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  1. 1. 23 Grafton Street | London | W1S 4EY | UK | Main Tel: +44 (0) 207 887 2699 Email: | Website: 0296_140214 INTELLIGENCE. RISKMITIGATION. RESPONSE. CONSULTANCY.
  2. 2. Level 2 | 3 Sheldon Square | Paddington | W2 6HY | Main Tel: +44 (0) 207 887 2699 Email: | Website: ABOUT PGI PGI is a privately owned UK business offering integrated, intelligence-led risk management solutions. We operate in emerging and frontier markets, complex jurisdictions and environments and draw our experience and expertise from UK government, intelligence, military personnel and commercial organisations. Our key service capabilities lie in: Corporate Intelligence and Risk Analysis, Maritime Security, Cyber Security and Forensics, Human Behavioural Analysis, Security Training and Consultancy. PGI specialise globally in the secure protection of our clients’ assets; human, physical, legal, intellectual property, financial and operational. We provide our services, products and support to a number of key industry sectors including: ENERGY - OIL & GAS AND EXTRACTION TRANSPORT – SHIPPING AND AVIATION PUBLIC SECTOR & DEFENCE FINANCIAL SERVICES LEGAL INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL GOVERNMENT OUR APPROACH We align our approach to risk management with the current ISO 31000 standard and organise our operating divisions around five key themes of Intelligence, Technology, Cyber, Physical and Training. PGI’s key strength lies in the formidable capability of its Information and Intelligence Teams including leading software and networking experts, comprising a potent mix of technology and intellectual capital. We underline our approach with three key tenets. QUALITY, SAFETY, INNOVATION INFORMATION AND INTELLIGENCE Understanding the operating environment of our clients is fundamental to the development of our risk mitigation methodology and service recommendations. We have developed core competencies in the fields of cyber security assurance, corporate intelligence, geopolitical risk analysis, maritime domain awareness and bespoke strategic research. 0296_140214
  3. 3. PGI’s Cyber services integrate technology-led intelligence and proprietary sources with our expertise in human, physical and digital vulnerabilities. Skilled and experienced teams draw on their detailed understanding of the key challenges in these areas to advise clients on vulnerabilities and recommend prioritised, cost-effective solutions. Adding operational experience from government and special forces roles to covert surveillance and access specialists gives us a uniquely qualified Red Team. Our integrated approach to cyber security is demonstrated by our ability to design secure communications systems, deliver a cutting edge next generation active network defence and monitoring solution, while providing training to assess and overcome human weakness. We offer a two week cyber-training course, delivered on a custom-built virtual network. We apply the same high standards in ensuring compliance – our teams and methodology are accredited and have been certified by the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST). Our Cyber services cover the following key areas: CYBER TRAINING COVERING OFFENSIVE METHODOLOGIES AND DIGITAL FORENSICS NETWORK MONITORING AND ACTIVE NETWORK DEFENCE SOLUTIONS COMMERCIAL DEAL PROTECTION GEO-SPECIFIC RISK ANALYSIS COMPUTER INCIDENT RESPONSE AND RECOVERY RED TEAM TESTING VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT PENETRATION TESTING COMPUTER FORENSIC ANALYSIS Level 2 | 3 Sheldon Square | Paddington | W2 6HY | Main Tel: +44 (0) 207 887 2699 Email: | Website: CYBER 0296_140214
  4. 4. PGI’s Corporate Intelligence Team draws experience from the world of investigation and due diligence, to provide verifiable intelligence on individuals and companies to reduce client’s risk exposure. PGI’s ‘deep-dive’ investigations from a range of sources provide actionable advice on the protection and maintenance of reputation. PGI’s Geopolitical Risk portal and specialist consultants monitor events around the globe to provide clients with real time situational awareness that ensures their staff and assets are secure. Specific Country Risk Assessments can also help shape investment decisions by assessing business continuity threats and regulatory risks. They provide an assessment of the threats to specific sectors in which clients operate, evaluating the precedent of other companies in the country, regulatory changes and political risks. Level 2 | 3 Sheldon Square | Paddington | W2 6HY | Main Tel: +44 (0) 207 887 2699 Email: | Website: INTELLIGENCE 0296_140214
  5. 5. PGI provides physical risk mitigation services in the three domains of Land, Maritime and Training. We provide support to our clients across the full physical security spectrum; from high level consultancy through to close protection and access control. Protection Vessels International, part of the PGI group, is the world’s largest provider of Maritime Security and is the key security partner to shipping companies worldwide. Our services include; armed guards for transits in high risk areas, fully manned escort vessels and exclusion zone security services. On land, we provide Security Consultancy from Journey Management to Evacuation and Emergency Response. Level 2 | 3 Sheldon Square | Paddington | W2 6HY | Main Tel: +44 (0) 207 887 2699 Email: | Website: PHYSICAL 0296_140214
  6. 6. PGI has developed one of the world’s leading intelligence software platforms under the Mi:fusion brand. This solution is sold, distributed and deployed in locations all over the world. Mi:fusion is a collaborative Multiple Intelligence Fusion platform, taking intelligence from Open Source (OSINT), Social Media Sources (SMINT) and closed sources. This enables us to increase the efficiency of Analysts and drive faster and better informed investigations. Main Features include: • Collaborative case management system • Automatic social media collection • Evidential capture of content • Federated search & discovery • Visualisations and trend analysis tools • Geo-location of collected data Level 2 | 3 Sheldon Square | Paddington | W2 6HY | Main Tel: +44 (0) 207 887 2699 Email: | Website: TECHNOLOGY 0296_140214
  7. 7. TRAINING PGI Training is the largest provider for Medical, Security and Health & Safety compliance training in the UK with services now operating in Australia and the Middle East. As market leader, PGI Training leads the way in providing training solutions to meet the specific needs of a diverse range of clients, from armed forces personnel, through to government departments and large corporate businesses. Our cyber training includes intensive two week courses on cyber techniques, including offensive methodologies and digital forensics. Each attendee has their own custom-built virtual network. Within the PGI Group we also operate two distinct training businesses; JTIP and March on Stress. JTIP provides training that helps government and organisations counter threats from external and internal sources at both a strategic and tactical level. The client base ranges from governments across Europe, the Far East and the Middle East to blue chip companies in Central and North America, Europe and Africa. March on Stress (MOS) is a psychological health consultancy operating world-wide with those organisations whose people find themselves in high-risk situations, whether that is security, media, government, oil and gas or emergency services. Level 2 | 3 Sheldon Square | Paddington | W2 6HY | Main Tel: +44 (0) 207 887 2699 Email: | Website: 0296_140214