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Customer onboarding - Customer Success


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Customer onboarding - Customer Success

  2. 2. 2 What does Customer Success (CS) Provide? –  My vendor assures I am getting the right type of support –  I was introduced to Customer Success as soon as I started using the platform –  I see features in the product that we suggested –  My vendor is there if I need additional help –  My vendor cares about us as customer With the great success and growth of recurring revenue SaaS models, vendors are presented with the challenge of how to maximize solution adoption as rapidly as possible, while ensuring their customers are successful along the customer journey. - BLUENOSE –  Increases Platform adoption, expansion and retention –  Inform and influence –  Marketing/Advocacy –  Onboarding –  Training –  Support –  Professional Services
  3. 3. 3 New (Product) Customer Progression Sales Sign Purchase Order Onboard the Customer Advance Customer Success • Ensure Use case is being worked • Complete Success plan with the customer Execute Cadence • Regular Checkpoints with customer • Track Customer Metrics and maintain Success Score Customer Success starts when a Purchase Order has been signed by the customer.
  4. 4. 4 Onboard the Customer (Overview) Email to Customer CS Manager and Account Exec meet with Customer Product Installation Training (if applicable) Having purchased the product, the initial and longest lasting impression of our company and our product is what happens next. Within 2 days of signing the PO Schedule customer meeting in the first week Within 2 weeks of signing the PO Begin within 2 weeks of signing the PO Schedule training after completing installation Complete training
  5. 5. 5 Email to Customer November 5, 2014 Dear <Customer name>, We are delighted that you have purchased <Product> for your advanced analytics and data work! We believe you have selected the most collaborative and intuitive analytics platform in the industry today. Within the next 2 days you will receive a call from <CSM name>, your Customer Success Manager. They will be asking to set up a half-hour meeting or call to cover the following topics: •  Your onboarding process •  The installation plan for <Product> •  Your goals for <Product> •  Your training and professional services needs. In parallel, we would like to get your software installation kicked off. This requires a couple things from you: •  The contact information of the administrator that will be installing and configuring <Product> •  Prerequisite forms filled out that capture the required information about your environment. These forms are attached. Please pass them on to the appropriate person and have them return the completed forms to your Customer Success Manager. Please send this information at your earliest convenience. Your Customer Success Manager’s contact information is: <CSM> XXX.XXX.XXXX. Again, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and are excited to get started! Sincerely, ABC
  6. 6. 6 Agenda for Onboarding Meeting with the Customer (CSM and Account Exec) 1.  Review Your Order (Developers, collaborators, Training days, professional services, etc) 2.  Review your goals for <Product> (what job did you buy <Product> to do?) 3.  Review Your Onboarding process A.  This meeting B.  Installation C.  Training 4.  Review the installation plan for <Product> A.  Identify Customer Administrator B.  Fill out pre-installation forms C.  Schedule an installation date D.  Install and configure a.  Install software b.  Connect to data sources c.  Create initial users d.  Confirm environment is configured correctly 5.  Discuss training: timing, number of people, location, etc. 6.  Discuss additional needs, e.g., professional services 7.  Review next steps
  7. 7. 7 <Product> Installation •  Install software (or configure virtual environment) •  Connect to Data sources •  Test the environment •  Ensure customer has email •  Send any additional documentation needed •  Close out of installation and notify CSM
  8. 8. 8 Training Training should be scheduled after installation is complete. •  Environment Setup for Training (schedule at least a week before training) 1.  Determine the users that will participate in the training (customer) 2.  Ensure each user has access to the network that will be used to connect to <Product> (if wireless, do they need tokens?, etc) 3.  Ensure each user is represented in <Product> 4.  Load all training data into a data source (provide this training data) 5.  Ensure that the data sources are accessible for the users involved in the training (both training data and customer data that will be used in the training). Test the "All Operators" workflows for Database &/or HD 6.  Ensure the users have the right credentials for the data access required 7.  Ensure any other third party products are accessible from <Product> 8.  Schedule training •  Deliver Training (Onsite preferred)
  9. 9. 9 Discussion?