TNMG Standard Proposal 2012


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It's what we do. Serving the sports, entertainment, media and retail industries. We focus on representing the brand properties, helping to guide towards full monetization.

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TNMG Standard Proposal 2012

  2. 2. OUTLINEOverview of True North Management Group (TNMG) • What We Do • How We Do It • Who We’ve Done It ForHow TNMG would propose creating vital, new streamsof revenue for YOUR COMPANY • Developing the Brand • Planning process and steps • Partnership procurement strategy • Timetable • Estimate of time and resources
  3. 3. ACHIEVING TRUE NORTHAssume for a moment that reaching the North Pole is the goal foran organization. The journey to reach the destination alone willdetermine if the goal is reached and the trip successful. Thechallenge becomes one of determining the precise path andcourse adjustments that will maximize the journey and achievethe goal.One degree off along the way means the destination will not bereached, efforts will have been wasted, and full potential goesunrealized. THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF TRUE NORTH MANAGEMENT GROUP
  4. 4. ACHIEVING TRUE NORTHTNMG works with BRAND organizations to guide them onto acourse that will develop and fully monetize their potential. Thekey steps in the journey:• Identify and stratify key Brand Assets, create new assets relative to the mission of the Brand, then assess the full potential of the Brand to be monetized.• Define the core attributes of the Brand and its true Purpose.• Align core Brand attributes directly with prospective Partners who will complement and extend the Brand.• Identify, prioritize, and develop a strategy for approaching high- opportunity partnerships (sponsors, alliance partners, etc.).• Procure solid partnerships that that will enhance the experience of the Brand’s customers.• Amass, engage and monetize the “fanatic” following of the Brand.
  5. 5. LEADERSHIP BRIAN BAKER (Founder, Managing Partner, TNMG) Over 22 years of sponsorship sales and strategic partnership development experience in the sports, entertainment, media and retail industries. Proven “Moneymaker” with a golden rolodex. Has personally sold over $100 million in sponsorships while managing andactivating $900+ million in marketing partnerships with most of the top 100 Fortunecompanies. Specializes in identifying and matching a property’s core assets with asponsor’s true marketing needs, and excels at developing, aligning and monetizingmarketing assets to fully realize revenue potential.CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:Atlanta Sports Council’s Peach Bowl - headed all sponsorship marketing and sales.1996 Atlanta Olympic Games - generated $30 million in Olympic sports equipmentsponsorship programs.United States Olympic Committee (USOC) - joined in 1997, created the first nationalSponsor Account Management Division, responsible for managing and activating allU.S. marketing activity for the top national and international Olympic sponsors.Simon Property Group - in 2004, accepted the challenge to develop a brand newmonetization model for the largest retail property management firm in the world,which successfully grossed over $50 million within 36 months through strategicpartnership alliances.Launched True North Management Group - 2007
  6. 6. LEADERSHIP GERRY BREWER (Board Advisor to TNMG; CEO of Voltage Factory, Inc.) Twenty-eight year senior technology marketing services executive, with extensive depth and breadth of experience - from start-ups to Fortune 50.CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:CEO, Voltage Factory, Inc. - in 2000, partnered with Equity Investor David Hosokawa(former CEO of the parent company of to conceive and launch thisadvanced technology marketing services firm. Secured Audi of America, NetBank,Dartfish and AGCO Corp. as anchor clients within the first 2 years.Owner, Managing Partner, WestWayne, Inc. (now 22 Squared) - heavily recruited to starta Technology Marketing Services division for the 5th largest independent marketingservices firm in the U.S. Developed and launched breakthrough automated marketingprograms for BellSouth, Unilever and University of Phoenix.Sr. Vice President, Head-Of-Office, Ogilvy & Mather Direct - ran the 3rd largest globaloffice (Chicago) for WPP’s largest marketing services provider in the network. VariousFortune 50 client partners such as Kraft Foods, Helen Curtis, NutraSweet, AmericanExpress and Sears. David Ogilvy Award recipient for pioneering first-ever data-driven,integrated marketing campaign for key client of the agency.
