Brian Degger Takeaway


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Talk given at the DANA centre, as part of Takeaway Festival on Thu 21 May 2009

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Brian Degger Takeaway

  1. 1. Brian Degger Hybridity, Collaboration and FOSS in Light Responsive Device Brian Degger
  2. 2. • A collection of thoughts – exploring hybridity – topics related to trans-disciplinarity – amazing people – exciting events – troubleshooting technology (software and hardware) – importance of just starting it. Brian Degger
  3. 3. keep learning • learning is fun • doing it with others is great • peer supported learning rocks • workshops (like here at takeaway) are great ways of dipping the toes • gleaning ideas from other makers Brian Degger
  4. 4. Opportunities • Free and Open Source Software – its all there......or you can make it happen • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) – allow access to data services( i.e. pachube,, googlemaps, yahoo etc) • communication – internet based maker community Brian Degger
  5. 5. Hybridity • People learning in a third space/non-university (Noisebridge, Access Space) • resisting labelling or using a matrix • aRt&D Brian Degger
  6. 6. Collaboration • language is important – Engineering – Electronics – Programming – are you really saying the same thing? – Similar names → different concepts Brian Degger
  7. 7. cargo cults are good Brian Degger
  8. 8. Interdisciplinarity Pairs fruitful friction? Scientist/Artist Engineer/Artist timelines culture clashes new bodies of knowledge Shared (Centre for Social Robotics) Experiment Methodology Different Outputs Different Outcomes Shared CoAuthoring Brian Degger
  9. 9. Development • when to share? or is it too simple to share? • can you share it with people of differing abilities? • when does it become a platform? is it any different to other work x? Brian Degger
  10. 10. Arduino(hands up) • a reintroduction to electronics • a gentle introduction to the world of micro controllers through: – affordable platform – examples of code and circuitry – great community Brian Degger
  11. 11. Inspiration • thinking about emergent systems, swarming and relationships in nature (ie Stork and the Crab) • life-like works of Ken Rinaldo and the life system work of Andie Gracie systems Brian Degger
  12. 12. LightResponsiveDevice • build it and you will learn....more than you thought possible • LRD is my first interactive piece • arduino+LDR+servo+LED (and a bit of wire • idea of simple interaction – interaction is not simple Brian Degger
  13. 13. Find a place to work development has been – on the dining room table – at ISISArts for a mini-residency Brian Degger
  14. 14. Tools and materials • basic electronics, hobby drill, soldering iron, various screwdrivers, pliers, wirestrippers • hot glue, ping pong balls, wire, RGB LEDs, polymorph, heat shrink, mechano, servos, etc Brian Degger
  15. 15. Further development (getting from day 1-50) • idiosyncrasies of the creatures, still learning • moving beyond a simple behaviour. • use ideas gleaned from twitchie to make a circuit board • an untethered version • circuit board // miniproduction • Light detecting sensors??? place differently • make 30 Brian Degger
  16. 16. Showing/Get it seen/User Interaction – at any table – at Connecting Principle – at Glasgow DCA (introducing my objects to ... project1891 – at Polytechnic Event datarama 0.3 – at Maker Faire Brian Degger
  17. 17. Thanks Takeaway Festival for inviting me to talk ISISArts Newcastle for a place to develop LRD Oli @coldclimate for initial sketches in processing Brian Degger
  18. 18. Brian Degger Brian Degger Contact twitter @sctv Brian Degger