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Brian Colin's Video Game History.


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This is a short overview of some of the Games designed / developed by Brian Colin.

Brian Colin is an experienced Game Designer, Art Director, Executive Producer and Development Group Leader with over 27 years in the industry and over sixty (60) titles to his credit in the coin-op arcade, legal gaming, mobile platform, and Home Console markets... including some
of the most popular, highest-earning, best selling, video arcade games of all time.

This "slide show" will be updated periodically; ...until it includes all 62 (as of today) coin op arcade, home console and casino video games.

Published in: Career, Entertainment & Humor
  • The following are original game concepts that were designed & developed by Lead Designer/ Artist-animator/ Producer/ Development Group Leader /CEO Brian F. Colin ........ AIR SHOT (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game ARCH RIVALS (TM) (R) Arcade Game ARCTIC STUD POKER RUN (TM) (R) PC Game BALL BOBBLERS (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game BOBBLEHEAD BASEBALL (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game BLASTED (TM) (R) Arcade Game CAP’N ZACK (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game COW TIPPING (TM) (R) Redemption Game DEMOLITION DERBY (TM) (R) Arcade Game DELIVERANCE (TM) (R) PC Game ELECTRIC FOOTBALL (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game FISHIN’ HOLE (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game GENERAL CHAOS (TM) (R) SEGA Console Game GOOOOAL (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game KOMATSU CHALLENGE (TM) (R) PC Advergame LINE EM UP (TM) (R) Redemption Game PIGSKIN 621 AD (TM) (R) Arcade Game POWER DRIVE (TM) (R) Arcade Game PSYCHIC 21 (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game PUCK SHOT (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game RAMPAGE (TM) (R) Arcade Game RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR (TM) (R) Arcade Game RESCUE RIDERS (TM) (R) PC Advergame SARGE (TM) (R) Arcade Game SHOOT THE BULL (TM) (R) Arcade Game SPACE GOBLINS (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game STAR TREK VOYAGER (TM) (R) Arcade Game TENNIS ACE (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game UNCOVERGIRLS (TM) (R) Touchscreen Game XENOPHOBE (TM) (R) Arcade Game and ZWACKERY (TM) (R) Arcade Game
    ........ Brian’s development experience is not limited to working on his own original concepts. His art, animation, design and management contributions can be found in a host of other memorable games as well, including... DEADLIEST CATCH (TM) (R) FACEBOOK Game ANIMAL PLANET (TM) (R) FACEBOOK Game POWER HOUSE (TM) (R) FACEBOOK Game DISCS OF TRON (TM) (R) Arcade Game JUMP SHOT (TM) (R) Arcade Game KICKMAN (TM) (R) Arcade Game KOZMIK KROOZ’R (TM) (R) Arcade Game MATCH IT (TM) (R) Recemption Game MAX RPM (TM) (R) Arcade Game SATAN’S HOLLOW (TM) (R) Arcade Game SPYHUNTER (TM) (R) Arcade Game SPY HUNTER II (TM) (R) Arcade Game ALFRED HITCHCOCK (TM) (R) Casino Slot DEEP POCKETS (TM) (R) Casino Slot DICK CLARK’S TV CENSORED BLOOPERS (TM) (R) Casino Slot 5 CARD INSTANT BINGO (TM) (R) Casino Slot THE GREAT CHEESE CAPER (TM) (R) Casino Slot THE HONEYMOONERS (TM) (R) Casino Slot THE MATCH GAME (TM) (R) Casino Slot MONOPOLY GRAND HOTEL (TM) (R) Casino Slot MONOPOLY OWN IT ALL (TM) (R) Casino Slot MONEY STORM (TM) (R) Casino Slot THE MUNSTERS (TM) (R) Casino Slot and TAILGATE PARTY (TM) (R) Casino Slot MATHOLOGIST: TRIANGLE SOLVER TM) (R) Android Application MATHOLOGIST: PROJECTILE SOLVER (TM) (R) Android Application
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Brian Colin's Video Game History.