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NASCAR Racing 2014 - Research & Brand Strategy Recommendations


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A short deck highlighting the issues with the NASCAR brand, specifically with Millennials, the normal audience for video games. Strategic recommendations on NASCAR as a brand and the best way to position the game.

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NASCAR Racing 2014 - Research & Brand Strategy Recommendations

  1. 1. NASCAR 2014 Our Initial Thoughts
  2. 2. The Kenwood racing team JIM SAMALIS Creative Director For the last 25 years, Jim has been changing audience behavior through brand and product experiences across multiple channels. He has worked on launches and campaigns for Levi‘s, Dockers, Electronic Arts, HP, Sega, Cisco, Autodesk, Genentech and many more. He believes that great creative is only as good as the insight uncovered about the audience‘s beliefs, behaviors and triggers. Creative without insight is like throwing darts blindfolded. Fortunately, Jim and his team work collaboratively to ensure every dart is a bullseye. NICO VAN PRAAG Strategist Over the last 20 years Nico has put his strategic fingerprint on some of the world‘s best brands including Nike, Audi, GAP, VISA, Red Bull, Microsoft and Xbox, GMC and many more. He‘s driven by a belief that great strategy requires creativity just like the creative itself. And that smart strategy does far more than guide a brand‘s messaging, it should inspire its core behavior both internally and in a consumerfacing way. Nico preaches that brand behavior is core to what makes an iconic, powerful brand what it is. BRIAN KERR Account Manager Brian Kerr has been involved with a slew of marketing and communications efforts for tech companies and game publishers – ranging from building online game communities to launching triple A titles. Brian is the client's goto person and responsible for making sure the internal Kenwood team and the external client teams are always on the same page. JOHN EMMANEEL Executive Producer John‘s experience is broad, deep and international, having managed multi-faceted campaigns, launches and brand activations for over 17 years. He is equally at home delivering on any communication platform and understanding the importance of a client‘s content and business strategy. John has spearheaded engagements for a diverse set of major brands including Cisco, Samsung Mobile, Tune-in, Square Enix, Food Brands, Caterpillar, Mazda, Visa, Genentech and Abbott Labs.
  3. 3. Our strategy process EXPLORE > > > > Business Consumer Culture Technology DISTILL > > > > The real business issue The key insights Promising alignments Enabling technologies BUILD > An integrated strategic and creative platform OPTIMIZE > And adjust to achieve defined KPI‘s
  4. 4. Background NASCAR
  5. 5. Five facts about NASCAR we should care about 1 NASCAR is second only to the NFL in terms of top sports franchise TV ratings 2 $3 billion worth of licensed products are sold to the 75 million fans each year 3 Ticket sales revenue fell 38% over the past five years 4 Ratings among 18-34 year-olds fell more than 25% versus a year ago 5 Fortune 500 sponsorships have been on the decline since 2000
  6. 6. NASCAR games have underdelivered JOURNALISTS ―Hardcore NASCAR fans might find little to love in this lackluster title.‖ ―Inside Line is a step up from its predecessor in every way, but it falls short of being a winner.‖ CONSUMERS ―No NASCAR game ever was impressive.‖ ―I never did get into the NASCAR games.‖ ―I played one for a while before. While it was fun it just didn't appeal to me like other racers do.‖
  7. 7. And sales reflect the reviews Need For Speed franchise: Best selling racing game of all time 100+mm copies ALL NASCAR games made since 1998 18.16mm copies
  8. 8. Background OUR CONSUMER
  9. 9. NASCAR represents a polarity Love it! ―I love that NASCAR is now an indelible part of me, part of my identity, who I am.‖ Hate it! ―NASCAR‘s not a real sport! It‘s like WWE. All those drivers do is mash the gas and turn left. Any old fool could do that.
  10. 10. Reasons they… Love it! Danger < Speed < Community < Driver back-stories < The roots < The violence < The patriotism < Hate it! > Left turns > Monotony > Little appreciation of speed > Perceived gratuitous crashes > The fan base > Lack of involvement
  11. 11. But those who get it get it ―There are but three true sports—bullfighting, mountain climbing, and motor-racing. The rest are merely games.‖ Ernest Hemingway
