PARSONS AAS/
Parsons A.A.S. Fashion Studies captures
                         the eclectic nature of a leading New York
Fashion Studies/Student Work/2008

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Scott Amen
Where From New York; Previous Work Experience Fashion Stylist, Actor, Model,
Producer; Pre...
Carina Bidasio
           Where From Los Angeles; Previous College U.C. Davis, BA in Socio...
Amy Terrell
     Where From Atlanta, Georgia; Previous College BBA from University of Georgia
Chi Lo

     photography by James Mendolia
Nicole Hernandez    Jane Ji Eun Kim         Caroline Rossignol         Alice Park

Leg-wear intended to assist in prevent-
     ing pulmonary embolisms. Modeled at
     the Line Debut premiere at Parsons’ ...

          Fashion Studies/Student Work /2008/Special Projects/Independent Study/Sustainable Raw Mater...
     Fashion Studies/Student Work/2008/Special Projects/ Crstof Beaufays /Design Studio Master Class

     Written By D...
Mariele Capssa          Anita K Lau

       Sherine Kazim        Chung-Min Yi

           Philina Fan        Yich...
88   89   90   91   92   93
New York City based designer Ardistia
Julia Poteat was born in Richmond,           working in the fashion industry as a
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112                   113
This year, AAS Fashion Merchandis-
                         ing and Marketing faculty and students
Fashion Marketing /Student Work/2008

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118   119   120   121   122   123
This Summer 2008 AAS Fashion Marketing student Sarah Bang interned at LP&P                                    The six-foot...
Lucia Rolandi
Where From Buenos Aires, Argentina; Previous Work Experience Assistant Buyer for
Fashion Marketing/Student Work/2008/Special Projects

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Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)
Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)
Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)
Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)
Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)
Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)
Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)
Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)
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Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)


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Presentation given in Saudi Arabia by Katarzyna Gruda, Director of Graphic Design & General Studio School of Art, Media & Technology Parsons The New School for Design. The focus of this presentation was on Parsons' AAS Fashion Marketing Program.

Design by Brian McDermott

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Women in Design Presentation, Saudi Arabia (Fashion Marketing)

  1. 1. VOLUME1 PARSONS AAS/ FASHION STUDIES/ FASHION MARKETING/ WORK 2008/ VOLUME 1 Everyone wears clothes; hence everyone is involved in fashion. And design—cre- ating form—is one of the activities that define us as human. Design reflects the values and habits of the community and culture, and through clothing we “fash- ion” the image we present to the world. Good fashion design and skilled mar- keting help consumers control and define the image they present. In the AAS Fashion Studies and Fashion Marketing programs here at Parsons our students acquire the language, the technology, and the tools they will need to design and market garments that advance fash- ion and foretell the future. Because Par- sons is in New York, a global city, our students have the benefit of many over- lapping and interesting cultures. Our on-campus and online students study at the intersection of multiple cultures, which creates opportunities and possibilities that are a reflection of our world now and in the future. The on- campus and online students in these two programs are from all over the world: Argentina, Alaska, Denmark, England, Korea, Japan, Germany, Dubai, Rus- sia, Israel, New York, California, Ghana, France, Texas, Utah, Kansas and Ireland. NOTE FROM THE CHAIR They’ve been to the best schools both here and in their own country. They’ve had a wide variety of jobs: stock broker, ballerina, teacher, writer, engineer, attor- ney, secretary, architect, chef, medical doctor, and public relations manager. These experiences and backgrounds provide a rich cultural environment for their education at Parsons. Together with the Directors of Fash- ion Studies and Fashion Marketing, I salute the students in the 2008 Parsons AAS Program. Pamela Trought Klein Associate Dean of Professional Studies 6 7 PARSONS AAS FASHION DESIGN WORK 2008:VOLUME 1
