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How To Grow Your Following and Stand-Out with Live Video


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The power of live video apps like Facebook Live and Periscope are that anyone can push the button and go live. The reason most struggle to gain a following or create quality live video is that anyone can push the button and go live. While Periscope leverages the power of Twitter for global discovery and reaches, to stand out from the noise, sustain viewers, and create a memorable experience you must be yourself and let your why shine through. Facebook Live is focused on the massive audience on Facebook and taping into the existing fans and community that already know, like and trust you!

Forget make-up, backdrops, and insightful introductions. Instead, embrace a mindset that “perfection is a fairytale and control is an illusion.” The power of live video is in its ability to highlight the real you and allow others to see the world through your eyes.

Brian has personally delivered over 1800 live videos and worked with some of the largest brands and live video influencers on leveraging Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram Stories to grow their following.
This deck was presented at the largest social media conference in the world Social Media Marketing World and Brian's focus was to guide you through the mindset shift that will empower you to create live video strategies that link to your business goals and inspire you to take a transparent storytelling approach to each Periscope live video. Brian also shared what type of content works best on Periscope vs Facebook Live and how you can use Periscope to build your audience for other marketing purposes such as email lists, webinar signups, and even Facebook Live programs. Be prepared to transform your mindset and create a Periscope strategy leveraging your “why and how” to standout from the noise, be yourself, and grow your following like you never imagined.
Popular Takeaways:
Perfection is an illusion. Don't wait to start doing live video. Use what you've got. Do it now.
Every brand says they have a great culture. I challenge every brand to prove it!
"Create an experience and established value that inspires action."
Don't be afraid to schedule & don't be afraid to promote EARLY
Limitations Inspire Creativity
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How To Grow Your Following and Stand-Out with Live Video

  1. 1. 82% of internet traffic by 2020 will be Video! How Do You Grow Your Following and Stand-out with live video! Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Be Yourself
  4. 4. People - Places - Products - Experiences ACCESS Provide
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. Press The Damn Button
  7. 7. Socialize Field of Dreams NO MORE! Go To Where Your Community Is! 1.
  8. 8. Educate Your WHAT is Boring! Focus on Why & How It Matters To Your Audience 2.
  9. 9. Amplify Collaboration Is Key To Innovation! Focus on Why & How It Matters To Your Audience 3.
  10. 10. Execute Customize Strategies For Each Platform No Two Apps Are The Same, No To Audiences Are The same! 4.
  11. 11. Analyze Test, Tweak, Test, Repeat Customer Behaviors change, so you must embrace change! 5.
  12. 12. UP-Cycle
  13. 13. Limitations Inspire Creativity Nobody likes to be sold too or marketed at…. Create an experience and established value that inspires action
  14. 14. www.BeYourseLF.Live SMMW25% off Code: