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Brian Hawkins MBA - Speaker Lecturer Keynote


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Brian Hawkins MBA - Speaker Lecturer Keynote

  1. 1. + + Brian P. Hawkins Trend • Generations • Branding • Social Media A consummate entrepreneur, trend spotter, consultant, professor at UCSD Extension, FIDM and CIBU, and inspiring speaker, Brian Hawkins is available for a variety of lecture, training, organizational meeting, and educational events. Brian brings more than 20 years experience in consumer and market trend analysis, product and brand building, media and message development, and consumer relationship management to his lectures. Brian has consulted with companies and organizations that include: American Express, American Red Cross, AT&T, Bank of America, BMW, California State Parks, Clear Channel, Dress for Success, Kimberly-Clark, Monsanto, Nestle, Nike, Sempra Energy, REBOOT Workshops, Times Mirror Context, Critical Thinking, Action Entrepreneurially Driven • Trend Savvy • Consumer Focused A Change Agent “Brian’s keynote brought a clarity of direction & inspired a culture of communication within our organization” - Sharp Healthcare Brian Hawkins offers motivational speaking, keynote address, seminar development, team training, educational leadership and more. Thematic Highlights Macro & micro market trend analysis across multiple disciplines Trend Consumer generational psyche, behavioral analysis & insights – co-worker to consumer Target Media targeting & effective messaging across broadcast, print, social & direct formats Media Targeted messaging, communications, building rapport & loyalty through engagement Sales Development & management of internal team across all business units Team more on 2
  2. 2. 2789 West Harbor Drive, Suite 252, San Diego, CA 92101 • • 619.300.4221 Brian P. Hawkins Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Mentor 1 HISTORICAL CONTEXT It is often said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it… Similarly, in business, those who forget historical reference and context will likely miss opportunities to better connect with their market, more effectively develop products, as well as clearly craft and convey messages and select appropriate medias. 2 CURRENT REFERENCE Today’s organizational, business, and product and service development environments are changing at a revolutionary pace thanks to a shift in market segmentation, consumer interaction, cultural and social shifts, and the widespread adoption and use of social medias. FUTURE VISION 3 Tomorrow’s marketplace and business environment promises to be one of the most vastly evolved in generations. Brian Hawkins has an impressive ability to build a vision for this future. Brian Hawkins has been featured in numerous print and online articles, broadcast news. As co-founder of StyleSeek and PreFAB Space, he is often sourced for his knowledge of trend, fashion tech, omnichannel retailing, product and brand development, and start-ups. “There are extraordinarily positive decades that follow war and economic strife, this decade is one of these…” “Brian is passionate and incredibly prescient in his ability to foresee market evolution. He has given our team the ability to stay ahead of market change.” AT&T
  3. 3. 3789 West Harbor Drive, Suite 252, San Diego, CA 92101 • • 619.300.4221 Brian P. Hawkins Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Mentor Strategic Vision… Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
  4. 4. Brian P. Hawkins Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Mentor Follow Brian Hawkins: Instagram - Pinterest - Steller - Facebook - Twitter - • • • Contact 789 West Harbor Drive, Suite 252 San Diego, CA 92101 619-300-4221 /