  3. 3. Parsons A.A.S. Fashion Studies captures the eclectic nature of a leading New York City design school; the program enables the students’ creativity and imaginations to flourish. We educate the students using the latest theory, methods and technology available within the fashion industry. Our goal is to cultivate global partner- ships and industry collaborations that will enrich the students' lives beyond their university experience. This includes main- taining a focus on current global fashion issues that address social and environ- mental concerns related to apparel and textile manufacturing. NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR The degree program also offers cross- disciplinary courses and opportunities for independent study that provide alumni the opportunity to generate change upon entering the fashion industry. Tamara Albu Director of Fashion Studies 10 11
  4. 4. Fashion Studies/Student Work/2008 12 13
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  6. 6. Scott Amen scott.amen@gmail.com Where From New York; Previous Work Experience Fashion Stylist, Actor, Model, Producer; Previous College BA in Theatre, University of Scranton, Pennsylvania; How many hours do you spend out of class each week doing classwork? 10–20 Scott Amen, continued Top Left Mens, Black and White Surfshorts with Patent Leather detailing; Bottom Left Mesh Panel Swim Navy Hooded Wool Female “Bomber Jacket Remixed” with bell sleeves, fully lined, off center front zip Trunks, hidden button fly pocket; Materials White Mesh, Green/White/Purple Checkered Cotton, yellow Top Right & Right Mens Floral Yoke Pipe Surf Shorts; Materials Neon Blue/Yellow Floral Cotton, closure with snaps and cotton ribbing Dimensions Size 2 Materials Navy Wool buttons; Bottom Right White Mesh, Red/White Floral Cotton Pique, red and white buttons White Cotton Piping detail on edges, silver grommets, white velcro fly, white shoelace 20 21 22 23 Gregory Scott Angel gregoryscott.ny@gmail.com Where From Montana; Previous Work Experience Technical Designer for a well- known men’s wear company; Previous College Interlochen Arts Academy & Queens College/Aaron Copland School of Music; How many cups of coffee do you drink a Gregory Scott Angel, continued day? Too many. . . at least three Left Red embroidered satin day dress with silk organza insets; Right White cocktail dress of sateen cotton with body detail and cotton organdy insets Group of menswear; Influence Russian Roulette in Tokyo 24 25 26 27
  7. 7. Carina Bidasio cbidasio@hotmail.com Where From Los Angeles; Previous College U.C. Davis, BA in Sociology; Where do you plan to live after graduating? New York; How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Too many 28 29 Katie Cadamatre Carolina Figueroa cadamatre@gmail.com caro_fig@hotmail.com Where From New Jersey, grew up in South Carolina; Previous Work Experience Where From Venezuela; Previous Work Experience Internships at Donna Karan, Assistant at Stephen Burrows, Freelance illustrator for Escada, Internship at Harper’s TSE and GAP, Freelance Designer; Previous College Instituto de Diseño Perera, Bazaar Previous College Rhode Island School of Design, BFA Illustration; Had you Graphic Design; How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? One been to NYC before entering Parsons? Since my family is from Jersey, I’d been to the city a lot before starting at Parsons—and I lived in Manhattan for a few months while I interned at Harper’s Bazaar. I love New York and try to visit often Left Detail Illustrations ; Right Complete Illustrations 30 31 32 33
