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Captain Jeff's Premium Spices. Potato Salad Spice Mix and Dill Dip Spice Blend.

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Captain Jeff's Premium Spices

  1. 1. Captain Jeff’s Premium Spices Launches New Website Fast-growing Quality Spice Company Introduces Brand-new Website for Customers Oconomowoc, WI: Captain Jeff‟s Premium Spices recently launched its new website specializing in two 100% Organic, Gluten-Free and Preservative-Free spice blends. In an environment where food additives and chemical flavor enhancers such as MSG are becoming more and more common in spice blends and seasonings, owner Jeff Meyer‟s passion is to create spice blends that are healthy and delicious. “So many spice blends contain harmful and unhealthy chemicals that are not from the earth” He says. “I want to provide healthier spice seasonings to the consumer.” To help achieve Jeff‟s goal, the company launched its colorful and easy-to-navigate website designed by SEO LLC for its customers. The website features purchasing information, recipes, upcoming store locations and reviews from enthusiastic customers that have already experienced his blends at farmers markets and food festivals. Owner Jeff Meyer first created his potato salad spice blend in his family‟s restaurant after discovering that the potato salad ordered from the large food distributors wasn‟t going over very well on their salad bar. “Within a couple of months after I introduced my potato salad on the salad bar, we ended up going through over 100 lbs. of my specially-created potato salad during our Friday night Fish Fry‟s and our Sunday Brunch.” He says. “Our customers literally went nuts over my potato salad. People actually sat down with a plate of nothing else but my potato salad and plowed through it.” Years later, after the family sold the restaurant and while he was working as a Pilot for NetJets, Jeff had an „a-ha‟ moment and realized that he could put this spice blend in a packet. “Nobody to date has come to market with a potato salad spice blend.” He said. That‟s where this company idea was born. “Now people have a go-to pantry product that makes something delicious.” Jeff has continued to build on his unique marketing niche, which led to the recent launch of his new company‟s website. Currently, Captain Jeff‟s Premium Spices has several grocery store locations pending and eagerly waiting to carry his quality spice blends. His company plans a retail rollout in early August. He also has a passion for gaining entry into the Whole Foods Market stores. Jeff says, “I shop Whole Foods exclusively and these two spice blends fit perfectly into their market niche.” Making his spices available to families is very important to Jeff. “I want to be about tailgates, picnics and family parties.” He says. “Many mothers have shared with me that the only way they can get their kids to eat vegetables is if they serve them with my Dill Dip. How awesome is that!” About Captain Jeff’s Premium Spices: Captain Jeff‟s Premium Spices is a spice company that currently creates two quality spice blends which are 100% Organic and Gluten-Free with no preservatives or additives. With a partnership, the new company was founded in May of 2014 and has recently completed the build out of a brand new commercial kitchen facility in Oconomowoc, WI. The company currently features two unique spice blends for potato salad and dill dip, but is working on even more healthy, delicious blends. “We want to expand to have products for every occasion and every palate.” Jeff says. For more information, please contact: Jeff Meyer Captain Jeff’s Premium Spices, LLC (262) 391-4954 Email: ###