  7. 7. HISTORY True North Management Group (TNMG) was formed by Brian Baker (former senior USOC executive) in December, 2007 to fill an obvious and growing void in the burgeoning “sponsorship marketing services” sector—to deliver top tier consultation and sponsor alignment services directly to PROPERTIES in sports, entertainment and media, and realestate and property management. The need was obvious assponsorship agencies cared only about the big-spending sponsors, andderived their livelihood by figuring out where and how to spend thatmoney.There were too few firms in a position to meet the unique andchanging needs of the properties themselves:• CONFLICTS: Sponsorship Agencies greatly limited in their ability to assist the growing base of properties due to numerous conflicts with their existing Sponsor clients.• SALES vs. MARKETING: Sponsorship is generally approached as a sales challenge, with little familiarity and practical experience in the CLIENT marketing expertise needed to develop and deliver programs that PROPERTY work to achieve marketing objectives.• VENUES: As marketers sought to intercept consumers in new and different venues (outside of the sports arena) the sponsorship model derived from sports was just not applicable.• NEW MODEL: Instead of physical buildings and naming rights, Brand properties could and should be viewed from a fresh and new vantage point—Brand as a media network of affinity “customers”…the REAL goldmine for sponsor marketers.• ACCOUNTABILITY: As budgets reallocated to consumer “interception” marketing, marketers demanded greater accountability and measurability for their investments—a foreign concept in traditional sponsorship.
  8. 8. NETWORK ORGANIZATION So what and who is the “Management Group” part of TNMG? The idea is simple and frankly, not for everyone. The traditional model (attempting to house every capability under one roof) sounds like a great idea, but it’s a costly proposition. In short, the model is not ideal for middle tier properties because of the burden of high overhead. Instead, TNMG offers a unique alternative:1. Unbundle many of the needless services of the traditional sponsorship agency, thereby eliminating waste.2. Leverage the vast network of contacts, business associates, former clients, etc. that have been amassed over the span of a 20 + year career.3. Assemble members from this network on an “as needed” basis, as dictated by the unique needs of each client.4. Design a nimble services delivery model whereby the client gets ONLY what they really need, and only pay for the talent working on their business.5. Incorporate the technology expertise that is vital to any enterprise in today’s environment.6. Do all of that with an eye towards providing the highest level of professional, experienced services at a the lowest cost possible for the client. TNMG seeks only to partner with a handful of select Brand property clients and is not, and never will try to be, all things to all people.
  9. 9. TNMG CLIENT PROJECTS (partial)
  10. 10. FOUR VITAL STEPS OF PLAN DEVELOPMENT:Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 ASSET AUDIT and MAPPING • Catalog of ALL assets • Development of NEW assets • Preliminary Pricing / Packaging Strategies STRATEGIC BRAND BLUEPRINT • Core Brand Attribute Pillars VALUE- IN-KIND PARTNERS • Budget-relieving strategic partners PARTNERSHIP LANDSCAPE • “Best Partners” target and contact strategy
  11. 11. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP PROCUREMENT:Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 PARTNERSHIP PROCUREMENT • Leverage vast industry experience, and cross-industry marketing network accumulated over years, to implement a “result-oriented” procurement program, matching YOUR BRAND ASSETS & ATTRIBUTES with matching Partner attributes, offerings, services and needs.
  12. 12. PARTNERSHIP PRINCIPLES• We will be open, amenable and flexible to an arrangement that works to meet the mutual needs of both partners.• We seek to align with Partners who have high standards, are fair, trustworthy and believe in conducting business with the highest integrity, and we wholeheartedly commit to being such a Partner.• Objective, honest, truthful and effective lines of communication are the key to successful partnerships, and we commit to any and every method possible to maintain an honest exchange of ideas, observations and information.• Time and expertise = MONEY. We seek to align with Partners who appreciate the value of expertise and the time required to achieve objectives. To be clear, we do not work “on spec” or for “free” simply because we would never make such a request from any of the Partner Clients with whom we work.
  13. 13. “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” - Sun TzuEvery now and then an opportunity arises that is theintersection of preparation, determination, passion andpurpose. We believe this is such an opportunity, and want toextend our gratitude for including us, our unwaveringcommitment to succeed, and our willingness to beaccommodating to the greater needs of the project and theteam. Thank you!True North Management Group TeamBRIAN BAKER: 404-641-1932BIO: truenorthmgtgroup.comGERRY BREWER: 770-356-4204BIO: