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Brian Anthony • Statistical Market Worth/ Achievement / Performance • Project Overview

This is a statistical account of Brian Anthony's Branding and how expansively it has reached the global market place in the music industry. Brian Anthony has implemented specific marketing plans to satisfy his entrepreneurial "indie" business ventures releasing music over the last 7 years and concentrated on a focused effort within the last 4-5 years creating SOGNI RECORDS (mobile record label), 7 Entertainment (Mobile Production Company) and BoyWonder Production (Mobile and Network Broadcast Reality Production arm and broadcasting Network).

This Deck is a useful tool for sponsors and labels alike to illustrate just how Brian's project has performed on a global scale and had touched every single last market in the world via 20th Century Fox major motion picture placements -- successfully garned by himself, for 4 previous movies -- and on the verge of placing his 5th for the studio -- not to mention his involvement with Vh1's BASKETBALL WIVES.

In the music market places of POP and DANCE you see how Brian has created his bonafide "celebrity" and has reached the masses in DANCE and become quite a staple on the Billboard and Music Week Magazine charts -- winning over the tastemakers that "set the bar" for the High Brow and most sought after remixers and genres or sects in the Dance World.

We can also see how Brian has simultaneously and internationally begun to build a bridge from what was once a niche market of dance (now gone mainstream) to the MAINSTREAM POP MUSIC MARKET where the MAJOR LABELS LIVE -- competing with their products and campaigns by using viral marketing tactics coupled with MOBILE, and traditional means of music promotion to clubs and radio and traditional publicity

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Brian Anthony • Statistical Market Worth/ Achievement / Performance • Project Overview

  1. 1. BRIAN ANTHONY Brian Anthony’s journey began humbly at the age of 13 as he worked hard at a local yogurt shop to save up for his first studio recording. A decade and a half, 5 chart-topping releases, and 4 Major Motion Picture placements later and his work ethic, heart and determination for creating new music and conquering the unknown in an ever-changing music industry keeps him striving for more. Brian’s releases have out-performed and out-charted the likes of some of the most prominent Pop and Dance artists in the World ranging from Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera, and most notably the one and only, Madonna. Now this alone sounds extremely impressive, but when you consider the manor and scale by which Brian achieved his success, it becomes even more impressive. Brian is a man of many hats and a true pioneer and champion for DIY. His complete embrace of technology allows him to use it to his full advantage by entering every market and network possible to spread his music and passion, and continue to use his talents to inspire. With a laundry list of bench mark chart successes, a now global “fire brand,” being a technological pioneer in his own right and with his philanthropic efforts to give of his time and talent for important causes, Brian Anthony has proven to be unstoppable – and one of the entertainment industrys most bankable up-and-comers. INTRODUCTION 2
  2. 2. BRIAN ANTHONY DJ COMMENTS     “Will  feature  in    INHOUSEWETRUST  Radio  Show.”     -­‐ Damian  J  Carter   “Ok  lets  be  serious,  this  track  is  brilliant,  full  of   energy  and  just  a  track  to  rock  the  floor  with.”     -­‐ Cassius  Pickering   “On  form  with  both  the  DJ  Dan  mix  and  the   Timothy  mix.  Will  be  spinnin’  them  both  loud  and   proud!!!  Quality  stuff.”     -­‐ Clint  Maximus  •  The  Edge  Worldwide   “What  an  absolutely  SUPERB  set  of  mixes.”     -­‐   Mark  Picchio8   IN MY DREAMS • POWER TASTEMAKER RATINGS 3
