Real Gold IRA - Taking Tax Free Physical Posession of Gold and Silver


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Take Physical Possession of Gold Bullion, Gold Bars, Gold Rounds Gold Coins and Silver Bullion, Silver Bars, Silver Rounds and Silver Coins in a Tax Deferred IRA LLC.

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Real Gold IRA - Taking Tax Free Physical Posession of Gold and Silver

  1. 1. Real Gold IRA Launches New Website for Retirees and Investors Alternate retirement investment company and precious metals dealer introduces new website Orem, Utah: Real Gold IRA recently launched its new website for investors and retirees interested in converting their traditional retirement accounts into physical gold and silver assets. Founded by professionals in the financial market, Real Gold IRA began offering clients its services as a full gold and silver bullion dealer in Feb 2014. Despite the legitimacy of IRA-LLC investing, many people have not heard of converting their IRA into gold and silver assets, so the need for a quality website presented itself right away. “Sometimes people are afraid to ask call and ask questions.” Owner and accounts manager Marc Kallas says. “We wanted to create the website as a place where people could read and learn about who we are and what we do, and then they can call us and we can discuss the specifics of their situation.” Real Gold IRA’s new website, designed by SEO, LLC, features IRA investment and contact information, answers to commonly asked IRA questions and ISO and IRS certified and approved gold and silver bullion products. Customers also have the option of requesting a free IRA-LLC gold and silver investing kit via the website. Real Gold IRA also boasts free shipping and free consultation calling. “When a customer calls, we talk to them first to get a feel for what they need.” Kallas says. “A lot of people have many IRAs. We can rollover and convert these IRAs into one and give them checkbook control over it.” This form of self-directed IRA has many benefits because it gives the customers personal control over their retirement funds. Real Gold IRA’s full gold and silver bullion assets are available as gold and silver American Eagles or Rounds, Canadian Maples, Bars and other government-issued coins. The advantage that Real Gold IRA offers its clientele is its ability to purchase high quality precious metals in large quantities. This unique investing niche provides the company with the opportunity to offer its full gold and silver bullion products to retirees and investors also in large quantities. IRAs comprised of gold and silver assets have many advantages for investors and retirees, including bypassing the inflation rate and adding variety and security to a client’s investments. Another advantage that Real Gold IRA offers to its customers is the ease of conversion. “We facilitate the rollover.” says Kallas. “The customer does not need to worry about contacting their custodian.” About Real Gold IRA: Real Gold IRA is a full-service gold and silver bullion dealer, which also offers its customers the opportunity to convert their IRA savings into gold and silver products, such as American Eagles, Bars, and other government-issued coins. The company staff offers its customers years of financial market and retirement investment advice and expertise. For more information, please contact: Marc Kallas (801) 859-2580 ###