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Avery Photography Launches New Website
Milwaukee photographer introduces brand-new website for customers
Milwaukee, Wis.: ...
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Milwaukee Photographer Launches New Portfolio Website


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Natural Photographer in Milwaukee

Published in: Services
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Milwaukee Photographer Launches New Portfolio Website

  1. 1. Avery Photography Launches New Website Milwaukee photographer introduces brand-new website for customers Milwaukee, Wis.: Avery Photography recently launched its new website for customers and clients interested in natural and fine art photography. Avery Photography is owned and operated by Mark Avery, who received a degree in Photography from the University of Wis. Madison and Milwaukee Area Technical College and has been an independent, professional, commercial photographer for almost 40 years. “I’d like to establish a fine art photography business in which photographs, greeting cards, image licensing, and other products I haven’t yet imagined could be marketed.” says Avery. “I think it’s possible to find the right market for my nature photography as well.” Avery Photography’s new website can help to create these markets. Avery Photography’s beautiful new website, designed by SEO, LLC, features slide shows of several of Avery’s B&W and color portfolios, galleries of gorgeous framed, canvas, acrylic, and metal prints and contact information. The galleries include stunning images from the American Southwest, the Lake Michigan area, wilderness canoe trips and more. “There have been a few commissions in my career.” adds Avery. “I was paid to create whatever kind of images I felt would capture the spirit of the assignment. That’s really nice work.” His inspiring Chakra gallery, which includes images that display his personal interpretations of the body’s spiritual energy centers from Buddhist and Hindu thought, is a perfect example of this type of work. For the past 20 years, Avery has frequently worked for the non-profit sector. He has completed projects for the National Easter Seals and also for Goodwill Industries of Southeast Wis. and Metro Chicago. “The non-profit sector is where I’ve most frequently found success in my career and the type of work that I love to do. But, since I’m remaking myself, I’d hate to eliminate the chance to work in other situations in which my photographs might help committed people do exciting work that helps others.” says Avery. “I’m less interested in the promotion of Mark Avery and more interested in the success of the projects of my clients.” About Avery Photography: Avery Photography is owned and operated by Mark Avery. Avery started photographing while he was a radio operator for the USCG on an isolated island in the Straits of Formosa near the northern Philippine chain. His interest in documenting the travel adventures of his post-college years was the motivating force in his pursuit of photography. His style includes an economy and simplicity of line, form and color. After doing a large amount of work for the private sector, Avery is now beginning to establish himself as a fine art and natural photographer as well. He plans on continuing a photographic documentation of Canoe Country and the American Southwest and producing a book of B&W fine art photography. For more information, please contact: Mark Avery (414) 378-0901 ###