May 8th presentation


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May 8th presentation

  1. 1. DFW Diaspora RoundtableReaching the South Asian people of
  2. 2. Prayer Care Learn ShareDFW Diaspora Mission AllianceCommunicateConnectCoachCollaborateTacticsFor more information visit
  3. 3. What does this mean for us?
  4. 4. Focus on South Asian PeoplesThe highest population density in Asia
  5. 5. Focus on South Asian Peoples1,241,491,960 -176,745,364 30,485,798738,267150,493,65820,869,000320,081 MaldivesOne out of every 4 people on the planet live here
  6. 6. Unreached South Asian Peoples2,365/2.2% -453/0.0% 332/2.8%28/1.8%344/0.4%43/1.2%Maldives – 6/0.1%50% of the Unreached People Groups of the world live here
  7. 7. Unreached South Asian PeoplesOf the 100 largest “Least” Reached People Groups of the world,57 are found in South Asia – 48 live in India
  8. 8. Poverty of South Asian PeoplesMore than 35% of the population lives on less than $1 per day
  9. 9. South Asian Population - USA
  10. 10. South Asian Population - USASouth Asians are the fastest growing segment ofUS population
  11. 11. South Asian Population - DFWDFW ranks among the fastest growingSouth Asian cities in the U.S.
  12. 12. South Asian Population - DFWNation City Rank- Top 5 DFW PopulationIndian 125,000Pakistani 5 50,000Nepali 3 11,000Bangladeshi 8.000Bhutanese 1 ???Sri Lankan 5 2,500How many Unreached People Groupsare represented here?
  13. 13. WorkingLunch
  14. 14. What if God was bringing South Asians to DFWthe good life in Texas?
  15. 15. What if churches were topartner together to reachSouth Asian UPGs in DFW?
  16. 16. The Mobilization FunnelPray-ersEquippedCPMany ChristiansWill PraySome ChristiansWill Get Equipped(i.e. Perspectives)A Few Christians willbecome Church PlantersYield of New LostPeoples ReachedChurchAttenders
  17. 17. Table DiscussionThe vision goal is to widen the bottom of thefunnel. More lost people reached. Based uponwhat we heard today….What are the 3 most important things we coulddo serving better together to see this happen?Think creatively@ Tables 20 minutes - Table Report 10 minutes - GroupDiscuss
  18. 18. DFW Diaspora Mission Alliance 2013Leadership Team – DFWDMA leadership team is openRoundtable Meetings – DFWDMA will convene one moreDiaspora Roundtables in DecemberAffinity Groups - ongoing networking of affinity groups – i.e.refugee, international students, Muslim outreach, Hinduoutreach, church planting, T4TNorth America Diaspora Mission Consultation –September 17thCollaborative Initiatives –a vision to see every people group ofDFW prayed for and engaged with the Gospel
  19. 19. 3 BIG Ideas For Collaboration• Create a database of service opportunities andresource providers specific to diaspora mission• Create a local diaspora focused “short-term missiontrip” experiences for churches to send their folks intothe harvest• Launch a disciple-making movement in DFW usingT4T principles
  20. 20. Ethnic Embrace
  21. 21. North American DiasporaMission ConsultationSeptember 17thNORTHAMERICADIASPORAMISSION.INFO