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Quality Machine & Automation - Company Overview


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See presentation for an overview of our companies core competencies, expertise, and machine building capabilities.

Published in: Engineering
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Quality Machine & Automation - Company Overview

  1. 1. Quality Machine & Automation 184 Manufacturers Drive Holland, MI 49424
  2. 2. Processes Integrated for Customers  Vision Inspection  Laser and Part Marking  Material Handling  Leak Testing  Heat Staking  Circuit Board Testing & Validation  Part Feeding  Automated Machining Centers  Robotic Welding Clip Driving Assembly Tape Placement Assembly
  3. 3. Services  Fabrication  Machining  Specialized Machine Building  Designing  Panel Building/Machine Wiring  PLC Programming
  4. 4. Robotic Weld Cell  Automated Welding Solutions, high quality manufacturing process to meet the needs of customer fabrication. Robotic Welding of Automotive Frame Parts
  5. 5. Hydraulic Press Machine Automated Press Machines using Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders. Inserting/Stamping Components into Final OEM Part Hydraulic Stamping Press
  6. 6. Heat Staking Machines  Automated Process using heat to deform a plastic stud protruding from one component into another. Plastic Heat Stake Ecoboost Fender Badge Heat Stake
  7. 7. Automated Assembly Automated Assembly/Weld of Drive Shaft Machine Glue Placement Assembly Combining multiple techniques and strategies we are able to implement machinery to assemble multiple customer parts into one OEM unit.
  8. 8. Automated Assembly Spring Insertion Assembly Station LVDT Force/Load Test Station. VW Fuel Door Assembly Machine
  9. 9. Automated Assembly
  10. 10. Automated Assembly Cont… BMW Door Handle Assembly Machine
  11. 11. Leak/Test Machines Leak Test for Aerospace Fuel Injection Fuselage Oil Pan Leak Test Fixture A niche area of engineering, we are able to test methods of pneumatic leak testing, air decay leak measurement, vacuum decay, helium leak testing or visual leak testing using state of the arc equipment.
  12. 12. Circuit Board Testing Automated Equipment built to test the function ability of circuit boards. Circuit Board Testing & Badge Placement Test Fixture
  13. 13. Circuit Board Tester Cont… Device Under Test (DUT) final calibration and electrical test of the function of the Smart Cargo Lamp. Lincoln Navigator & Ford Explorer
  14. 14. End of Line Camera Tester  End of Line Camera Test Machine
  15. 15. Thank you