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The great phenomenal woman:)

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Maya Angelou

  1. 1. Maya Angelou byAbrianna Middleton
  2. 2. Early YearsParents split up.●● Her and brother Bailey had to live with theirfathers mother, Anne Henderson in Stamps,Arkansas.She was raped by her mothers boyfriend.●Her boyfreind was then murdered.●
  3. 3. The Silent Years● Angelou felt responsible for the crime and didntspeak for 5 years.● developed a love for language and began to readauthors like: Langston Hughes, Paul LawrenceDunbar, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens,and Edgar Allen Poe. However, she didnt speakagain until...
  4. 4. Mrs. FlowersAt the age of twelve she meets Mrs. Flowers.●An educated black woman.●● Mrs. Flowers as Angelou recalled in herchildrens book stressed the importance of thespoken word and of education. She implanted inher a love of poetry.● Angelou graduated at the top of her eight-gradeclass.
  5. 5. Education● Attended George Washington High School in San Franciscoand took lessons in dance and drama on a scholarship at theCalifornia Labor School.● Age seventeen, she began to work as the first female AfricanAmerican street car conductor in San Francisco.● Graduated from high school and gave birth to her son Guy.●
  6. 6. Major Events1952- Married a Greek sailor named Tosh Angelos●Began her career as a nightclub singer●1954-55-Toured in a production of Porgy and Bess●1957- Recorded the album Calypso Lady●1958 - Moved to New York, where she joined the Harlem Writers Guild●1959 - involved with Civil Rights Activists●1959 - At the request of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., became the northern coordinator for the Southern●Christian Leadership Conference.● 1960 – Met South African civil rights activist Vusumzi Make, the couple and Guy moved, to Cairo,Egypt.She worked as editor of the English language weekly The Arab Observer. She later moved toGhana1964 - Returned to America to help Malcolm X build his new Organization of African American Unity●● 1968 - Malcolm X is assassinated, Maya began working on her Autobiographical book I Know Whythe Caged Bird Sings1970 - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is published●● 1973 - Married Paul du Feu, moved to Sonoma, California. She then worked on her writing andacting.
  7. 7. ● 1976 - Published Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas● 1981 - divorced Paul du Feu● 1981 - Published The Heart of a Woman● 1984 - Met Oprah Winfrey and became her friend and mentor1993 - reads her poem On the Pulse of Morning at inauguration of President Bill●Clinton● 1997 – Published All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes● 2002 - Published A Song Flung Up to Heaven● 2008 - became a radio talk show host for the first time hosting a weekly showfor XM Satellite Radios Oprah & Friends channel
  8. 8. Awards● 1970 - Receives the Chubb Fellowship Award, Yale University1972 - Receives the Pulitzer Prize Nomination for Just Give Me A Cool Drink of●Water Fore I Die1976 - Receives the Ladies Home Journal Award ("Woman of the Year in●Communication")● 1977 - Receives the Golden Eagle Award, Afro-American in the Arts● 1986 - Receives Fulbright Program 40th Anniversary Distinguished Lectureraward● 1991 - Receives Langston Hughes Medal● 1993 - Grammy for "Best Spoken Word Album," "On The Pulse of Morning,"● 1996 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Association National Award● 2006 - Receives Mother Teresa Award● 2008 - The first recipient of Hope for Peace and Justice Voice of Peace award
  9. 9. Still I Rise
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