  8. 8. Amy Terrell llerreta@yahoo.com Where From Atlanta, Georgia; Previous College BBA from University of Georgia and Graduate Gemology degree from Gemological Institute of America; How many cups of coffee do you drink a day Zero The Cacao garment was inspired by a selection of colorful spring fruits dipped in dark chocolate. Both the bustier and circle skirt were created using various silks. 34 35 Shoe Collections/The Jewel Collection This collection of shoes was inspired by my love of diamonds and fine jewelry. Each shoe is adorned with an intricate splash of gems; The Wooden Shoe Collection These two shoes showcase the natural beauty and character of wood with a fine cherry finish. The eleva- ted height created with the platforms is reminiscent of the towering trees that inspired their designs; The Architecture Collection The architecture of great buildings past and present inspired this collecti- on of shoes. From the archways of ancient cathedrals, to the aquatic center built in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics, the visible lines created in buildings around the world can awaken the imagin-ation; The Fantasy Bug Collection Imagine walking barefoot through the tall grass on a hot summer day. Al- though these shoes will certainly keep the dirt off of your feet, they will also evoke childhood memories of sharing afternoons with the grasshoppers, spiders, and ladybugs in your own backyard. Amy Terrell, Continued Amy Terrell, continued Left These floral inspired thigh-high leggings are trimmed with orchids and greenery fashioned out of silk fabrics; Right Fabricated out of fine green and black silk, the inspiration for this gown came from the Japanese tradition of delicately crafting origami paper cranes 36 37 38 39
  9. 9. Chi Lo chidawg@gmail.com Where From Hong Kong; Previous Work Experience Internships at DKNY, Yigal Azrouel, Blanc de Chine; Previous College I used to go to Lasell College in Boston for Psychology but half way through, I realized that is not the right career path for me. So I transferred to Parsons AAS fashion Studies; Had you been to NYC before entering Parsons? Yes, I was in NY in 2005. That was a fun little spring break get- a-way with my brother 40 41 Zijuan Tang rabbit_1230@hotmail.com Where From China; Previous College Guangzhou Academic of Fine Art, Kingsborough Community college; Previous Work Experience None; How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? At least two Zijuan Tang, continued Left Summer dress and hat; Right Winter and Spring Coats Equestrian inspired fashion illustrations 44 45 46 47 Linda Yun Anita Lau linda.s.yun@gmail.com Season Spring/Summer; Image and Spirit Energy, romantic, luxury, urban, classic with a twist, comf- akyl18@hotmail.com Where From Born in the U.S., grew up in Korea; Previous Work Experience Design ort, eclectic, fashionable, freedom, modern; Target customer Modern, urban, fashion-conscious women Where From Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Newton, MA; Previous Work Intern Calvin Klein NY, Donna Karan NY. ‘Han’ Brand Fashion Design Research in their 30’s with multifaceted lifestyles. Specially designed for Sunset Cruise; Silhouettes Dress: Tight ExperienceTech Design Intern, Rebecca Taylor; Intern, Triple 5 Soul Previous Center; Previous College Yonsei University Seoul, Korea, Master of Science, Fashion high waist bustier top and A-line skirt with details in the back and fraying edge, Jacket: Loose, comfort- College Boston University Bachelors of Science, Elementary Education, Magna Merchandising & Design Bachelor of Science, Double Major: Clothing & Textiles able bodice and tight sleeve; Colors Classical with blue and grey accent; Fabric Dress: silk/polyester Cum Laude; Where do you plan to live after graduating? New York City or and Human Environment & Design; How many cups of coffee do you drink a day blended taffeta and double faced iridescent color twill fabric, Jacket: wool/cotton/polyester blended Hong Kong Two to three cups of coffee per day. I love coffee ottoman fabric 48 49 50 51
  10. 10. 54 55 56 57 58 photography by James Mendolia 59
  11. 11. Nicole Hernandez Jane Ji Eun Kim Caroline Rossignol Alice Park 62 64 Zeynep Catalbas Julie Snyder Christina Chang Anastasia Lekkas Penina Advani Maria Reyes Dagmara Dziedzic Anita Lau Susanna Ngao Richa Tripathi Gregory Scott Angel Doris Chang Valentina Lokhova Samo Miller Hyeseon Lee Elisa Karp Xingcen Liu Su Hyun An Hyun Kyun Chang Emily So 65 63
  12. 12. Leg-wear intended to assist in prevent- ing pulmonary embolisms. Modeled at the Line Debut premiere at Parsons’ new Sheila C. Johnson Design Center. 66 67 2008 Line Debut reception. DVT Awareness by Design 2008 was presented by the Coalition to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis and AAS. The 2008 Stacie Nipps Alumni Achievement Award was presented to AAS Fashion Studies alumnus Jay Godfrey. Featured Anne Curry, Natalie Morales, Bob Woodruff, Pam Klein, Jay Godfrey; Next spread features images from the Line Debut runway premiere 68 69 70 71
