips
  11. 11. Features: SettingsThe settings screen allows users to seetheir longest stretch and the number oftimes they’ve reset their start date.Standard account settings are alsoavailable to view and edit.
  12. 12. CompetitionAlthough there is no application with the exact features of TheNew.Me,these apps service this demographic and demonstrate a need.iRecovery iPromises Recovery Record
  13. 13. Capturing A TrendKiip lets premium brands provide rewards to casual mobilegamers for in-game achievements. Their platform isdesigned for in-game engagement via a universal gamemoment: the achievement moment“Kiip Raises $11 Million From Great Investors…”
  14. 14. DistributionDirect to Consumer: Users sign up with their Facebookaccount and start tracking and savingWhite Label: Organizations who are interested in boostingemployee morale while engaging them in positive andhealthy behavior can white label the product and distributeit to their staff on a per-seat basisWe are currently in negotiations with EMCOR Group(, NYSE: EME) to distribute the productto their 10,000+ employees to track their safety. For thiswe have TheSafe.Me
  15. 15. Vertical ExpansionOwned PropertiesTheNew.MeTheClean.Me Drug UseTheSafe.Me Workplace SafetyTheSlender.Me DietingTheSmokeFree.Me SmokingTheSober.Me DrinkingTheVegan.Me VegansTheVegetarian.Me Vegetarians
  16. 16. Strategic For the initial launch of TheNew.Me we planto partner with and utilize their robust API todeliver relevant deals from top-name brands to our users
  17. 17. The FounderBrian D. Miller is an award-winning designer, author andspeaker who specializes in branding for the Web and print.In addition to being the design director at the Brian MillerDesign Group, he is the author of Above the Fold, a best-selling book on the process of Web design. Brian is anadjunct professor of design at the Shintaro Akatsu Schoolof Design and currently serves as the Secretary Treasurerof the Type Directors Club an international non-profitarts association.Brian has an MPS in Design Management from Pratt anda BFA in Graphic Design from the Hartford Art School.