Ethnic Embrace USA


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Ethnic Embrace USA is a partnership of Mission America Coalition and Ethnic American Network to inform, equip and mobilize Christians to love our International neighbors to Christ.

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Ethnic Embrace USA

  1. 1. 40 Days of Prayer for theDiaspora Peoples of the USA40 Days of learning about theDiaspora peoples of the USA40 Days of Scripture thru themission of God story40 Days to understanding theunfolding story of God for hisglobal purpose40 Days toward blessing thenations among us. Coming Fall 2012!
  2. 2. “100 year ago we sent missionaries to the nations to lookfor the cities. Today you go to the cities and you find thenations" Dr. Ray Bakke“Diaspora missiology may well be the most importantundigested reality in missions thinking today." Dr. RalphWinter“one of the greatest ironies in missions today is the factthat although we have a good understanding of theevangelical status of many of the world’s peoples in othernations, for the most part, we are ignorant regarding theevangelical status of the peoples of the world living in ourbackyards.” Dr. J.D. Payne
  3. 3. Globalization, Urbanization and Migration is changing the worldMigration is taken place in every nation of the world. Howevercertain regions have higher concentrations than others.The USA is the #1 destination of migrants from around the world,with over 42 million recent migrants now in USA.There are now 8 U.S. cities with a foreign born population of 1millionThe most recent migration is coming from many places of theworld considered “Unreached”There may be as many as 360 “Unreached People Groups” in theU.S. representing a population of over 20 million
  4. 4. In the unevangelized world, there are 20,500 full-time Christianworkers and 10,200 foreign missionaries attempting to reach anUnengaged and Unreached population of over 2.9 billion people whoare resistant to the Gospel so how can we better reach them?There are 100 million Evangelical Christians in the “evanglelized” U.S.,with 20 million people from Unengaged & Unreached People Groupsnew to America - many of whom are open to hearing the Gospel –but do we know they are here?Should we focus on getting “missionaries” to the “unevangelizedworld” to reach UPGs or do we focus on getting “missionaries” intoour cities to reach UPGs from the “unevangelized world?” And/Both
  5. 5. A missional formation tool for equipping the reader forliving for God’s global gloryAn introduction of diaspora Peoples for capturing God’sheart for all peoplesA resource for mobilizing your church to missionalprayer and actionA Bible study for preparing your church for cross-cultural engagementA prayer initiative for igniting a Christward movementtoward and through Diaspora peoples for finishing thetask
  6. 6. A Citywide CampaignFollowing Global Day of Prayer - May 20 – June 2840 Days of Prayer for “Blessing the Nations Among Us”40 Days of Action for “Blessing the Nations Among Us”• Ready - select and study a People Group• Set - Study – Equip – Train• Go - Cross Cultural Excursions and Encounters
  7. 7. For more information Visit CallBrian Considine @ 972-302-1302 EEUSA Project Director Officially Launching 2013