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LII Brochure

  1. 1. A FORWARD THINKING MANUFACTURER WITH AN EXPERTISE IN GEAR CUTTING & PRECISION MACHINING. CNC Turning CNC Milling Gear Cutting CNC OD Grinding ABOUT US Loudon Industries, Inc. is a family owned business of the Hill family. The founders have over 40 years of gear manufacturing and precision machining assembly, and distribution. Expertise gained from apprenticeships served with a truck engine manufacturer, an aircraft manufacturer, and a production grinding equipment manufacturer, contribute to the extensive manufacturing background. With a 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in south central Pennsylvania where Loudon Industries enjoys the best of all worlds. While we are located in a rural farmland community where the work ethic of our people adds to our capability and value, we are also close to major interstate arteries and commerce I-70, I-76, and I-81. We are located just off Route 16, between Interstate 81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in the borough of Mercersburg. The facility is easily accessible by our customers, suppliers, and employees. Our entire facility is temperature controlled and our shipping and receiving area accommodates both dock and tailgate loading and unloading. Adjacent to the current facility is an additional 9 acres of land owned by the company available for future potential growth. We always welcome our customers to visit our facility and meet our people. ISO 9001 Certified 140 Landis Drive Mercersburg, PA 17236 Ph: 717.328.9808 Fx: 717.328.5010 e-mail: Ph: 717.328.9808 Fx: 717.328.5010 e-mail:
  2. 2. GEAR CUTTING CAPABILITIES  CLUSTER GEARS  COURSE PITCH  FINE PITCH  INTERNAL & EXTERNAL  HELICAL (INTERNAL & EXTERNAL)  METRIC  MULTI-START  PINION  SPUR Quality at work for you SUPPLYING QUALITY COMPONETS TO THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES  Heavy Construction Equipment  Power Tools  Material Handling  Oil & Gas Industry  Refrigeration  Forestry & Agricultural  Automotive  Mining  Power Transmission  Sports Equipment precision machining for your business needs CNC MULTI-TASKING CENTERS Our 3 INTEGREX i-Series Multi-Tasking centers bring together extreme versatility, speed, accuracy and ease of operation for manufacturing of small, medium and large, complex components. These machines combine the capabilities of a high-powered turning center and full- function machining center to produce parts in single setups. Equipped with Gantry style robots, these machines are designed with production in mind resulting in a lower price point to our customers. GEAR CUTTING We take great pride in our ability to produce precision manufactured gears. With our 9 gear hobs and 8 gear shapers, gear cutting is our primary focus. Loudon’s Mitsubishi GD20 CNC hob and Mitsubishi ST40 CNC shaper give us a competitive edge. These 2 machines give us the ability to hob standard external and helical teeth, and shape both internal and external spur and helical teeth. MILLING Loudon has the capability to mill on 5 different axis, making virtually any milling job possible. 3 out of the 4 CNC machining centers have multiple pallets which helps us increase efficiency as well as run jobs where different fixtures are required to obtain the desired profiles. TURNING With over 10 lathes, Loudon Industries is adequately set up to handle various turning work. Whether it’s ¼” O.D. or 24” O.D., 1” long or 72” long, Loudon has the capacity to get your job done on-time and accurately. GRINDING We pride ourselves in being able to produce parts that require close tolerances. O.D. grinding is just one way we achieve precision. Loudon’s grinding department has the capacity to do Cylindrical O.D. Grinding, Face Grinding, Shoulder Grinding, and Angle/ Taper Grinding. QUALITY CONTROL The Zeiss Prismo Coordinate Measuring Machine allows Loudon to check accuracy of production. This CMM has multi point scanning as well gear package software to precisely check gear data. Our ability to print those readings is beneficial to both the customer and to Loudon to ensure quality production that meets ISO 9001 standards. ENGINEERING & DESIGN Have a concept that you want to take to production? Looking for ways to cut cost? Loudon has a team of engineers with over 40 years of gear cutting and machining experience. We are ready to help with anything from bringing design concepts to life to cutting cost from parts currently being produced. ASSEMBLY & SUB-ASSEMBLY Looking to reduce cost? Let us assemble your assemblies and sub- assemblies for you, resulting in simplified purchasing, reduction of inventory values, and reduction in stocking time of individual parts. Other Services ISO 9001 Certified