  13. 13. 76 72 77 78 Fashion Studies/Student Work /2008/Special Projects/Independent Study/Sustainable Raw Materials/Ingeo Earth Day Exhibition Written by James Mendolia Assistant Professor Fashioin Marketing It is our philosophy to educate the fashion stu- environment. Students were able to discover textiles and exactly what qualifies textiles as dents at Parsons regarding the importance of the latest developments in eco-friendly fabrics friendly to our environment. Some of the fabrics sustainable textiles. This knowledge will allow and identify fabrics and trim that will work used in the study were created using Ingeo, the the students to rethink the design process and with their designs for a specific target market. world’s first man-made fiber derived from 100% generate long term positive change upon enter- A major consideration for the design students annually renewable resources, as well as fabrics ing the fashion industry. was to select eco-friendly fabrics that were that are made from organic cotton amd innova- The objective of the Independent Study is to unique and innovative and would not compro- tive organic and healthy fabrics derived from allow the fashion design students the opportu- mise their creativity. Students learn to conduct milk, and a fabric produced with crab's pulp. nity to work with a Merchandiser to select sus- textile research along with their instructor to The independent study is a creative collabora- 73 tainable raw materials that are friendly to the determine which mills manufacture sustainable tion between instructors James Mendolia and 74 resources ion capitals. we are familiar with. textile manufacturing and dyeing. man-made fiber from 100% annually renewable Ingeo A corn-based fabric that is the world’s first fashion as they enter the industry. It is all introduce the fashion students to newly to use their intellectual capacity to chal- Our planet is in crisis and it is our try to see the work of several of Parsons’ about questioning the whole system that dents can lead the way in transforming and socially conscience, Parsons Stu- developed fabrics that are eco-friendly lenge the design process. It is my job to responsibility to motivate our students Tokyo, three of the world’s leading fash- New York, and then traveled to Paris and designs with a social conscience. The materials to create innovative fashion are taking steps to use eco-friendly raw Julia Poteat. It was developed to allow Ingeo Earth Day Exhibition premiered in tine Chang and Margaretta Braddock emerging designers. Scott Amen, Chris- vided a showcase for the fashion indus- The Ingeo Earth Day Exhibition pro- negative impacts on the Earth related to fashion design students to explore the 79 80 81 75
  14. 14. 82 Fashion Studies/Student Work/2008/Special Projects/ Crstof Beaufays /Design Studio Master Class Written By Deborah McNamara/Fashion Studies, 2006 Parson’s Design Studio Course instructed by In this intensive two-week master’s class, materials; removing the melted plastic and cut- Crstof Beaufays, Creative Assistant to Jean- each designer was challenged to decon- ting it into pieces; patterning the pieces; and Paul Gaultier, stresses the importance of a de- struct pre-existing knitted sweaters and, then recreating the initial shape using a fabric signer’s process. One need not always have a using the details and patterns from such gar- of our choosing. final sketch in hand or vision of a garment in ments, to reconstruct them into an original These unconventional design methods pro- mind when one begins; rather, through experi- design incorporating woven fabrics and knits. vided constant experimentation, and required mentation a designer may create a work that Students utilized Mr. Beaufays’ orginal “volu- the utmost creativity. The result of such creative would be unimaginable on paper or in the mind. molding” technique, which required fash- processes was not merely beautiful and unique Works of this nature are often the most impres- ioning batting or other voluminous articles clothing to be worn, but truly the creation of 83 sive and memorable. to our dress forms; melting plastic over the works of art. 84 great design. Master Class, 2008 Fashion Studies/2008/Design Studio Written by Alison D. Webb (right), AAS ultimately, a completed garment. selves, and can be described, simply, as the method of choice for learning at