  3. 3. BRIAN ANTHONY DJ COMMENTS     “This  is  awesome.    Will  be  hammering  it.”     -­‐ Cliff  Bush  •  SAINT  FM   “Sounding  good  with  an  awesome  set  of  vocals.   Some  good  mixes  too  –  would  be  good  to  have  a   radio  edit.”     -­‐ Charles  Taylor  •  KCC  Liverpool   “This  mix  is  rocking  and  a  true  dance  floor   anthem  that  is  going  to  be  BIG,  guaranteed.”     -­‐ MaA  Rose  •  Ambersound  FM   “So  UpliWing.”     -­‐ Raymond  Burrows  DJ  X-­‐RAY  UK  •  Invincible  Radio   IN MY DREAMS • POWER PLUGGING RATINGS 4
  4. 4. BRIAN ANTHONY DJ COMMENTS     “This  is  a  dance-­‐floor  stormer.”     -­‐ Dave  Butcher  •  92.1  FM  Waves   “Will  be  playing  this  on  my  radio  shows.  Excellent   single.”     -­‐ Cliff  Bush  -­‐  DJ  Confusion     “Very  Hot  Remix.”     -­‐ Andy  Smith  •  Time  FM   “Really  nice  track  here  and  nice  selecon  of   mixes.    Will  play  this  on  the  radio  and  out.   Support!”     -­‐ David  Cronin  •  Floorfillers  RTE  Radio  Ireland   “Don’t  mess  around,  head  straight  for  the   Loverush  UK!  Remix  and  you  will  not  be   disappointed.  For  a  full-­‐blooded  eight-­‐beat   houser  that  is  laced  with  subtlety  and  the   delectable  tones  of  Sophia  May  to  liW  it  even   higher.  The  vocals  really  do  make  this  set  that  bit   be`er.”     -­‐ DJ  Nelly  B  •  RMFM  87.8   IN MY DREAMS (DUB MIXES) • POWER PLUGGING RATINGS 5
  5. 5. BRIAN ANTHONY DJ COMMENTS     “Certainly  gets  the  a`enon  of  the  crowd  with   that  gripping  vocal  and  the  producon  is  right  up   there.”     -­‐ Che  Percival  •  Mambo,  White  Horse  /  Rave  Cave   “Another  great  track  of  the  moment  great  vocals   with  a  really  nice  bass  line  got  a  massive  respect   from  this  track  at  the  weekend  going  down  really   well.    It’s  got  to  be  one  for  my  box  of  treats  most   def  will  be  geeng  hammered  on  the  radio  too.”     -­‐ DJ  Stevie  Pearson   “Good  return  from  Brian  Anthony  which  hooks   you  in  with  ease  and  is  gaining  ground.”     -­‐ DJ  AJ   “ANOTHER  FULL  ON  FLOOR  SUCCESS  FOR  BRIAN   ANTHONY.”     -­‐ Bob    Felton   “I’ve  been  supporng  this  tune  heavily  over  the   last  couple  of  weeks,  the  mix  package  is  so   strong,  hard  to  pick  a  favorite  –  I  just  play  the   lot!”     -­‐ Paul  PH  Factor  Hughes  •  Energy  FM   IN MY DREAMS (FULL) • POWER RATINGS 6
  6. 6. BRIAN ANTHONY DJ COMMENTS     “I  have  been  hammering  this  track  out  and   geeng  great  response  from  it,  great  track  all   around  very  cool  bass  line  with  upliWing  sounds.”     -­‐ DJ  Stevie  Pearson  •  YOUR  RADIO  103  &  106.9FM   CLUB   “This  is  going  down  well  in  my  house  sets.  Nice   strong  sweet  sweet  catchy  as  hell  vocals.    A   crowd  pleaser  indeed.”     -­‐ DJ  Crispian   “Driving  Electro  track  that  offers  a  lot.    Definitely   for  the  build  up  to  the  peak  to  get  the  floor   moving.”     -­‐ Paul  Jones  •  Soul  Survivors   “Great  track  from  start  to  finish,  nice  buildup  and   breakdown,  goes  down  well  at  my  venues,  will  do   well  when  released.”     -­‐ Craig  Bailey   “Probably  my  favorite  Brian  Anthony  mix  to  date,   2  great  mixes  from  Johnny  Vicious  and  DJ  Dan.”     -­‐ John  Hutchinson  •  Vodka  Revoluon,  Po  Na  Na,  Opal   Lounge,  Shanghai   IN MY DREAMS (FULL) • POWER RATINGS 2 7
