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ShapeLog Team Strength Days

Fun, safe strength training program for athletic teams.

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ShapeLog Team Strength Days

  1. 1. Team Strength Days
  2. 2. What is “Team Strength Day”? A fun event that introduces safe, healthy approaches to strength training for your athletes. Athletes are provided with a brief introduction to strength training, then guided through a 20 minute, full-body circuit workout using strength training equipment.
  3. 3. What are the Goals of Team Strength Day? 1. Make Strength Training Less Intimidating - Workouts are short, non-competitive, and offered in a group setting. 2. Spur New Conversations & Habits - The data provides a launching point for conversations about goals for the individuals, for the team, for the season, and for life. 3. Help Athletes and Teams Learn About Themselves - Data from the fun, 20 minute workout is provided to the athletes and coaches.
  4. 4. Athletes & Coaches Learn: Appropriate Weight Settings for Each Exercise To empower each athlete. Relative Strengths & Weaknesses To inform future workouts.
  5. 5. Sample Athlete Report Sample Coach Report
  6. 6. The Products ShapeLog Tracking Devices Collect All the Data
  7. 7. For Athletic Directors and Coaches Athletic Directors and Coaches in all sports have an opportunity to gain insight into individual athlete performance and progression ● Are each of your athletes getting stronger? ● Are they making strength progress, and over what period of time? ● What are your individual athlete’s workout exports? ● Can you gather all of this information quickly, easily, and automatically? More importantly, Team Strength Days provide an opportunity to speak with your athletes about the role you recommend strength training plays in your preparation for game day.
  8. 8. How to Host a Team Strength Day 1. Confirm Interest - Make sure athletes and coaches are interested in learning more about strength training. 2. Schedule the Event - Contact ShapeLog to schedule the event. 3. Host the Event - set-up takes 30 minutes, and each cohort (up to 10 people) spends about 25 minutes in the weight room. 4. Debrief with the Team Afterward - Learning and conversation are important goals for this program. Be sure to allocate time for this important conversation.
  9. 9. Contact Brian Hayden ShapeLog, Inc. 206 S. Main St. #204 Ann Arbor, MI 48104