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Building a Collaborative Open Source Program


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Building an open source program can be both rewarding and challenging. The broad scope of a successful open source program requires cross-functional coordination between multiple teams with differing goals, focus areas, perspectives, and timelines, including legal, engineering, design, product, business, marketing, and branding. When you’re operating at a global scale, these challenges are magnified. This talk will address how open source leads can serve as enablers of building a collaborative open source program at their company. This presentation will also discuss the challenges of building an open source program at a hypergrowth global company and how to streamline processes to develop a supportive and collaborative open source culture.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Building a Collaborative Open Source Program

  1. 1. Brian Hsieh, Uber Manrique Lopez, Bitergia Building a Collaborative Open Source Program
  2. 2. external internal inbound outbound Consume open source projects M&A Contribute to existing projects Create new open source projects
  3. 3. Collaboration: The Nature of an Open Source Program Complex Many areas of expertise Multiple teams
  4. 4. v v v v v v v matrix Program Structure it decides your collaboration type internal external team centralized PMO coordinated PMO
  5. 5. decide your process Collaboration Type: Control Level low high process process is the key to organizing and managing work
  6. 6. culture processes people processes driven by the culture for the people
  7. 7. it’s complicated
  8. 8. the challenges Uber’s open source program
  9. 9. the structure business product legal technology open source program interconnected matrix both internal and external centralized governance coordinated project execution
  10. 10. Open Source Summit EU 2018 Our mission is to enable, educate, champion, and foster open source development, adoption, and culture.
  11. 11. inclusive, everyone can contribute committee based, meritocracy decision making process
  12. 12. just enough process for planning and execution
  13. 13. passionate, vibrant, diverse, & energetic culture for innovation the teams at Uber
  14. 14. transparent adaptive
  15. 15. empowerment and ability to tackle problems. The Principals support vs. direct facilitate vs. govern enable vs. block adapt vs. enforce distributed vs. centralized
  16. 16. “the attorneys at Uber value partnerships and collaboration” ~ What Every Engineer Should Know About Open Source Software Licenses and IP (
  17. 17. the north star; vision and goal are important you need the believers tools to collaborate don’t forget to reward your teams form the community
  18. 18. Safe Environment to Collaborate Communication Transparency Meritocracy Inclusion Agile and Adaptive
  19. 19. “Opinions are a dime a dozen and nearly everyone will share theirs with you. Many will state them as if they are facts. Don’t mistake opinions for facts.” “Don’t Believe Everything You Hear” Ray Dalio
  20. 20. fact: data and analytics
  21. 21. Understanding Open Source Development Manrique López Software Development Analytics for Your Peace of Mind
  22. 22. “data visualization speaks louder than words”
  23. 23. “Napoleon’s Russian campaign of 1812”, Charles Joseph Minard
  24. 24. “collecting data is only the first step toward wisdom ...” Henry Louis Gates Jr.
  25. 25. Data Sources data sources supported by CHAOSS/GrimoireLab project and Bitergia Analytics
  26. 26. “collecting data is only the first step toward wisdom, but sharing data is the first step toward community” Henry Louis Gates Jr.
  27. 27. Visualization
  28. 28. What do I do with all this data?
  29. 29. “Without a strategy, there is no ROI” Brian Solis Goals - Questions - Metrics as key methodology for Open Source Program Office (OSPO) Management
  30. 30. TransparencyGoals
  31. 31. Transparency Self-Awareness Goals
  32. 32. Transparency Self-Awareness Governance Goals
  33. 33. Transparency Self Awareness Governance Motivational ... Goals
  34. 34. ActivityQuestions How much… (code, tests, communication, review…) When... (patterns, time zones, trends…) Where… (by module, by company, by activity...) Deviations… (differential analysis, gaps…) Organization… (sequences of activity…) …
  35. 35. Activity Community Questions How many… (by role, by company, by experience…) How important… (bus factor, core/regular/casual…) Where are they working… (by activity, by code area…) How skilled… (experience, mentoring, efficiency….) How long… (attraction, retention, patterns…) ...
  36. 36. Activity Community Processes Questions How are people doing… (fix bugs, code review...) How long is it taking… (fix bugs, attend contributions…) What is missing… (backlog of open code reviews...) How is performance... (test coverage, bug density, issue throughput...) Where are there problems… (bottlenecks, process technical debt…) ...
  37. 37. Activity Community Processes Metrics
  38. 38. Activity Community Processes Metrics Onion Analysis New contributors
  39. 39. Activity Community Processes Metrics GitHub Pull Requests Median Open Days Uber: 4h Non Uber: 1d
  40. 40. Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software GrimoireLab is one of CHAOSS software projects CHAOSSCon Europe - Brussels - Feb, 1st, 2019 CHAOSS
  41. 41. machine learning mobile Infrastructure web framework visualization HorovodPyro Jaeger M3 H3 November 15 2018 San Francisco, CA 10:00am - 6:00pm
  42. 42. Let us know how we can collaborate. Let’s have fun and make an impact.
  43. 43. Thank you This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.