Brian C. Johnston

ADDRESS:            101 Northwinds Drive
                    Wendell, NC 27591
·   Developed several small and large group Bible Studies including charts, graphs and
 ·   Created, s...
·   Created and produced video segments including sermon illustrations, activity and
        mission trip presentations, a...
·   Established, organized and staffed Jr. High Ministry with 8 volunteers that grew to 25.
    ·   Designed ministry Jr. ...
My philosophy can be condensed and summarized into the following values that help guide
me in accomplishing these aims:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Brian as a lay person at Faith Baptist Church for more than
15 years....
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Brian Johnston Ministry Resume


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Brian Johnston Ministry Resume

  1. 1. Brian C. Johnston ADDRESS: 101 Northwinds Drive Wendell, NC 27591 Home: (919) 366-6286 Cell: (919) 614-4245 Email: MARRIED: December 14, 1996 to Jenifer Bailey of Wendell, NC. CHILDREN: Sandler Davis born August 9, 2001 Braeden Matthew born October 29, 2004 Addision Grey born December 29, 2006 Myla Bailey born September 29, 2008 EDUCATION: Date School Degree Major/Minor 86-87 Louisburg College Transfer Design Fundamentals 87-89 Johnston Community College A.A.S. Commercial Art & Advertising Design 89-92 Pensacola Christian College B.S. Advertising & Public Relations/Graphic Design VISION STATEMENT: My desire is to lead a student ministry team that is intentional in meeting teens where they are and helping them to mature in their faith. I understand the struggles of the churched-youth and the lifestyle of the worldly young person and am willing to engage them in their wor ld with Christ’s love and understanding. MINISTRY PROFILE: · 17 years of ministry experience including children, youth and college-age; 10 years full-time · Dynamic communicator and relational skills. · Proven ability to creatively teach God’s Word from the h eart, lead worship, and guide students into discipleship groups and areas of leadership. · Passionate about sharing God’s unchanging truth to an ever-changing culture. · Creative graphic design skills to create various modes of exciting and attractive media. EXPERIENCE: Faith Baptist Church, Knightdale, NC 1999 – 2010 (Full- time) Student Minister (Jr. High, Sr. High, and College)/Graphic Designer Student Minister Responsibilities: · Established student ministry (Jr. and Sr. High) philosophy and vision with 15 students that grew to over 200 and a volunteer staff that started with 2 and grew to over 40 in 10 years. · Recruited, trained and developed youth and student leaders for key leadership roles. Brian C. Johnston’s Resume 1
  2. 2. · Developed several small and large group Bible Studies including charts, graphs and illustrations. · Created, staffed and trained for various student ministries such as large group meetings, Sunday School classes, small groups, and one-on-one mentoring programs. · Organized activities and retreats, communicated God’s Word in a creative manner, taught in Youth Sunday School settings, and facilitated Small Group discussions. · Conceptualized and implemented high-energy weekly meetings geared for outreach. · Established a Student Discipleship Group by recruiting, training, and mentoring for Student Leadership Teams. · Implemented weekly contemporary worship service with volunteer Ministry Teams (i.e.. worship, speaking, drama, Powerpoint and media, and sound Teams) · Prepared and trained parents with basic parenting skills and presented professional parenting workshops on a timely basis. · Hosted parent and youth informational meetings. · Established Youth Parent Advisory Council made up of yearly, rotating parents that assisted in giving advice and be a sounding board for student ministry situations and manners of discipline. · Planned, organized and led over 25 short-term mission trips, both domestic and international, for youth and youth leaders alike. · Planned and directed yearly student mission trip fundraising campaign with selection of products, creation of promotional materials, and collection of funds in a timely basis. · Assisted in Student See You At The Pole Prayer meetings at area middle and high schools. · Prepared and led worship and delivered messages for Adult Worship Services. · Assembled and directed student worship praise band with guitar and played drums for adult worship team. · Public school presence at Bible Studies, rallies, and award ceremonies. · Orchestrated and organized various community outreach events: Team Impact Strongman Evangelism Crusade, Liberty University Encounter God Crusade (4 Bands, Comedy Team, and Guest Speaker), Super Friends (5 Band) Concert, Engage (5 Bands, 5-member Bike Stunt Team, and inflatables), and Com munity Park Children’s Vacation Bible School. · Spoken at area middle and high school Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Bible Study meetings. · Implement and lead a weekly College Bible Study, Sunday School, and monthly activities. Graphic Designer Responsibilities: · Created, designed and produced church promotional materials in both print and electronic media: brochures, newsletters, flyers, posters, postcards, bulletins, billboards, banners, Powerpoint slides, billboards, email blasts, and websites with MAC and PC software (Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDRAW!, PageMaker, FreeHand, QuarkXpress, PowerPoint, Word). Photography, photo scanning, and photo manipulation experience. Brian C. Johnston’s Resume 2