of life, for the beauty of each creation Parsons. The results speak for them- informed collaboration of others, is the whole of the Parson’s experience: exploration of self, combined with an experience of this class is analogous to the energy it conveys to the world. The resides not only in mere appearance, but ration infuses each garment with a sense environment filled with dialogue, discus- ing in an array of garments that pushed sion, and analysis. I feel that this collabo- aesthetics. Each piece was created in an the boundaries of their own personal welcome opinions of each other, result- the opinions of Cristof but also by the dent individually, influenced not only by exploration was executed by each stu- our points of view as designers. This creation…creation of ideas, designs, and We were given ample time to explore edly a positive one; the emphasis was on My experience in the class was undoubt- 85
  15. 15. Mariele Capssa Anita K Lau 86 Sherine Kazim Chung-Min Yi Philina Fan Yichun Yeh Vanessa Mieger Caroline Hur Julie Eun So Baik Sarah Bruchmann Hooman Pishdad Sierra Wingate 87
  16. 16. 88 89 90 91 92 93
  17. 17. New York City based designer Ardistia Dwiasri has always had a curiosity about art, illustration and fashion. A native of Indonesia, she received BA and master’s degree in industrial and manufactur- ing engineering from Northeastern Uni- FASHION STUDIES versity, along with an AAS degree in FEATURED ALUMNA Fashion Studies from Parsons The New School for Design. ARDISTIA DWIASRI Dwiasri’s first foray into the fashion www.ardistianewyork.com industry was an internship with Diane info@ardistianewyork.com/ Von Furstenberg that led to work with tel 212 473 0392 GAP, Ann Taylor, and Tommy Hilfiger. fax 212 473 2128/ Eager to have her own unique point of Office Headquarters view recognized, she decided to launch 280 Park Ave S Suite 9E her own signature collection, Ardistia, New York , NY 10010/ for Spring/Summer 2007. Apropo Showroom Many in the fashion industry have not- 141 west 36th St 7th Floor ed Dwiasri’s intricate details and inno- New york NY 10018/ vative silhouettes, along with her use of p 646 473 1440 fine Italian fabrics. In October 2007 she f 646 473 1121/ received the fashion award from Biore/ barbara@aproposhowroom.com Gen Art. In addition, she was profiled in WWD in April 2007 for “New Designers to Watch,” and in May of the same year, she received a Gen Art Ready-To-Wear nomination. The Ardistia Collection has been fea- tured in Vogue Japan, New York Times Magazine, Zink, Daily Candy, style.com, and Audrey Magazines. It can also be found at specialty stores throughout the US, Canada and Asia. 94 95 Strong couture shapes and innovative modern. Ardistia’s emphasis on con- elements are the foundation of the Ardis- struction is at times precise and power- tia Fall/Winter 08 Collection. The Biore/ ful but also offers delicate finishes that Gen Art Award winner pays homage to evoke an updated femininity and reveal the Guardian Goddesses of the Roman interesting juxtapositions. A muted Empire who stood for both beauty and color palette of burgundy, plum, olive, strength. Her exquisite, impeccably mustard, winter white, deep black and cut creations offer great versatility and charcoal grey give the collection a feel- subtle surprises. Each silhouette offers ing of serenity. In addition, accents of a reference to historical designs, which silver armor gloss provide radiance to are converted into something entirely its full presentation. 96 97 98 99
  18. 18. Julia Poteat was born in Richmond, working in the fashion industry as a Virginia, and moved with her family to designer, she taught as part-time faculty. Cleveland, Ohio, when she was five years During this time, because of her experi- old. Her mother worked as a sample mak- ence in the garment industry, she was er in Cleveland’s garment industry. From asked to become the Construction Coor- a very early age, she developed a passion dinator of Fashion Methods. This is a title for fashion, often drawing garments, that she still holds. In 2004, she became a making patterns and sewing them herself full-time faculty member at Parsons The on her mother’s home sewing machine. New School for Design. Following her graduation from Glenville Julia is a producer for the Line Debut High School in 1962, she was accepted to (May) and Mid-Season Gallery Pre- Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York, view (December) shows that present to study apparel design. During her the “best of the best” graduating AAS FEATURED FACULTY senior year at Pratt, the fashion editor Fashion Studies students. Julia and FASHION STUDIES of Mademoiselle magazine approached James Mendolia, full-time AAS Fashion her to model for their college issue. This Marketing faculty member, have devel- JULIA POTEAT was her entrée into the New York fashion oped an independent study class promot- poteatj@newschool.edu/ industry. She continued in the modeling ing sustainability in the fashion industry. Fashion Designer/ profession after graduating from Pratt In 2006 Julia started the Eliza Collection, AAS Assistant Professor with a BFA in fashion studies. a handbag and accessory line. of Fashion Methods While modeling for 7th Ave Fashion Coordinator of Fashion Houses in the 1970s, Julia began to free- Construction/ lance design for garment and textile Independent Study: companies as a print stylist. Inspired Sustainable Raw Materials by the use of prints in the sleepwear industry, she used both her textile and garment design background, to be- come the Design Director for the Mary McFadden sleepwear and Loungewear Division of Boutique Industries in 1981— a post she held until 1993. During her tenure, she won the Industry Tommy Award three times. This award is for the both the garment and the printed fabric used in its creation. While at Boutique Industries, she also designed sleepwear for the Givenchy, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors Divisions. From 1993 until 2004,Julia was the Knit Sleepwear and Loungewear Design Director/Merchan- diser for Shadowline Industries. Julia has always had an interest in edu- cation. When in 1996, she was askedto teach a class for the Associate Degree Program at Parsons by the chair Pamela Klein, she did not hesitate. While still 100 101 Julia Poteat, continued Julia Poteat, continued Upper right and right Garments developed for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Miami 2008; Handbags from the Eliza Collection Upper left Garment developed for the 2007 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Hollywood. This year’s show aired nationwide December 3 on CBS 102 103 104 105
  19. 19. 106 107 108 109 110 111
  20. 20. FASHION MARKETING/ 112 113
  21. 21. This year, AAS Fashion Merchandis- ing and Marketing faculty and students traveled to Italy and Guatemala. They studied on campus and online, finding solutions and asking questions about sustainability, empowerment in business and developing apparel supply chains to meet consumer needs in a challenging economic environment. Marketing is the strategic study of hu- man behavior and exchanging informa- tion. Our students investigate the inter- relationships between fashion design, merchandising and marketing analyzing the history and trends of our industry NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR moving forward. While New York City remains the backdrop to Parsons study, we broaden our international scope though new media and technology. The examination of today's fashion culture finds a home on our campus and online environments, with students com- ing together in local and global discus- sion. The inspiring field of fashion has proven to be an inspiration for Fashion Marketing students, as you can see in the 2008 edition of WORK. Alice Demirjian Director of Fashion Marketing 114 115
  22. 22. Fashion Marketing /Student Work/2008 116 117
  23. 23. 118 119 120 121 122 123
  24. 24. This Summer 2008 AAS Fashion Marketing student Sarah Bang interned at LP&P The six-foot tall mannequin was not very cooperative! Tourists enjoyed seeing me by Catherine Fung and worked on the development of the new e-commerce web lose my struggle with the mannequin as they walked by our SoHo store. site www.shoplpandp.com. Here, designer Catherine Fung and Sara Bang inter- view each other, in conversations about Web development, mannequin mishaps What one piece of advice would you give to incoming Parsons’ students? and what it takes to launch a website. Pay attention in class. All my classes have been very useful in preparing me for an internship. For example, Fashion CAD (Photoshop) provided me with the tools to Designer Profile work on an e-commerce project. I understand how to enhance images and work with them so that they are web-ready. It definitely gave me a better understanding of the