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Marketo case study


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Marketo case study

  1. 1. Sales NavigatorMarketoCase Study More insights—and more precise targeting—drive explosive outbound sales growth“ Our aggressive outbound sales goals required a powerful tool. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, with the Challenge most accurate data and seamless integration, • Transitionfrom 100% inbound sales to combined helped us exceed our goals—farther and faster.” outbound/inbound sales with aggressive goals • Seamlessly integrate with existing investment in Patrick Donnelly, VP of SMB Sales, Marketo Solution • LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, including: • Lead Builder When one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley • Team Link wanted to integrate a new outbound sales program with its • InMail successful inbound efforts, they knew they would need the • Profile Organizer right tools to reach their aggressive goals. Marketo – whose • Premium Search Filters business focuses on demand generation products and services for marketing and sales professionals – turned to LinkedIn’s Why LinkedIn? Sales Navigator to build connections, gain insights on prospects, shorten the sales cycle and, ultimately, to grow • Access to a worldwide network of 150 million (and their business. growing) professional members • Integration with existing CRM investment • Trusted, authentic and current profile data Maximizing impact for impressive ROI • Tools for prioritizing, managing and maximizing lead Early on, 100% of Marketo’s sales team was already using development LinkedIn’s standard, no-cost functionality in their individual sales efforts, and several team members were even paying for premium subscription services out of their own pockets. When Results the company began searching for the most accurate data for • Quadrupled outbound sales prospecting and overall sales effectiveness, it made sense to • Increase in win rates leverage employees’ previous experience with LinkedIn.
  2. 2. The result? According to Patrick Donnelly, VP of SMB Sales Donnelly went on to explain how Team Link and LinkedIn’s richfor Marketo, his company’s outbound sales’ revenue profile data speeds up the sales process. “In the past, therecontribution quadrupled from 2011 to the first quarter of was a lot more time needed to do research, hunt down2012, by engaging fully with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. He prospects or simply trying to get through the receptionist toadded, “I can point to over a dozen deals that were either get to decision-makers. Now we know exactly who the peoplecreated or positively influenced by our use of LinkedIn are in the positions and areas that we want to reach. We cutSales Navigator”. out some of the guessing game, saving valuable time.”Reaching decision-makers Knowledge helps level the playing fieldWith Sales Navigator, LinkedIn profiles work even harder. Members of Marketo’s sales team have seen that knowledge –Because LinkedIn members self-author their profile the rich data gleaned from profile information leveraginginformation, sales reps can trust that it’s accurate and up to relationships – levels the playing field. In today’s social mediadate. This is crucial, explains Donnelly. “The profile environment, prospects and potential customers have accessinformation on LinkedIn is accurate as of today. That’s to vast amounts of information about companies, productsinvaluable.” And better profile data means more and services. “They know so much about us even before weconnections. In fact, a LinkedIn Charter Customer Survey engage with them,” said Donnelly. “LinkedIn lets us know asshowed that 87% of sales reps found more information much about our prospects as they know about us. It levels theabout people or companies using Sales Navigator that playing field and starts our relationship in a much better, morethey would have found otherwise.1 This difference was productive place.”crucial for Marketo. “Based on the profile information wesee on LinkedIn, we can see who really ‘owns’ the differentareas within a business. This allows us to target our efforts Perfect integration with existing CRM investmentmuch more precisely and reach just the right person,” Marketo’s sales team manages all aspects of its activities insaid Donnelly.’s sophisticated CRM environment. “We live in Salesforce…everything we do takes place in Salesforce. So having easy access to all the profile information from LinkedIn,The power of InMail plus added functionality such as InMail and the ability to seeSales Navigator includes access to LinkedIn InMail, the connections, is critical,” Donnelly said. “And the process ofpowerful contact tool that lets you send messages to integrating LinkedIn with our existing processes anddecision makers, even if they’re not in your network. technology could not have been easier,” he continued. “ACombined with rich profile data and a 360° view of every couple of clicks and it was done. Simple.”prospect’s connections, InMail became one of Marketo’sgo-to solutions in reaching out to leads. “InMails definitely LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator gives companies like Marketo thehave a higher hit rate and perform much better than regular insights and the tools they need to leverage social media,email,” said Donnelly. “Combining InMail with the wealth of build connections and, ultimately, maximize sales efforts.information in member profiles has been extremelyproductive for us.” Visit to learn more about how Sales Navigator can help your team meet your sales goals.Visibility into relationships across the companyMarketo’s sales team takes advantage of Sales Navigator’sTeam Link to get a complete picture of relationships with aprospect company. Donnelly explained, “At Marketo, we do a About Marketolot of multi-threading, and are very keen on having multiple Marketo, a global leader in Revenue Performancecontacts and multiple relationships with a company. Team Link Management, provides marketing automation and salesallows us to see those relationships and really get a good effectiveness solutions to more than 1,200 enterprisegrasp of the bigger picture. This saves a lot of time and and mid-market clients, and has been recognized byenergy as opposed to some of the usual tactics that can be CRM Magazine as the “2011 CRM Market Leadersnecessary to get a foot in the door.” Team Link from LinkedIn Awards Winner for Marketing Solutions,” and the 2010allows Marketo’s sales reps and managers to automatically CODiE award for “Best Marketing Solution,” amongsee who on their sales team is a first-degree connection with other accolades.prospects, leveraging existing relationships organically—and successfully. 1 LinkedIn Charter Customer Survey, November 2011 Copyright © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-071-G 0512