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Sales Workshop, "Selling as a Science"


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Slides from our Sales Workshop from June.
- Know who your customer is
- Where do they hang out
- What language to do they use

Sales is a living entity in your business,

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Sales Workshop, "Selling as a Science"

  1. 1. The Science of SellingJune 2013Brian Cullinane
  2. 2. What does Sales mean?SellingMarketingSales & MarketingBusiness DevelopmentAccount DevelopmentCustomer Acquisition
  3. 3. Awareness& LeadGenerationOpportunityManagementRelationshipManagementThree Key Elements
  4. 4. Are they aligned?OpportunityManagementRelationshipManagementLeadGenerationAre activities linkedto business goalsand financialtargets?Can performanceand effectivenessof activities bemeasured?Are activitiesundertakenappropriate foryour business?Are yourcustomerssegmented andengaged withaccordingly?
  5. 5. Objective: A Continuous ProcessOpportunity Management Relationship ManagementAwareness &Lead GenerationUp & CrossSellReferrals &IntroductionsProductDevelopmentNurtureEventsNetworkingCold callingMarketing CampaignsWebsite / Landing PagesSocial MediaSponsorshipAdvertisingThought LeadershipActivity PlansSales ProcessPipeline ManagementCRMSales PlansClient SegmentationRelationship ManagementClient Development Plans
  6. 6. Lead GenerationLeadGeneration• What are your ValueProposition(s)?• What problem(s) are you fixing?• Who is your Target market?• Do you understand theprospect’s industry or sector?• How do you create awarenessand generate leads?• What’s the best approach?• How can you measureeffectiveness of your activities?
  7. 7. Market AnalysisTarget Customer Type 1 Customer Type 2 Customer Type 3CompanyIndividualValueProposition(Messaging)Obstacles andIssuesApproach andRoutes toMarketResourcesRequiredCompetitors
  8. 8. Customers dontalways knowthey’ve a problem.
  9. 9. Opportunity ManagementOpportunityManagementLeadGeneration• How will you track and manageeach new opportunity created?• Have you a clear sales processwith defined stages, tasks andactions?• Do you understand thecustomer’s buying cycle?• Do you ask questions?• Do you actively listen?• Do you set clear objectives?• Can you identify why and whereblockages occur?
  10. 10. Sales Funnel (Process)Qualified ProspectContact Made / Engaged1st Meeting (Discovery)2nd Meeting (OutlineProposal)FormalProposalNegotiationLeadGenerationActivities
  11. 11. Sales Process StagesStage Name Definition Objective Actions To Be TakenQualified ProspectEngaged1st Meeting(Discovery)2nd Meeting(Outline Proposal)Formal ProposalNegotiationNew Client A new client Commence on-boarding process Pop the corks!
  12. 12. Pipeline Management Tools
  13. 13. Relationship ManagementOpportunityManagementRelationshipManagementLeadGeneration• Do you segment yourcustomers?• Which customer segmentshould you prioritise?• How do you identify andmanage Up & Cross-Sellopportunities?• How and when do youcommunicate with them?• What initiatives can youtake?
  14. 14. Relationship Management• Segmentation• Understand importance andvalue of customers• Systematic and plannedapproach to customerdevelopment• Identify new revenueopportunities• Feed into Value PropositionsLow Value Customers- Limited opportunity- Minimum engagementDevelopment Customers- Up & Cross Sell opportunities- Planned approach/strategyKey Customers- 80/20- High level of engagement- Retention key
  15. 15. Summary• Understand your Prospects“What’s the problem you’re fixing?”• Link activity to revenue & business goals“ Will these inputs give me the desired outputs?”• Follow a process – stage by stage“Move them on or move them out”• Stop Selling – ask more questions and listen“The Ah Ha Moment”• Love your customers
  16. 16. Brian