  3. 3. · Created and produced video segments including sermon illustrations, activity and mission trip presentations, and comedy and drama shorts using non-linear video editing software Pinnacle Video Software, Arcsoft ShowBiz, and Windows Movie Maker. · Created and implemented the promotion of two building fundraising campaigns through printed and electronic media : multi-panel brochures, postcards, banners, displays, etc. · Designed, printed, folded and distributed monthly internal and external direct mail newsletters with photos, copy, calendar of events, web links and more. · Familiar with a variety of printing procedures: laser, inkjet, dye sublimination, color laser, duplicator, and 2, 3, and 4 color offset. · Created and delivered Powerpoint presentations with embedded video, audio, animations, and copy for small to large-format audiences. · Compiled, digitized and edited video into .mpg and .avi formats for presentations for PC presentations, online web viewing and DVD authoring formats. · Edited and digitized audio for presentation playback. · Created and maintained church and student ministry website with graphics, photos and copy. · Composed, recorded and digitized original music scores for presentation backgrounds with use of acoustic guitar, drums, and synthesizer. · Created yearly campaign themes through use of high impact logo design and placement on banners, stand up displays, postcards, posters and more. · Developed, printed and distributed training materials with detailed information with graphs, photos, and copy. · Archived digital media in a timely manner through network and offline storage means. · Produced and directed yearly bulk mailing campaigns with use of volunteer staff, offering assistance for quick turnaround in a neat and orderly fashion. Faith Baptist Church, Knightdale, NC 1994 – 1999 (Part- time) Children’s Pastor/Jr. High Director · Established children’s ministry philosophy and vision that started with 10 children and grew to over 100 and 4 volunteers that grew to over 20 adults. · Created and led new Children’s ministries including KIDZONE (Children’s summer ministry), CAMP FAITH (Children’s weekend camp – 10 year duration), and CHILDREN’S CHURCH. · Hosted and Facilitated area-wide Children’s Crusade with Guest Speaker for 4 years. · Developed several Children’s Bible Studies with illustration s. · Planned, organized and led Vacation Bible School for 4 years with over 400 children and 30 volunteers per year. · Assembled and trained Children’s Ministry Puppet and Drama Teams. · Developed and organized yearly Family Fall Festival with volunteer teams t o run games, snack, and ride booths. · Planned and led monthly Children activities. (i.e., East Egg hunts, Lock-Ins, Kite Days, etc.) · Recruited, trained and mentored 40 volunteers for AWANA Clubs Children’s Program for 2 years. Also led AWANA Clubs events (i.e., Bible Quiz Teams, Grand Prix, etc.) Brian C. Johnston’s Resume 3
  4. 4. · Established, organized and staffed Jr. High Ministry with 8 volunteers that grew to 25. · Designed ministry Jr. High Ministry logo, newsletters, and promotional material s. · Established Jr. High Elective Classes with focus on ministry training (Drama, Puppet, Worship, and Media Teams) and Small Group Bible Studies. Belt Concepts of America, Inc., Spring Hope, NC 1994 – 1999 Creative Director · Created and designed full-color sales print materials such as brochures, flyers, magazine ads, sales forms, and more with CorelDRAW!, PageMaker, and Word software. · Assisted in creation of product sales materials with technical illustrations, attached samples and laminated, bond covers. · Developed a variety of marketing campaigns with focus on brand recognition contained in promotional materials: sales brochures, product sample booklets, and magazine advertisements. · Produced and edited in-house training videos with emphasis on safety procedures and product production analysis. · Maintained design production schedule through detailed listing and filings. · Organized company community involvement such as Company Parade Float in Spring Hope Pumpkin Festival and City in Schools Youth Mentoring Program. ADDITIONAL TRAINING: · Purpose Driven Student Ministry Training (2000) · Adventures In Missions Short-term Missions