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Canoe trip


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It's a canoe trip with two guys

Published in: Education
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Canoe trip

  1. 1. Canoe Trip<br />By:Brian-Sam.Melanson<br />
  2. 2. First day!!!<br />Brian Sam and hisfriend Nicolas Bouchard decided to travel by canoe. As theyprepare to go canoeing. Bothguysbringfood to not starve. They are gettinginto and canoebegin to row. Aroundlunchtime, the windbegins to blow hard. The twoteens change direction to go home. Unable to line the windistoostrong, sotheydecide to remainstrong, theygetcarriedaway by the wind. Theyfallasleep<br />
  3. 3. Second day!!!<br />The nextdayhewakes up, Brian-Sam Nikolaswakes up givinghim a slap on the mouth. Nikolasasks Brian wherethey are. Brian said I do not know. Nikolasmeets one islostforever. Theysee a desertedisland. Theydecide to go. Visited the island, theylandedtheirthings. They push the canoe on the sand. They are a mini tentwithwood. They put theirfoodinside. In the evening, tired of theirday, they lie down and sleep.<br />
  4. 4. Thirdday!!!<br />In the morning, Niko said Brian who has heardsomething. Theydecide to rush toward the sound. Theysee a moose, theydecided to killhim to eat. In the evening, theysleep in the tent and sleeping.<br />
  5. 5. Fourthday!!!<br />The morningappears quick, the two boys decide to go hunting. Theykilledthreepartridges. Theydecide to make a campfire and eat.<br />
  6. 6. Fifthdaylater!!!<br />The nextmorning, theydecided to go canoeing to return home. Theysee a house, helanded the canoe to knock on the door. It hits, a man open. The twoguysask: "Where are we? He replied: "It is in Miramichi. Nikolas and Brian look at and say: "We are saved! The twoguys in the boat sailed back and continue to branches. Five minute laterhecomes to the city of Miramichi. Arrivingthere, heheaded home Brian. Arriving home themselves, they are happy to be back in Miramichi.<br />