  12. 12. The NASCAR fan 60% 8.6% 43% Male Hispanic 45yrs old and older 8.9% 32% AA 18-34yrs old $ More than 29% - HHI = $30-50k Only 8% - HHI = $100k+ 18% 24% 38% 20%
  13. 13. Millennials – 4 relevant characteristics Defined by technology Highly social/connected 94% > Social media is power > As a generation, they are team players Have a mobile phone 69% Own an iPod or mp3 player 70% Own a laptop 23% Own a tablet “If we want to truly grasp the power of connection for this generation, we can look at how they want to be remembered. It is not for their beauty, their power, or their influence, but simply for the quality of their human relationships.” High expectations Short attention span > Rewrite rather than follow rules > Expect the ability to create a fully customized experience Multi-screen natives in one week: > > > > 5 hours 39 min of online video 24 hours 44 minutes of ―live‖ TV 9 of 10 surf while they watch TV The second screen is most often the first
  14. 14. Millennials and gaming Gaming is ranked the #3 interest among Millennials What they like most: > Competition > Connection Console is still king 5.1 hours/wk consoles 4.4 hours/wk mobile phones 11.8 hours a week across devices 13.8 6 in 10 own a gaming console 1 in 3 hours a week among 12-24 yr olds 6 in 10 play games online 4.8 hours a week average will likely buy the next gen system Friends are the #1 source for game recommendations Source: Be Viacom International 2013
  15. 15. Our most promising consumer * GAMERS * NASCAR FANS Common motivations: > Immersion > Social connection > Customization
  17. 17. Business problem: Sell a NASCAR product within a category dominated by Millennials who have a waning interest in NASCAR. Communication Challenge: > Primary: – Get the Millennial NASCAR fan to embrace NASCAR 2014 and become advocates of the game. > Secondary: – Get gamers who are not fans to take a fresh look at NASCAR 2014.
  18. 18. Our opportunity is huge Of NASCAR fans who buy licensed products 75,000,000 42% own and play video games 31,500,000 Potential buyers: Source: Simmons 2013
  19. 19. Our ideal strategy needs to… 1. Promote the excitement of NASCAR 2. Emphasize the immersive nature of the game 3. Highlight the games realistic effects, driving dynamics and real teams and drivers 4. Appeal to the gamers need for community and connectivity 5. Promote competition 6. Appeal to the need for customization 7. Leverage the real-time replay capability of the game
  21. 21. The product More sense of speed Better driving dynamics More immersive experience Customizability IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL Replay real races Real teams Gen-6 Cars Race against real people
  22. 22. The marketing Real drivers Real cars Create immersive experiences Customizability Real prizes Day in the life (trip to Daytona) Of a NASCAR driver Competition against real people IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL Racing simulators
  23. 23. Harley-Davidson AN ANALOGOUS BRAND CHALLENGE
  24. 24. The business problem H-D sales ‗09 revenue Down 23% Economy ‘09 category Sales down 19% Heavy competition - Broader appeal - Younger image - Aggressive offerings within the cruiser/touring category
  26. 26. What’s valued Celebrate the individual Be an ingredient, not a recipe Enable mass customization Be social Revel in real The perception of Harley ―I don‘t want to be THAT guy‖ ―It‘s for people who want to buy a set lifestyle‖ ―You have to bleed orange and black‖ ―I don‘t feel welcome‖ ―It‘s just about merchandise these days‖
  27. 27. Perception Reality A homogenous group of old white guys Founded by non-conformists The ―tough guy‖ and the ―touring guy‖ A history of diverse representation of roles within society A sea of sameness across manufacturers A unique product and brand experience We‘re stuck in the past Constantly innovating
  28. 28. The opportunity 1. Leverage the roots of the brand 2. Create a warm invitation 3. Make Harley-Davidson a blank canvas that celebrates individuals
  29. 29. Our invitation Write the next chapter of the Harley-Davidson story With each generation comes a fresh perspective and a new chapter You create your own expression of Harley There is a 106-year history of individuals who wrote theirs… now it‘s your turn
  30. 30. APPENDIX
  31. 31. The Pastrana effect A hope for the future of NASCAR? ―Everybody gives NASCAR guys a hard time, especially action sports guys, because they say, ‗Aw, all you do is turn left.‘ But these are the best drivers in the world – bar none.‖ - Travis Pastrana
  32. 32. Fantasy sports have exploded – a need to connect? 35 Million Participants* 1 in 5 fulltime employed adults 5.4 Million women Multi-billion dollar industry