AAS Fashion Studies Alumna, Catherine Fung, launched The Little Prince & Piggy job market and the range of skills that employers are looking for. label (later named LP&P) in 2004 in New York. The line debuted at Saks Fifth Ave- nue’s New York flagship store, where matching outfits brightened the large window Sara Bang Interviews Catherine Fung displays. Catherine has since been featured on the WB11 news, showcased her Fall/ Winter 2005 collection at the 20th Anniversary Gala of GIDC, and was honored What are your hopes for the new e-commerce (shoplpandp.com ) website? with the Stacie Nipps Fashion Achievement Award from Parsons The New School of I have been receiving many inquiries from out of state and overseas customers Design in 2007. about purchasing our merchandise. I’m so excited that I can finally satisfy their requests. I hope to create the same satisfying shopping experience online that cus- Inspiration for The LP&P label comes from self-assured women from around the tomers have when they come into our SoHo store. world, luxurious fabrications and old world technique, French jazz music and of course her dogs Little Prince and Piggy. Regarding the website, what do you find to be the most difficult challenge so far? It is a full time job, indeed, to keep all the photos, info and press up to date! Designer Catherine Fung Interviews Sara Bang What is your favorite memory in developing shoplpandp.com? Any examples that include the interns would be great. Please don’t hold back. What most appealed to you about your position at LP&P? It is always fun to undertake a group project with interns who have new ideas and First of all, I really liked your designs. Your Fall/Winter knitwear collection is some- fresh points of view. It’s refreshing to learn what people in the marketing side of thing that would appeal to every female. It is feminine, stylish, and each piece looks the business think. It was very exciting to see each phase of the project achieved, like a one-of-a-kind original piece. I also liked your involvement with the community especially the first time I saw the layout come together. It’s like seeing a baby from by donating proceeds from your canine collection to various animal-friendly organi- crawling to walking to running. Sara, good job with baby-sitting the online store zations in New York City. from born to running! For me, it was important to learn from you, a business-owner and designer. I wanted to be able to observe your creative process, as well as learn day-to-day busi- Any marketing tips on how we should introduce shoplpandp.com ness operations. It helped that you understood where I was coming from, since you to the world? were also a student at Parsons at one point. I’d like to do a soft launch in mid-August first and then we’ll have a launch party in the store in September. What will we do at the launch party? It will be a surprise! In regards to e-commerce, what lessons have you learned? I have learned that there are many steps in developing an online store. Prior to the How has your education at Parsons been useful for you? actual steps necessary to creating an online presence, I now comprehend the sheer It was a wonderful experience at Parsons. I love all my teachers. I still go back from amount of research that goes into a project such as this one. time to time to visit them. I’m still learning from them every time when I see them. From understanding the current market, to knowing where to position LP&P in They have always been very supportive of my career. terms of competitors—every detail had to be carefully thought out before develop- ing the website. And there are surprises—for example, I had no idea that it would What one piece advice would you like to share with current Parsons’ students, take me so long to research the different shipping options we should offer to online whose hopes are to launch and develop their own brand? Sara Bang shoppers. It is all about fine-tuning the smallest of details to make an online store A dream doesn’t come true overnight. The only failure is quitting. sarahkb82@hotmail.com run smoothly. Where From Toronto, Canada; Previous Work Experience Internship with Catherine Fung; Marketing, Merrill Corporation of Canada; Previous College Any memorable stories? Sarah Bang, Continued University of Toronto, BA, Double Major in Political Science and History; We photographed all of our items featured in the online