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Social Media Success Requires A Mindset Shift To Change


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As social media continues to evolve, what’s on the horizon? How will forward thinking companies reformulate their competitive strategies to stay relevant? What needs to change to take social media from a marketing tactic to a business strategic weapon.
Perfection is a fairytale. Control is an illusion.
Life is noisy - connecting with people online is just as important as connecting with people offline!
"Reach, not interrupt. Talk to, not talk at"
"What you do as a company is boring and no one cares"
"Don't start with what they're scared of, but what they already love."
"Socialize, educate, amplify, execute and report"
"We have to invest the same mindset into digital that goes into our other marketing initiatives."
Invest the same strategy and mindset for social that you do for digital. If you don't, you'll fail.
"If you build it, they WON'T come." True words from @iSocialFanz You need more than just a website or an account.Bring your content to your audience, do not expect your audience to come to you.
This deck was given at the SMWiFairfax event by Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz

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Social Media Success Requires A Mindset Shift To Change

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