  7. 7. BRIAN ANTHONY 2007-2008 • "WhatsitgonnaB? (Im So Ready)" 2009-2010 • "Electricity" (feat. YA BOY) #38 in the Music Week Mainstream Year end (2008) Chart Of The #1 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Year! surpassing MADONNA, Three 6 Mafia #22 U.S. Billboard HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART feat. TIESTO and Kelis for HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART. 2008-2009 • "Worked Up!” #10* Hot AC40 Chart/NMW #7* Hot AC40 Indie Chart/NMW! U.S. Chart peak position #33 – TOP 40 – HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY #4* Top30 Chart/IMN! CHART in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE. #16* Top 100 Chart/NMW! #7* Top40 Indie Chart/NMW! #1 and #6 for Mike Rizzo’s Funk Generation remixes on DJ #31* Top40 Main Chart/NMW! MASSPOOL CHARTS in United States – surpassing BRITNEY, CIARA, #110* – Top 200 Chart/FMQB/ACQB! and MISSY ELLIOT. #7 U.S. BILLBOARD HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART #23 & #24 MASSPOOL • TOP 50 Downloads (topping of Britney Spears & David Guetta 2010-2011 • "In My Dreams" (feat. MISS SOPHIA MAY) Not Yet Released in USA UNITED STATES CHART RANKINGS 8
  8. 8. BRIAN ANTHONY 2005-2006 • "COME AND GET IT" 2009-2010 • "Electricity" (feat. YA BOY) #13 Spain Singles Sales #1 UK Music Week Magazine CHARTBREAKER Position. UK Chart Peak positions for Music Week Magazine: Upfront Club Play Chart at #6. 2007-2008 • "WhatsitgonnaB? (Im So Ready)" Cross Over to POP CHART at #7. #38 in the Music Week Mainstream Year end (2008) Chart Of The Year! UK – Music Week Club Chart – No.7 2010-2011 • "In My Dreams" (feat. MISS SOPHIA UK – Music Week Pop Chart – No.8 MAY) UK – DMC Club Chart – No.6 #2 DMC World Chart UK – DMC Mainstream Chart – No.7 #2 DMC World House Chart UK – M8 Magazine Club Chart – No.15 #2 DMC World Commercial Chart #2 DMC UK Chart 2008-2009 • "Worked Up!” #3 DMC UK Club Chart UK UPFRONT CLUB CHART IN MUSIC WEEK #5 DMC UK Mainstream Chart #12 in the End of Year Club Chart for DMC’s DJ Pages Chart. PEAKED at #2 on the UPFRONT CLUB CHART for MUSIC WEEK MAGAZINE Sitting in the coveted TOP 5 next to KYLIE MINOGUEs #1 for "BETTER THAN TODAY” #22 in the MW Club Chart of The Year #8 in CLUBS – ORIGINAL Crossed over from DANCE to COMMERCIAL POP in RE- ENTERED THE CLUB CHART AT #27 and currently #13 UK  ENTERING in at TOP 25 at #24 for #7 UK COMMERCIAL POP CHART IN MUSIC WEEK MUSIC WEEK MAGAZINE’S COMMERCIAL POP DMC UPDATE CHARTS • Peak positions (TOP 10 Entry at #9) CHART DMC UPDATE – TOP 10 • #6 on WORLD CHART DMC UPDATE – TOP 10 • #6 on WORLD HOUSE CHART DMC UPDATE – TOP 10 • #5 on WORLD COMMERCIAL CHART DMC UPDATE – TOP 10 • #5 on WORLD MONTHLY CHART DMC UPDATE – TOP 10 • #6 on UK CHART UK & WORLD CHART RANKINGS 9
  11. 11. BRIAN ANTHONY 2006  •  "COME  AND  GET  IT"     Garfield  2:  A  Tail  of  Two  Kiees   European  Theatrical  Placement  and  Worldwide  DVD  Inclusion   2007  •  "WhatsitgonnaB?  (Im  So  Ready)”   Worldwide  Feature  in  Fantasc  Four  2:  Rise  of  the  Silver  Surfer   DVD  Only   2009  •  "Worked  Up!”   DRAGONBALL:  EVOLUTION   Brian  Anthony  Music  Video  Inclusion  as  Bonus  Feature   Worldwide  Theatrical  Placement   2009  •  "Electricity"  (feat.  YA  BOY)   ALIENS  IN  THE  ATTIC     Worldwide  Theatrical  Placement  for  ALIENS  IN  THE  ATTIC   Worldwide  Placement  as  DVD  Bonus  Feature   2010  •  "Electricity”  (feat  YA  BOY)   VH1  -­‐  Basketball  Wives  Episode  108  -­‐  Finale DVD APPEARANCES & MEDIA PLACEMENTS 12
  12. 12. BRIAN ANTHONY MOTION  PICTURES  &  DVD  BONUS  FEATURES   Each  of  the  4  Major  Moon  Pictures  and  corresponding   worldwide  DVD  releases  sold  at  least  6  Million  copies  worldwide.     Total  DVD  Sales  for  the  4  Major  Moon  Pictures  exceeds  24   Million  DVDs,  all  of  which  Brian’s  songs  have  been  included  in  the   DVD’s  Bonus  Features.       Brian’s  music  has  been  featured  and  highlighted  in  a  truly   widespread  worldwide  market,  reaching  millions  upon  millions  in   countries  and  territories  across  the  world.     BASKETBALL  WIVES   "Electricity"  was  featured  in  the  Season  1  Finale  of  Basketball   Wives,  which  captured  the  a`enon  and  TVs  of  919,000  people   across  the  United  States.    All  of  which  were  exposed  to  Brian’s   music.   This  figure  doesn’t  include  viewers  DVR,  Tivo,  &  Channel  re-­‐runs   of  the  episode.     DVD APPEARANCES & MEDIA PLACEMENTS CONTINUED 13
  15. 15. BRIAN ANTHONY SPECIAL OLYMPIC SUMMER GAMES Brian performed his self-penned ballad “Champion” at the 2009 Special Olympic Summer Games in  Windsor,  Ontario,  Canada  during   the  tradional  torch  lighng  ceremony  at  7:30  p.m.  on  July  23,  2009.     Although  a  great  charity  in  itself,  Brian  was  faced  with  a  flight  cket   that  was  no  longer  valid.    With  the  opening  ceremonies  quickly   approaching  Brian  willingly  opened  up  his  heart  and  his  wallet  to   purchase  a  necessary  last-­‐minute  flight  to  open  up  the  games  and   perform  to  a  crowd  of  over  10,000  parcipants  and  a`endants.   Brian  donated  his  me,  $5,500,  and  4  days  of  full  preparaon  for  the   Special  Olympics.   Brian  is  a  strong  advocate  for  the  Special  Olympics.  He  originally   wrote  “Champion”  for  the  2005  Special  Olympics  Summer  Games   and  later  was  presented  with  the  opportunity  to  shoot  the  music   video  for  the  hearvelt  anthem  on  the  Great  Wall  of  China  and  at  the   entrance  to  the  Forbidden  City  during  the  2008  Summer  Olympics.   Brian’s  posive  themed  project  “In  My  Dreams”  is  the  pillar  of  his   belief  system  and  the  very  fabric  of  his  music  project  to  promote   inspiring  greatness  in  his  target  youth  and  college  demographics.  He   also  advocates  their  dreams  and  aspiraons  by  encouraging  them  to   always  "BELIEVE  IN  YOURSELF",  "NEVER  GIVE  UP"  and  "DO  THE   WORK"  that  will  catapult  them  to  achieving  their  dreams  for  their   own  life  and  career.  ANYTHING  is  POSSIBLE.   Brian  was  interviewed  by  AM800  and  received  an  Award  from  the   Special  Olympics  for  his  involvement  and  dedicaon.   CHARITY & COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT 16
  16. 16. BRIAN ANTHONY SPECIAL OLYMPICS SUMMER GAMES 10,000 People in Attendance at Performance $5,500 & 4 Days of Preparation Canada’s Population is 33,759,742 people. Brian’s Performance of 3 Songs at the WFCU Hockey Stadium was the most watched cable broadcast in Cogeco Cable and Roger’s Television history. Team Canada consists of 109 Special Olympic Athletes. Brian’s song “Champion” was written for the Special Olympic Athletes and is now the Anthem for the organization that represents them. CHARITY & COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT 17
  17. 17. BRIAN ANTHONY Brian is viewed and recognized by his peers and industry as  a  celebrity   expert  and  was  invited  and  served  on  the  WMC  25th  Anniversary  Panel   as  both  a  Guest  Celebrity  Presenter  and  an  Expert  Panelist  /  Parcipant   for  “Networking  For  Success.”   Brian  was  in  successful  company  and  appeared  with  David  Gue`a,   Pitbull,  Mya,  Kimberly  Locke,  Blake  Lewis,  Agnes,  Charice,  DeadMau5   and  Tommy  Lee  along  others.   As  menoned  previously,  Brian’s  tech-­‐savvy  networking  and   independent  promoonal  skills  are  a  direct  reflecon  of  his  drive  and   belief  that  anything  is  possible.   Brian  Presented  in  front  of  100,000+  A`endees  that  were  from  more   than  70  Countries.    More  than  51,000  a`endees  were  between  the   ages  of  22  –  30,  and  more  than  87,000  a`endees  were  between  the   ages  of  22  –  40. PANELS & SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS 18
