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Social Media Workshop Kildare Creative Wendy Kavanagh Oct2013


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Social Media Workshop, using social media as a practical tool to generate publicity and awareness of your business. The straight forward steps to twitter and facebook.
Wendy Kavanagh, Oct2013

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Social Media Workshop Kildare Creative Wendy Kavanagh Oct2013

  1. 1. Kildare Artisan Network Social Media Workshop Using Facebook & Twitter to build awareness & publicity for the launch of Kildare creative
  2. 2. Your Twitter Profile Irishbizparty @irishbizparty (follows you) Helping Irish businesses prosper with #irishbizparty every wed night 9-11pm meet the people behind the businesses! Wexford · Link to your website
  3. 3. The Language of Twitter Your “Shop Window” Use the background to display your products “addiebeads ‫ ‏‬Addiebeads @ These are handmade beads and i used antiqued chain #bracelet fits all sizes. €25. beads are limited #irishbizparty”
  4. 4. The Language of Twitter Join the conversation! Ballyshonog NZ ‫ ‏‬BallyshonogFarm @ Hi #AgriChatWorld..just tuning in I'm Colin.. an Irish dairy farmer currently living the dream in Hawkes Bay milking 600 cows ..great chat! Avoid # tag overload
  5. 5. The Language of Twitter Conversation # tags (use the search box) #smecommunity #irishbizparty #kildarecreative #klck #ff
  6. 6. The Language of Twitter Use Location # tags #Naas #Kildare #Ireland
  7. 7. The Language of Twitter The multiplier effect of RT’s Colin Jephson @ardkeengrocer has 2,389 followers This tweet was retweeted 19 times Total possible reach 38,889
  8. 8. The Language of Twitter @ aka @ replies “Twitter Handle” Some people have multiple handles & others share handles e.g. Cliona tweets as: @PurityBelle & @Kildarecreative
  9. 9. The Language of Twitter Accounts to interact with Journalists (local & national) TV & Radio shows/presenters Influencers “If there is any endeavour whose seeds are bearing fruit, that endeavour is surely influencer marketing. Harnessing the power of word-of-mouth and the trust that consumers have in their peers, colleagues, thought leaders and local-celebrities can translate to immense marketing power.”
  10. 10. The Language of Twitter @ Connect conversations where you/your business have been mentioned The more you interact with and acknowledge mentions the more you/your business will be noticed!
  11. 11. The Language of Twitter Security and email alert settings
  12. 12. Facebook Pages for Business Pages are managed from your personal profile Your Shop Window
  13. 13. Facebook Pages for Business Edit your page on Admin Panel
  14. 14. Facebook Pages for Business Share news, events or offers on other pages Link your Facebook Page account to Twitter Don't forget to check “mentions” on Twitter & respond to same
  15. 15. Facebook Pages for Business Add Links to your Blog posts on your Page Write a blog post about Kildare Creative Launch & post it on Facebook and Twitter Remember to add a link to in your blog post.
  16. 16. Facebook Pages for Business Photos paint a thousand words! Comment or ask a question Respond to comments
  17. 17. Facebook Pages for Business Use the same avatar (profile picture)on your business accounts Facebook Twitter
  18. 18. Facebook Pages for Business Spread the word Invite your friends to like the new Kildare Creative Page
  19. 19. Facebook Pages for Business Start conversations about #kildarecreative Launch date Members Website Products Post pictures #kildarecreative
  20. 20. Facebook Pages for Business Best time to post? Morning 7.00 – 11.00 Afternoon 14.00 – 17.00 Evening 21.00- 23.00 “One (survey) told me Monday was the worst day as not as many users were online, the other (survey) told me Monday was the best day to post as posts on Mondays got the best interaction. I guess this contradiction proves that there is no right answer to this question.” Amanda Webb
  21. 21. Facebook Pages for Business The power of numbers Keep an eye in Kildare Creative Facebook & Twitter accounts every day. Interact, comment and most importantly SHARE SHARE SHARE