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Roy Atkinson Customer Service Excellence


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Key Note at Brew City HDI Technology Fair

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Roy Atkinson Customer Service Excellence

  2. 2. About HDI•Serves global community of 110,000• 55,000 HDI Certified• 60+ local chapters, including Brew City
  3. 3. Topics•Customer Service Excellence –what is it?• Is there a framework for it?• New media considerations
  4. 4. Customer Service Excellence• There is a framework!• Those same, fine folks who gave us ITIL®
  5. 5. Customer Service Excellence Timeliness Insight and Quality CSE Delivery Organizational Culture Information and Access
  6. 6. Customer Insight Timeliness and Quality InsightDelivery CSE Organizational Culture Information and Access
  7. 7. Customer InsightWhat is a customer? • One who purchases good or services •“A person one has to deal with”
  8. 8. Customer Insight• How do you gain Customer Insight?• Try to see things the way customers do(“customer lens”)• Gather available information• Listen to them (OMG!)
  9. 9. Customer InsightWhat do you learn from Customer Insight?• What they need – so you can deliver it• What they expect – so you can exceed it
  10. 10. Customer Insight• Identify – who are your customers?• Key word: Engage• Learn• Review• Improve
  11. 11. Customer InsightWho are your real customers? • Internal o IT employees (think “OLA”) o Non-IT employees (think “SLA”) • External o Your company’s “public” o Your company’s “public’s public”
  12. 12. Customer Service Excellence Timeliness Insight and Quality CSE Delivery Organizational Culture Information and Access
  13. 13. Organizational CultureThe foundation of Service Excellence is a customer-focused organization It’s the culture, man.
  14. 14. Organizational Culture• Commitment to putting the customer at theheart of service delivery• Supported and sponsored by theorganization’s leaders• Policies and procedures support thecustomer
  15. 15. Organizational Culture “Everything speaks”• Be aware of customer perceptions• Each person, each thing that’s part of acustomer interaction sends a message*• What’s your message?* Everything is part of the customer interaction
  16. 16. Organizational Culture
  17. 17. Organizational Culture• Recruitment, training and development o Customer-focused• Staff attitudes and actions o Polite, friendly, understanding• Team performance o Recognition, reward o Linked to customer feedback
  18. 18. Organizational Culture“Roy’s Famous”Four Elements of Customer Service AttitudeListening – Hear what they sayEmpathy – Understand what they sayClarity – They understand youConsistency – They hear the same thingno matter who they talk to
  19. 19. Customer Service Excellence Timeliness and Insight Quality CSE Organizational Delivery Culture Information and Access
  20. 20. Information and Access• Information about services is available(Service Catalog)• Clear contact information• Up-front statement of any charges orrequirements• Use a variety of channels• Allow flexible responses and input
  21. 21. Information and AccessAccording to the 2011 HDI Support CenterPractices and Salary Report…More than half of support centers arenow using social media in the course ofproviding support.
  22. 22. Information and Access… but only a tiny percentage are actuallyusing social media as a channel.Somewhere between 3 and 6% are usingit to create tickets…Most use it only to “push” info out.
  23. 23. Information and Access• Allow customers as much access as you can• Consider having them contribute toknowledge and solutions as subject matterexperts
  24. 24. Delivery Timeliness Insight and Quality CSEDelivery Organizational Culture Information and Access
  25. 25. Delivery• Make agreements with your customersabout what they can expect (SLA)• Deliver according to targets that youhave set (metrics)• Develop and learn from best practicesidentified within and outside
  26. 26. Delivery• Say what you’ll do• Do what you say• Admit mistakes• Continually improve
  27. 27. Timeliness and QualityTimeliness and Quality Insight CSE Organizational Delivery Culture Information and Access
  28. 28. Timeliness and Quality•Handle dips in performance swiftly andopenly with your customers•Have a clear, easy-to-use feedback /complaint system• Monitor quality•Learn from your complaints – they giveyou more customer insight
  29. 29. Timeliness and Quality• Set measurable standards for responseacross access channels• Inform your customers about yourstandards – and meet or exceed them• Share what you learn across theorganization – cut down customer need tocontact you
  30. 30. Timeliness and Quality• You cannot measure and manageeverything – select the key info• Don’t gather data because you can –gather the data you should• Use the information you obtain to driveimprovement
  31. 31. Timeliness and QualityAct on customer feedback.
  32. 32. Customer Service Excellence• Define your “true customer” •Insight •Culture• Create a language of service Insight / Culture / Information and Access / Delivery / Timeliness and Quality• Simplify the customer experience • Learn, share, improve • Variety of channels
  33. 33. Customer Service ExcellenceExcellent service is rare because it takesreal commitment to make excellence“business as usual.” - Unleashing Excellence
  34. 34. Customer Service Excellence Timeliness Insight and Quality Delivery Organizational Culture Information and Access