  18. 18. BRIAN ANTHONY BRIAN’S MUSIC SATURATES BOTH THE POP AND DANCE MARKETS Each week more than 47, 600, 000 people (12+) listen to POP radio stations nationwide. Each week more than 29, 800, 000 people (12+) tune into DANCE radio stations nationwide. POP has a wide appeal and ranks No. 2 of all genres among adults 18-24 and 25-34. More than 66.6% of POP listeners are between 12-34 years old. There are over 694 POP radio stations, and over 317 DANCE radio stations in the U.S. Brians Music has been Written about, featured, or spotlighted in charts or press coverage for the following publications: MARKET SIGNIFICANCES AND OVERVIEW 19
  19. 19. BRIAN ANTHONY GENDER   HOUSEHOLD  INCOME   37.4%   37.4%   32.9%   >$25K   62.6%   Men   62.6%   $25K-­‐$50K   Women   $50K-­‐$75K   23.8%   >$75K   AUDIENCE  COMPOSITION  (AGE)   ETHNIC  COMPOSITION   65+   1.6%   55-­‐64   3.0%   9.1%   45-­‐54   10.0%   17.4%   Black   35-­‐44   17.0%   73.5%   Hispanic   25-­‐34   25.1%   Other   18-­‐24   23.1%   12-­‐17   19.8%   0.0%   5.0%   10.0%   15.0%   20.0%   25.0%   30.0%   POP MARKET REACH & LISTENERSHIP 20
  20. 20. BRIAN ANTHONY GENDER   HOUSEHOLD  INCOME   20.8%   26.0%   47.4%   52.6%   >$25K   Men   21.6%   $25K-­‐$50K   Women   31.7%   $50K-­‐$75K   >$75K   AUDIENCE  COMPOSITION  (AGE)   ETHNIC  COMPOSITION   65+   1.4%   55-­‐64   2.7%   45-­‐54   7.5%   34.1%   34.1%   Black   35-­‐44   14.1%   Hispanic   25-­‐34   24.7%   31.8%   Other   18-­‐24   28.8%   12-­‐17   20.8%   0.0%   5.0%   10.0%   15.0%   20.0%   25.0%   30.0%   35.0%   Having a fairly median income-earning fan base, Brian’s target market is more apt to make financially conscious decisions when shopping. DANCE MARKET REACH & LISTENERSHIP 21
  21. 21. BRIAN ANTHONYBrian’s music is dynamic and multi-faceted which opens the door for encouragedcrossover in multiple markets. Brian is a talent that can satiate and cater to theonce-crazed POP & Latino / Hispanic fans of now obsolete Ricky Martin.IN RICKY MARTIN’S CAREER, HE’S SOLD MORE THAN 60MILLION ALBUMS WORLDWIDE.Brian was one of the first members of Spanish/English singing group “L.A.B.”under management of Star Search co-creator Sam Riddle. The band laterdisbanded due to group chaos and label confusion, but Brian has since releasedmany Spanglish version songs including “Mas Que lo que Soy,” which can beheard on ReverbNation.Brian’s appeal to minority and Hispanic markets extends his reach, exposure andgravity through the U.S., the U.K., into Spain and beyond. GENRES  BY  ETHNIC  COMPOSITION   Other   73.5%   34.1%   Black   34.1%   9.1%   Hispanic   31.8%   17.4%   0.0%   10.0%   20.0%   30.0%   40.0%   50.0%   60.0%   70.0%   80.0%   Dance   Pop   APPEAL TO MINORITY & HISPANIC MARKETS 22
  22. 22. BRIAN ANTHONY Brian Anthony’s B-Strong Downloadable Clothing Line would be marketed and sold in all Walmart stores and would feature both a Jean line and T- Shirt line. Both the shirts and jeans would be accompanied by a large metal keychain that would host a download code that consumers and purchasers of the garment would be able to input into and get a FREE set of remixes that are EXCLUSIVE to the B-Strong clothing line at Walmart. Not only will consumers get great clothing at Walmart’s great low price, but they’ll get Brian’s EXCLUSIVE remixes and be