Training (2004) · Urban Alternative School Mentoring Training (2008) · Life Hurts God Heals (Pain/Hurt) Training (2009) · Adobe Photoshop Training (2009) · Dave Ramsey’s Generation Change Youth Financial Seminar (2010) · Dare 2 Share Alumni · Creative Ministry (Puppets, Drama, Worship, and Dance) Training Host · Various Youth Specialties National Youth Worker Conventions · Various Group Publishing One Day Training Seminars HONORS/AWARDS: · Academic Honors Award (1992) · Commencement Graphic Design Award (1992) · Ministry Ordination (2008) MINISTRY PHILOSOPHY: To be effective in student ministry, I want a ministry philosophy that is thoroughly bibl ical, relevant, comprehensive, and practical. At the heart of any student ministry should be the desire to reach out to non-Christian youth, help them come to know Christ and nurture them to maturity in their faith so they can impact the church and the world for Him. Everything that occurs in student ministry should in one way or another be aimed at this target. Brian C. Johnston’s Resume 4
  5. 5. My philosophy can be condensed and summarized into the following values that help guide me in accomplishing these aims: Maintaining a heart for knowing and pleasing God (I Timothy 4:16, II Timothy 2:4). I believe a passion for God is the foundation for student ministry. Maintaining a heart for communicating truth creatively (II Timothy 4:2, Colossians 1:28-29). A creative teacher will present the gospel message in a variety of spiritually stimulating and culturally relevant ways. Maintaining a heart for understanding today’s youth and cultural penetration (John 10:14, Matthew 9:36, II Timothy 4:5, I Thessalonians 1:9-10). It’s critical that student ministers understand the cultural differences of teenagers and view the campus as a mission field. Maintaining a heart for relationships (Philippians 2:19-20, Ephesians 4:11-12, Hebrews 13-17). Involvement of parents, volunteer staff, church staff, and student leaders is crucial for ministry that is personal in nature, connecting adults with teens. Maintaining a heart for excellence in activity planning (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Presentation is everything – that phrase is all so true when it comes to delivering the Message of God’s Good News in an excellent manner. Also, all of our activities should have a clearly defined purpose. REFERENCES AND PORTFOLIO AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST Brian C. Johnston’s Resume 5
  6. 6. REFERENCES: “I have had the pleasure of working with Brian as a lay person at Faith Baptist Church for more than 15 years. Over the years he has developed a high degree of expertise in youth ministry. He was sensitive to needs of the youth while challenging them to grow in Christ. His expertise in graphic design and his strong passion to challenge the youth has made him a leader that brings strong programs that gets results. He has a passion for his work and has a level of enthusiasm that is infectious. I would certainly recommend him for ministry or graphic design.” June 15, 2010 Neal Batts, Account Manager, Grainger “I have worked with Brian Johnston in the 24.7 Youth Ministry at Faith Baptist Church for approximately 8 years. Brian is very motivated and goes well beyond what is required of his position. He has been committed to teaching and helping the youth of our church grow in their relationship with the Lord. Brian takes an active role in each of their lives sacrificing much personal time to spend with the youth individually. He is excited and passionate about his work. It has been a privilege to work under Brian in this area. I have also had the opportunity to see many of his creative efforts within the graphics design area while attending Faith Baptist. Every medium (whether video, print work, etc) is always done with the highest level of professionalism. His efforts have resulted in many successful marketing campaigns. His creative and design ability is superior. Brian will make a definite contribution to any organization with which he works.” June 15, 2010 Chris Champion, Homemaker, Student Ministry Volunteer “If you are looking for someone that will forever impact the lives of the children in your church, Brian is most DEFINITELY the man for the job! Both my husband and my baby brother were in Brian's youth group and their lives were forever changed by him. Both of them continued on as youth leaders with him after they had graduated high school. Brian goes above and beyond his job expectations and will always give you 110%. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he genuinely cares about the souls and lives of every child he comes in contact with. Everyone that has had him as their youth pastor can attest to that!” June 15, 2010 Melissa Wood Dixon, Outside Sales Representative, Waste Management, Inc. OTHER REFERENCES AND PORTFOLIO AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST