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Cloud Native & Docker


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This presentation was presented to the Fachhochschule Bern. The course was part of the Master program and we covered the topics of Cloud Native & Docker

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Cloud Native & Docker

  1. 1. Cloud Native & Docker Brian Christner / 56K.Cloud @idomyowntricks
  2. 2. Agenda Cloud Native Enterprise Adoption Containers vs. VM‘s DevOps Docker & Swisscom Demo
  3. 3. 3 Brian Christner / @idomyowntricks ● Co-Founder 56K.Cloud ● Background in Engineering, Cloud & Containers ● Docker Captain
  4. 4. Data Centers IaaS PaaS Containers Serverless A Brief History Lesson ~2000 2006 2007 2013 2015
  5. 5. The application landscape is changing Loosely Coupled Services Many Small Servers or devices ~2000 Today Monolithic Big Servers Slow changing Rapidly updated
  6. 6. Credit: @benorama
  7. 7. Cloud Native Architecture
  8. 8. What is Cloud Native Cloud native computing uses an open source software stack to be: Containerized Dynamically orchestrated Microservices oriented
  9. 9. Development VM QA Server Public Cloud Disaster Recovery Contributor’s Laptop Production Servers Production Cluster Data Center Containers are the catalyst Static Website Web Front End Background Workers User DB Analytics DB Queue API Endpoint
  10. 10. Enterprise Adoption
  11. 11. 2017 1.4 Billion every 4 Weeks
  12. 12. Docker delivers innovation, speed and savings + +Agility Portability Control State of App development Survey: Q1 2016, Cornell University case study 13XMore software releases 62%Report reduction in MTTR 10XCost reduction in maintaining existing applications Eliminate “works on my machine” issues 41%Move workloads across private/public clouds 65%Reduction in developer onboarding time
  13. 13. Who uses 16
  14. 14. Key Enterprise use cases for Docker Cloud Microservices Cloud Migration Hybrid Cloud Multi-Cloud Containerization Microservices App Modernization DevOps CI/CD Self Service DevOps
  15. 15. One journey for all applications 1 Containerize Legacy Applications Lift and shift for portability and efficiency 2 3 Transform Legacy to Microservices Look for shared services to transform Accelerate New Applications Greenfield innovation
  16. 16. • Docker Container Adoption • Orchestration Usage • Adoption rate nearly quintuple the number of running containers in production between their first and tenth month of usage • Enterprise Adoption
  17. 17. Containers vs. VM’s
  18. 18. Long vs Short Lived Apps/Containers Long Lived Short Lived
  19. 19. VM’s
  20. 20. Reduce Costs & Streamline Operations Containers and VMs together: • Optimize: Added flexibility in using infrastructure resources • Consolidation: Greater workload density across existing servers. • Reduce Costs: Lower OS and VM licensing CapEx and reduce OpEx costs to support and maintain smaller infrastructure Before: One application and OS per VM After: One container per service. Multiple containers running per VM Virtualization Bins/Libs App OS Bins/Libs App OS Bins/Libs App OS Virtualization Bins/Libs App OS Virtualization OS Bins/Libs App Docker Engine Bins/Libs App Bins/Libs App Bins/Libs App
  21. 21. Docker & DevOps
  22. 22. Portability: Frictionless across environments
  23. 23. Container Separation Dan the Developer Worries about what’s “Inside the Container” - Code - Libraries - Package Manager - Data All the servers look the same Oscar the Ops Guy Worries about what’s “Outside the Container” - Logging - Monitoring - Networking All containers work the same way (Start, Stop, etc)
  24. 24. Docker & Swisscom
  25. 25. VM VM VM
  26. 26. Docker Architecture
  27. 27. Swarm Architecture
  28. 28. Deployment
  29. 29. Let’s have a look: DEMO
  30. 30. Future == Serverless
  31. 31. Serverless is made of Servers!
  32. 32. Database Entry Point Entry Point Vote Handling HTTP Request Process Vote Handle Result HTTP Request Serverless Voting App
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Container Considerations Security Logging Monitoring Failures & Fixes at Speed
  35. 35. Docker Resources @idomyowntricks / / 56K.Cloud PWD - The Best Docker Resource – My Docker Projects –