inspired by his story & journey. When you put on Brian’s clothes, it’s a symbol for reaching for your dreams. Brian rightfully coined the phrase “In My Dreams” for his latest release and continues to promote what it stands for. He strongly believes in the notion that people should believe in themselves, put in the work necessary, and strive to achieve their dreams regardless of what people say is impossible. Like Walmart, Brian is also a huge supporter of the Special Olympics and, as mentioned previously, wrote and performed “Champion” with the athletes and their strive for excellence in mind. B-STRONG DOWNLOADABLE CLOTHING LINE 23
  23. 23. BRIAN ANTHONY • WATCH "BECOMING : BRIAN" right on your mobile! With every new episode there is a chance to win your DREAM VACATION or the new iPhone 4! TECH SPECS. • GET MESSAGES FROM BRIAN from any country at anytime in real-time. You may receive a notification youve won some schwag, sponsored apparel, or even a ticket to a show in EUROPE! • WATCH VIDEO FROM THE B-CAM while Brian passes the time with his dances posting the silliest videos, behind the scenes and backstage footage, and when he sends secret random messages to his FAN OF THE WEEK! Miss Bs Show - watch it on Facebook! • FIND BRIAN anywhere in the world with BAPPs GPS tracking system and pinpoint his globetrotting whereabouts within a 5 mile radius. If Brian is in one of his favorite places like STARBUCKS for his morning mister, snagging some killer styleage at the local Walmart, H&M, LEVIS, ROCK & REPUBLIC, DIESEL, ENERGY, or KITSON stores, or if hes grubbing down at the local McDonalds, SUBWAY sandwiches, or Cheesecake Factory - you guys will found out with a notification in your own personal INBOX! • GET BRIANS TOURING SCHEDULE. • BUY TICKETS TO ANY SHOW. Even find out how you can get there with directions from where you are and travel information along with great deals from our sponsored airline - AMERICAN AIRLINES! Earn travel awards! • VIEW BRIANS BLOG. • BUY SELECT BRIAN ANTHONY MERCH. • ENTER TO WIN the DREAM VACATION to EUROPE to check out BRIAN + be taped at his performance for his straight to mobile reality show, "Becoming : Brian." • TEXT BRIAN TO PLACE YOUR VOTE when Brian faces his typical dilemma of the day! Hes going to need all the help from his fans he can get out there on his FIRST PROMOTOUR! BRIAN ANTHONY MOBILE • BAPP 24
  24. 24. BRIAN ANTHONY WHAT SPONSORS WILL GET -­‐ Brand  Logos  will  be  cross  marketed  while  touring  and  promong  for  tour  (Radio   Staons,  In-­‐store    Performances).   -­‐ Digital  Markeng  of  Brand  Logos  in  intros  of  each  Episode  of  Brians  Reality  show   "Becoming  :  Brian”  with  impressions  being  divvied  out  globally  in  real-­‐me  through   mobile  distribuon  and  again  via  web  playback.   -­‐ Web  Playback  will  be  available  via  YouTube,  Vimeo,  Facebook  (via  Brian’s  Fan   Page),  as  well  as  Brian’s  website,     -­‐ APP  will  feature  GPS  Tracker  that  give  Brians  locaon  on  Earth  in  relaon  to  where  the   End-­‐App  User  is  located  within  a  5  mile  radius.     -­‐  Within  a  5  Mile  radius  of  the  locaon,  the  app  will  show  Sponsors   stores  and  the  locaons  and  brand  informaon  so  the  user  can  purchase  the  clothes  to   wear  that  night  to  Brians  shows.     -­‐  GPS  Locaon  to  stores  relave  to  the  user  and  Brian  will  drive  Fans   into  the  sponsor’s  stores.   82%  OF  AMERICANS  USE  MOBILE  APPLICATIONS.   BRIAN ANTHONY MOBILE • BAPP & WOOT! PHONE CONTINUED 25
