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Twitter for Events: From Training Wheels to Nascar


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With new technologies developing every day, events are becoming more
complicated. I was delighted to address that difficulty, and present
my thoughts around “Twitter for Events: From Training Wheels to
NASCAR” at a Corporate Event Marketing Association briefing held at
Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco last week.

The presentation covered a range of topics, including:

1. How Twitter and other technologies have changed our Events more
radically than we yet realize.

2. How events will play a more crucial role in our businesses going
forward, as a proving ground where we can build the necessary muscles
for real time marketing.  (Think Oreos at last week’s Super Bowl.)

3. As the boundaries of time and space around Events blur, it offers
more opportunities for Events to provide fuel for the Content
Marketing “engines” within our organizations, which will result in
increased relevance for Events, and for Event Marketers.

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Twitter for Events: From Training Wheels to Nascar

  1. 1. #Twitter4Events From Training Wheels to
  2. 2. Twitter has made events more: Interactive Personal Real-Time Integrated
  3. 3. Brian Duggan @brianpdugganTechnology has changed events more than werealize. We are scrambling to keep up….#twitter4events
  4. 4. Brian Duggan @brianpdugganUnderstanding and using Twitter won’t just makeour events better, it will make our companiesbetter. #twitter4events
  5. 5. 181,528 people claim to be social media expertsin their Twitter Bios:
  6. 6. 181,528 people claim to be social media expertsin their Twitter Bios: …………….…I am not one of them!
  7. 7. Examples
  8. 8. Re-dedicating ourselves to 3 event essentials
  9. 9. Served by 3 main event components:
  10. 10. For 3 key stakeholder groups:
  11. 11. But we now face 3 key challenges:
  12. 12. Examples
  13. 13. Real Time Examples: #Bindersfullofwomen
  14. 14. Real Time Examples: #Malarkey
  15. 15. Real-Time MarketingHow does your company develop these skills?
  16. 16. Brian Duggan @brianpdugganEvents offer training wheels 4 marketers—a(relatively) safe space 4 building the neededmuscles 4 real time marketing. #twitter4events
  17. 17. Events as our sandbox:
  18. 18. Where we need to find 3 keys to success:
  19. 19. And 3 ways to serve our sponsors:
  20. 20. 3 Key roles that Twitter can play in this process:Twitter Hashtags @mentions Integratedbrings connect lead to programs you you to personal expandcloser content connections impact
  21. 21. Brian Duggan @brianpdugganYour event content can become fuel for yourcompany’s content marketing engine, dramaticallyupping relevance and ROI. #twitter4events
  22. 22. Brian Duggan @brianpdugganAs your event content & real time efforts expand,they become more valuable, & you become morevaluable to your company. #twitter4events
  23. 23. Your hashtag is your event
  24. 24. My contact infoBrian Duggan 415-388-4280 Cell: 415-269-4280