store on mannequins. After Knitwear peices sold at LP&P, designed by Catherine Fung. Sara Bang, during her internship, Where do you plan to live after graduation New York planning outfits, it took a good week to shoot all the pictures and variety of angles. photographed the looks for development of the firm’s website LP&P Soho Storefront Right LP&P SoHo Store Display 124 125 126 127 128 129 I am from Barcelona, Spain and came to New York City with a clear goal: attend Parsons The New School for Design and graduate in AAS Fashion Marketing. Driven by the creative environment of fashion, I incorporated my business and marketing skills into the study of design in the AAS Fashion Studies program. For me, the most important fact was not the major but the experience—learning came from the fast- paced environment, working crazy hours and meeting concrete deadlines. During my studies, I continued my hobby of designing jewelry, and thanks to the encouragement of my professors and the skills I developed in AAS classes, I decided to go for it, and my hobby became my job. I remember feeling regret for the “lost” and “unpaid” hours of internships but realize now I could never have started my own brand without them. Currently, I am working on a project with another designer, Sabel Contente. “Just for Openers” is an environmental pop-art form created using pull tabs from a variety of cans. The philosophy is based on the art of recycling. We try to demon- strate that the most unexpected materials can give birth to stunning designs. These are created in sterling silver, gold or rhodium-bathed white metal. They can also be anodized, graffitied and embellished with precious or semi-precious stones. Elena Estaún Sánchez Aashrita Jayaraman elena.estaun@gmail.com asherj@gmail.com Where From Barcelona, Spain; Previous Work Experience Marc Bernstein, Where From India; Previous Work Experience Fairchild Publications–Elegant DDCLAB, Kenneth Cole; Previous College St. Martin’s; Where do you plan to live Bride, Maggie Norris Couture, Anna Sui, Erich Soldat Textile Agency, Ralph Lauren, after graduating? In Europe, no specific country. Anne Klein, Euro-Tech; Previous College Parsons The New School for Design BFA Fashion Design; Do you still write a project’s draft on paper? I always make inco- Guatemala Ajkem’a Loy’a; Mayan Artisanal Women’s Collective Branding and Marketing for their “I design experimental jewelry using a mix of silver and rhodium. Adding unusual materials such as herent notes before I start anything to map out what I intend to do and then I doodle designed product line. Course Title Practicum in International Affairs; Instructor Jay Dehejia, Alice rubber, bone, plastic, coconut shells, I try to find beauty in any object and functionality in every stone” for a while thereafter to fine tune the parameters before I start up the final Demirjian, Erin Cho, Pascale Gatzen, Mark Johnson, Cynthia Lawson, Shon Morris, Nadia Williams 130 131 132 133 Delivery 1 Back to Earth 09 Fall / Winter Line Sheet 1 Delivery 1 Back to Earth 09 Fall / Winter Line Sheet 2 Planogram G.CREW In-Yeung No inyeung@gmx.de Where From Germany; Previous Work Experience Weleda North Amreica, Inc; Richard Chai, LLC; Previous College FIT; Werbe & Medien Akademie Marquardt, Germany, BA: Communication and Marketing; How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Three 134 135
  25. 25. Lucia Rolandi luciarolandi@gmail.com Where From Buenos Aires, Argentina; Previous Work Experience Assistant Buyer for Childrenswear, Wallmart Buenos Aires; Intern, Merchandising office, Bodega Veneta; Previous College Universidad de San Andres, Argentina, BBA Business Administration (2000 –2004); How many cups of coffee do you drink a day None, but probably more than 4 cans of Diet Coke Spring/Summer 2009 collection for Anthropologie 136 137 Jennifer Spencer Jennifer.spencer11@yahoo.com Where From Toronto, Canada; Previous Work Experience Merchandising Intern, Dior; Advertising industry, two years; Previous College University of Waterloo, Toronto Canada, With Honors in Busines and Sociology; How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? One Latte Project: Find a creative way to inform a group of new interns at a company about everything they need to know about Women’s Wear Daily. Course Title: Fashion Industry: Marketing; Instructor: Tom Handley 138 139
  26. 26. Fashion Marketing/Student Work/2008/Special Projects 140 141