  25. 25. BRIAN ANTHONY THE  PLAN   Bian  Liunian  •  2  Single  Releases  •  2  Music  Videos   One  American  Pop  Idol  becomes   Custom  Made  Chinese  Pop  Superstar  Julia  Wahrman  (Daughter  of  the  General  of  China),  Yuan  (Music  event  producing  partner),  and  the  most  famously  known  songwriter/product  in  all  of  Asia  -­‐  Bian  Liunian  (wrote  music  for  2008  Beijing  Olympics  closing  ceremonies  and  was  music  supervisor  for  enre  event)  have  devised  a  plan  to  bring  Brian  Anthony  into  the  Chinese/Asian  market  and  create  a  pop  music  superstar  ulizing  their  leverage  and  government  es.  they  want  to  custom  manufacture  Brian’s  image,  music,  and  likeness  just  for  the  Asian  market  -­‐  starng  in  Beijing.  The  plan  is  to  have  Brian  release  “Electricity”  and  it’s  remixes  along  with  having  Bian  Liunian  write/produce  an  “East  Meets  West”  pop  hit  -­‐  and  create  two  top  of  the  line  full  music  videos  to  accompany  their  release  to  radio.  Both  music  videos  and  both  songs  would  saturate  the  Asian  market  and  make  the  Asian  public  accustom  to  Brian’s  unique  western  look  and  sound.  These  songs  would  then  have  Brian  go  back  to  China  and  record  them  and  make  their  music  videos  only  by  the  best  Chinese  directors,  editors,  etc  in  the  Government  -­‐  and  chosen  by  the  Government.  They  then  would  try  and  use  Brian’s  material  as  free  promoon  (downloaded  by  black  market  and  illegally  off  the  internet)  as  promoon  to  make  Brian  “famous”  in  the  eyes  of  the  Chinese  public.    This  would  then  allow  Brian,  finally,  the  opportunity  to  perform  for  a  CCTV  (Government  Run  Network)  Televised  special  at  the  largest  naonal  celebraon  for  Chinese  New  Year  called  the  “Spring  Fesval”.    Brian  would  perform  those  songs  as  well  as  others  off  his  full  record  “Bionic.”  The  Spring  Fesval  has  a  capve  audience  of  1.3  Billion  Viewers.    All  the  while,  Brian  would  have  a  reality  crew  documenng  the  enre  experience  in  his  reality  show,  “Becoming:  Brian”  -­‐  in  a  sort  of  D.I.Y./Fish  out  of  water  story  -­‐  that  is  not  only  inspiraonal  and  targeted  to  movate  Brian’s  primary  audience  -­‐  his  targeted  youth  demographic  -­‐  to  overcome  the  obstacles  we  face  economically  and  socially  in  the  world  today.    It  comments  directly  about  the  new  world  of  today  and  the  new  music  industry  that  is  ever  changing.    Brian’s  story  directly  relates  to  the  audiences  of  today,  obsessed  with  celebrity  and  infatuated  with  shows  about  the  “underdog”  compeng  to  win  fame  and  fortune  in  shows  like  American  Idol,  and  America’s  Got  Talent.    Brian’s  story  is  “idenfiable”  to  everyone  -­‐  because  everyone  has  “A  DREAM!”   CHINA MUSIC PROJECT 26
  26. 26. BRIAN ANTHONY DRAGONBALL:  EVOLUTION  •  WORKED  UP!   With Brian’s involvement and release of “WORKED UP!” he was able to reach and penetrate the Asian market as part of a staple entertainment icon in the region. Dragonball is an extreme entertainment entity in the Asian markets which is very visible by looking at many of the different entertainment mediums it penetrated. Dragonball and Anime as a movie Genre and concept are rooted deep into the Asian culture. SATURATING ASIA 27
  27. 27. BRIAN ANTHONY Brian’s UK Promo Tour will begin by utilizing all channels and mediums of press to notify them of Brian’s plans (locations, dates, chain of events). Brian will also leverage his social networks to create engagement with his fan base and those familiar with him on the networks, calling them to action to come out to the shows and potentially be caught in the crossfire of his mobile reality show Becoming:Brian. Sponsors will be plugged and potential promotions will be available as well to create incentive and more exposure for sponsors. Brian will wear their clothing, shoes, and accessories and be seen eating at their restaurants. Extended impressions will be created as Brian’s Mobisodes splinter out to Hulu and third-party online video networks to deliver his content. Additional exposure will be created with plugs in Brian’s Televeision performance, on his Radio Videos, and through complete saturation of all entertainment channels while on his DREAMTOUR. Brian will participate in a full media assault: Mobile, Radio, Internet, and Television interviews and performances. The last portion of promotion will be through Tabloids and written press. UK DREAMTOUR 28
  29. 29. BRIAN ANTHONY Brian’s song “Come And Get It” was in the running along with 4 other Major recording artists: P Diddy, Black Eyed Peas, Pussy Cat Dolls, and Timberland for the placement position in the castle when the spaghetti was being made. “Come And Get It” beat out 3 of the artists and was in the final 2 for placement with Grammy Nominated, Award Winning Black Eyed Peas who eventually claimed the position. “Come And Get It” was ultimately featured in the movie credits and captured credits on the DVD packaging as well as a Special Feature of the music video – which is now in OVER 6 MILLION HOMES WORLDWIDE. PAWS CORPORATION and OWNER/CREATOR/ARTIST – Jim Davis himself have given full rights and permissions to Brian to use the likeness of Garfield, as well as any excerpts from the movie, or from any Garfield cartoons for any promotions. “Come And Get It” was released in many countries worldwide by many labels including Blanco Y Negro and Networks Entertainment. Brian was signed to many labels worldwide for the release of “Come And Get It” - most prominently in Germany, Spain, and Brazil. COME AND GET IT • GARFIELD 2 30
  33. 33. BRIAN ANTHONY“Brian is a very talented individual. Extremely creative. Very driven. Results oriented. His music skills and sense of commercial appeal are impeccable.” WAYNE T hired Brian as a Musicain/songwriter in 2009, and hired Brian more than once. “Brian Anthony is the best!” DEREK S.• Founder / President / Programmer, CD Baby and Hostbaby was with another company when working with Brian. “Brian has that rare combination of being both an amazingly talented artist as well as a business-savvy collaborator. Weve had great success with his work and I look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.” MIKE K. • Senior Vice President, Film Music, 20th Century Fox / Fox Music, Inc. managed Brian. “I HAVE ONE WORD XS THREE.....HOT HOT HOT!!!” DONNA W. • Owner, Wright Stuff Management worked directly with Brian. “Brian Anthony is a fantastic talent as well as being great to work with!” TRESSA W. • Designer and Owner, Fierce Couture was with another company when working with Brian.“I would highly recommend Brian as both a colleague and friend. Brian and I collaborated on the "Worked Up" video in which I was the editor. He is one of the most focused and passionate artists that I have ever worked with. He is a very creative and talented man with the determination to accomplish anything he attempts. I completely enjoyed working with him and wish him nothing but the best in his career.” DAN Z • CEO, Z1 productions reported to Brian. RECOMMENDATIONS 34
  34. 34. BRIAN ANTHONY Sogni Records • 7 Entertainment, LLC. Mangiaremusic/BMI Publishing 8581 Santa Monica Blvd. #448 Los Angeles, CA  90069 Sogni Records Offices Tel:  310-435-9052 Cell - Remote Contact Skype ID:  banthonymusic Email: Email 2: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: MySpace: YouTube: Vimeo: CONTACT & SOCIAL NETWORKS 35